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Newegg Inc. is a leading e-commerce company committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web by offering you an unsurpassed shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. They offer over 30,000 products and useful tools (detailed specs, how-to’s, customer reviews and photo galleries) to help more

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Sep 26, 2012
Photo of Clay H.
Several years ago I placed a rather large order that totaled several thousand dollars worth of hardware I needed to build three PC's. Because I live in New York most of my orders ship from Newegg's New Jersey warehouse and I always receive them the next day. In this case, however, the monitor I ordered was shipped from California and was the only piece of hardware in the entire order that wasn't scheduled to arrive the next day. When I received notification from Newegg that my order had shipped I was very surprised to see that, with no intervention on my part, Newegg had upgraded the shipping on the monitor more
Aug 29, 2012
Photo of Hildegarde P.
New Egg is an amazing store. It is infamous among computer junkies as the go to location for getting the cheapest and best computer products. Every time that I deal with them I alwayts get the best possible customer service and prompt shipping. If you are looking to get computer parts or replace other computer aspects, it is absolutely critical to visit new egg. You would only be doing yourself a disservice by not going there to at least check it out. Plus chances are they will have the parts and it will be the cheapest around. Two thumbs way up!
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