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MasterCard Student Credit Cards

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The first thing you need to know about a student MasterCard is that MasterCard is the card’s network, not its issuer. This means that a number of different credit card companies actually issue student MasterCard credit cards, which can be used at over 30 million merchant locations in any of the 210+ countries and territories where MasterCard is accepted. A student MasterCard will therefore prove useful no matter where in the world your studies take you. Both unsecured MasterCard credit cards and secured MasterCards are usually included below. If used responsibly, either type of card can help you build…show more

    Upromise Credit Card

    upromise rewards credit card
    • 0% Purchases Not Offered
    • 0% Transfers 15 months3% Transfer Fee
    • Regular Rate 12.99% - 20.99% (V)
    • Annual Fee None
    • Rewards Cash Back
    • Initial Bonus $25
    • Earn Rate 1% - 5% cash back
    • No annual fee.

    Arizona State University (ASU) Platinum Edition Credit Card

    arizona state university student credit card
    • 0% Purchases 12 months
    • 0% Transfers 12 months3% Transfer Fee
    • Regular Rate 9.99% - 17.99% (V)
    • Annual Fee None
    • Rewards None

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