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Balance Transfer Hotel Credit Cards

balance transfer hotel credit cards

Balance transfer hotel credit cards, in theory, would allow you to transfer your debt to a lower interest credit card and earn hotel points both on the amount of the balance transferred and future transactions, which you can redeem for free nights and VIP hotel perks. Unfortunately, major credit card companies hardly ever allow you to earn rewards on transfers, and any purchase you make when already revolving debt will accumulate interest right away, cutting into the value of rewards. It’s therefore in your best interest to focus your search on 0% balance transfer credit cards for now and either put your hotel rewards plans on hold till you’re debt free or open a separate hotel credit card to use for everyday purchases. Though your plans to get a balance transfer credit card with hotel points won’t come to fruition, the fact that you aren’t muddying the waters by looking for a card suited to both transfers and rewards increases your chances of landing the best balance transfer credit card and saving the most money possible in becoming debt free.

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