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Required Credit Score: Excellent, Good
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Best Buy® Credit Card’s Rewards

Base Earn
1 point / $1
Max Earn
2.5 points / $1
Earn / Redeem Limit
  • Buy what you want today and pay over time on every qualifying Best Buy purchase $149 and up or 5% Back in Rewards.
  • Get Reward Zone points every time you use your card at Best Buy or earn 2.5 points for every $1 spent (that's 5% back) on all Best Buy purchases with the card using standard credit financing.
  • Get a $5 reward certificate for every 250 points.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and events.
  • Free shipping on purchases $35 and up.
  • If you are a My Best Buy Elite Plus member you'll get a 0.5 point bonus (an additional 1% back in rewards, for a total of 6%) per dollar spent when using a My Best Buy Credit Card with standard credit.

Best Buy® Credit Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Intro Rate on Purchases
0% - 11.9% for 6 - 48 months
Intro Rate on Transfers
Not Offered
Regular Rate
17.99% (V)

Best Buy® Credit Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $35
  • GRACE PERIOD   25 days
  • CASH ADVANCE RATE 27.99% (V)
  • CASH ADVANCE FEE 5% (min $10)
  • Deferred Interest Details: 6-Month Financing On all storewide purchases totaling $149 or more, 12-Month Financing On all storewide purchases totaling $399 or more, 18-Month Financing On all major appliances purchases totaling $599 or more, 24-Month Financing On all HDTV, home theater and Geek Squad® home theater installation purchases totaling $799 and up. Ends on October 25, 2014.
  • If, based on your creditworthiness, you do not qualify for the My Best Buy™ Credit Card account, you agree Citibank may consider you for a My Best Buy™ Credit Card Preferred account, a My Best Buy™ Store Card account, and a My Best Buy™ MasterCard® Gold account in that order, based on your creditworthiness.
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Best Buy® Credit Card Reviews

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Oct 20, 2014
Photo of Kristi S.
I have to admit, I do love to spend money at BestBuy. The credit card just makes it that much easier. I buy what I want and pay over time and get 5% back in reward points. Come to think of it, it may make me spend more money in BestBuy...oh well. You earn 2.5 points for every $1 spent on purchases with the card. And get a $5 reward for each 250 points.
Also, you get free shipping on items over $35 dollars, which can save you a lot of money when they don't have what you want in the store. Shipping on most of these items would cost more
Oct 11, 2014
Photo of Nikkieta K.
I was late on my payments a couple times and the customer service was always so nice and friendly, even though I was late in paying them. They took off late fees and were always cordial and willing to help. They never pushed sales on me, or reoccurring payments, I was very surprised!
Sep 26, 2014
Photo of Susan R.
Even though Best Buy credit card has many advantages they do not offer a free transfer on balances which most all other cards offer. They also chard 5% on the balance transfer. They also have a high standard rate of 17.99% after the introduction offer is expired. And if you do transfer they do not offer the introduction rate on that balance so you get charged the 17.99% right away. I love the fact that you can build points but I believe the interest is much higher than other offers I have seen.
Sep 8, 2014
Photo of Bobbi N.
I financed a new computer for $1000 on a Best Buy card. After nine months and paying $900, I still owed $1000. Here's how it happened: On the 25th of each month, I sent $100 through my bank's autopay. My payment was due on the 7th. Apparently, my autopay was not getting there until the 9th. I was getting late fees ($45), debt protection (which I never ordered at $10.35), and then interest ($65.76) I called many many times. They reversed two late fees. After several more calls, they reversed one more. That is roughly $100. That means I paid $800 in fees. They were unflinchingly unsympathetic. No one should more
Aug 27, 2014
Photo of Andrea C.
The credit card for best buy seems okay. There are a few things I do NOT like about it one thing being that the late fee is kind of pricey. $35 just for a late fee?That's way to pricey for a late fee! you better never be late! I love the point system they have you get 2.5 points for every $1 spent and every 250 points you get $5 .There is NO earn or redeem limit which is super great. I like the fact that they have free shipping on orders over $25.One more thing I do not like is how high the interest rates are that's a bit to much for me.
Aug 6, 2014
Photo of Tina M.
I think that this is a very good card for the simple fact that it has many rewards. It also hass a great grace period. Although I think that the interest rate is a bit high but some of the other perks are very good in my opinion I just hope there is no other hidden items or charges
Jun 24, 2014
Photo of Britney C.
This credit card is a joke and I suggest no one fall into the trap of the "free 6 months no interest" it's total bogus. I have been a card user since 2009 and yet again they have changed their third party credit card company to yet another 3rd party credit card company. It's a total scam to take money from people. Also, watch your email they will send you emails saying you haven't paid - if you paid early or if you pay the day before- then charge you double.. SCAMMERS.
Jun 5, 2014
Photo of Kim R.
I'm impressed with the terms of this credit card. The fact that it has a 0% interest rate for the first six months is a nice feature. I have a similar card. However if the balance on that one isn't paid within six months, the interest rate skyrockets. It appears the Best Buy Card has a progressive introductory interest rate on purchases for the first four years.
May 8, 2014
Photo of Emily P.
I am genuinely impressed by this Best Buy credit card. It doesn't have a foreign transaction fee. I have the same benefit from a Visa Travel Reward credit card. However, the max rewards I can reap from that card is about 1.5 percent and that is only if I have made sufficient travel purchases first. Conversely, this card boast a minimum 2 percent reward rate (and that's if you never shop at Best Buy even) as well as free shipping when you do shop through the Best Buy website. Great deal!
Apr 18, 2014
Photo of Dakota D.
i got this credit card to buy a power supply and an ipad along with those purchases i was given 6 months interest free financing by using this card which is great because now i dont have to pay it all at once and i dont get charged interest its fantastic!~
Mar 19, 2014
Photo of Devon S.
Awhile back i considered getting a Best Buy Credit card. One day i decided to do it. I was apprehensive at first because i didn't know why i needed one. After reading the Credit Card rewards, i was sold.. First of all the points you earn are extremely worth it.
Every 250 points you get a free 5 dollars! How cool does that sound. I know it grabbed my attention. I really look forward to the discounts, i'm a sucker for discounts. The best thing in my opinion about this is the free shipping. I always order from home and i'm really excited to get the free shipping that comes with more
Mar 6, 2014
Photo of Katherine H.
The Best Buy card is a good option for people who plan on making a big electronics purchase there (or who tend to buy less expensive things more often). It has a pretty decent intro rate APR for purchases so it's OK if you need a little extra time paying off that new computer. I do wish they had an initial bonus for signing up for the card (like some other places) but overall it is a pretty good deal. You also get first access to some good deals and discounts with the card. Overall, I think this is a good choice for people who like electronics!
Feb 19, 2014
Photo of Aleja S.
I've been using this card for a couple of years now and have nothing but good things to say about it! Best buy offers no interest payments for purchases exceeding a certain amount (the higher the amount the longer you have to pay it off). You can make your payments online and the website reminds you of how long you have to pay off your balance before you get charged interest.
Feb 6, 2014
Photo of Sabira L.
The Best Buy credit card is a good card for those who have to have the latest technology. The APR is extremely low compared to other retailers like Walmart and H.H. Gregg which offer similar products. Its bonus points program offers consumers good savings on future purchases. Its balance transfer fee is considerably higher than say Walmart, whose transfer fee is 3%. The grace period of 25 days is good, offering more time to pay down the card without paying too much in interest.
Feb 3, 2014
Photo of Todd P.
The Best Buy card has pretty good rewards especially on stuff purchased at the store or online. You get 5% back on any purchase at those places which is great. You also get points for everything bought at 1 point/dollar spent. I mostly got this card to use on best buy purchases but have used it on many other things since.
Jan 19, 2014
Photo of Skye H.
The Best Buy Credit Card is a wonderful thing to have if you're a frequent shopper of Best Buy. The rewards you get off things in the store really add up. The interest rate is pretty standard, but it quickly makes up for it in its potent rewards. Make sure you're checking the site often for deals using this card, because the options always change. With those benefits, it does require you to have good credit though, so that's about the only downside. Overall I recommend this card heavily to anyone who does a lot of shopping at the store.
Jan 6, 2014
Photo of Kyle E.
This is the best card for someone who is into technology. I consistently save 5-20% on purchases made at best buy. Through Best Buy's reward points program I also earn 5x the reward points on purchases at Best Buy which ends up being a lot gift cards.
I can personally recommend this credit card, I mean most of the expensive things you would put on credit or otherwise are going to be electronics anyway. Best Buy doesn't have the best prices if you're not signed up for rewards, so the way I see it this is a win both ways.
Dec 17, 2013
Photo of Dallas H.
The Best Buy Credit Card is a great credit card if you are a regular customer of Best Buy. They don't have the cheapest prices in town, but they reward their customers well with this credit card. First, the introductory APR is very good, and some purchases are eligible for up to 24 months of no interest financing, which is hard to find on general electronic purchases. And even after the introductory APR is over, the standard APR is just under 18% which is very good for a store credit card. The rewards program is also very good, and essentially equates to about 5% cash back. Also, there are different more
Dec 16, 2013
Photo of Mike P.
I have owned my Best Buy card for over four years now. Best Buy is the only big electronics store in my area so I use this card to make a lot of big electronic purchases. Best Buy is constantly offering financing options which give you points back (which are redeemable for gift certificates) or up to 18 months interest free. The good thing is that no matter what option you choose, you get a certain amount of points back regardless. Overall I am extremely happy with this card and would definitely recommend it if you make electronic purchases.
Dec 13, 2013
Photo of Karen C.
I've only used my Best Buy card to purchase a computer. I did so because I wasn't charged any interest for the first year and a half, which was perfect as I intended to have it paid off by then (and did). The interest rate after that introductory period is high enough that I don't use the card very often to make purchases. The APR is comparable to other store cards I use, such as Macy's and Banana Republic, but I don't shop at Best Buy as much as I do at those places, so it doesn't make sense to incur interest on the occasional purchase.
Dec 12, 2013
Photo of Dennis S.
I have owned this card for 5 years now. What can I say about this great card. Making purchases on big items is great because you get a long time to pay off at a great monthly payment amount. Every time I make a purchase I use the card to gain points that are redeemable for credit in store. I also receive many great offers throughout the year. Sometime you can earn up to 3 times the bonus points on a purchase. Also most of times you can get free financing for 3 years on big purchases. I love this card and plan to own this card for years to come.
Dec 6, 2013
Photo of Andrew L.
I used to be a hardcore Circuit City fan, but since the demise of their store I seem to be buying more at Best Buy. So getting the Best Buy Credit Card card made quite rational sense initially. This card has offered me introductory %0 APR but afterwards they increased the APR to %13 percent due to high number of credit card debt on my credit history. It is still a decent number but this card does not get that much use anymore, instead I use my Blue American Express which offers far better rewards and APR.
Dec 4, 2013
Photo of John P.
The best buy credit card is really a great find. Depending on if you have good credit or bad credit, you may be eligible for this card. It comes with a 6-48 month intro period which is great because the apr only goes up to 11%. I have been able to get a ton of things I've wanted because of this card so theres no looking back now! Im really happy with the card.
Nov 26, 2013
Photo of Sara P.
I really like how the Best Buy Credit Card offers bonus points on purchases that you can redeem for gift certificates. I have a store card from Maurice’s, and Old Navy, and neither of those offer this reward system. I also particularly like how there are different financing options for bigger purchases such as T.V.s, laptops, etc. The introductory interest rate is another bonus for this card. It’s a huge incentive for new customers to sign up for this card. The regular interest rate of 17.99% is the same as Maurice’s and Old Navy’s store card. This card is a great choice for those who need to have the latest more
Nov 22, 2013
Photo of Jay F.
My wife and I have a Best Buy card and we like it very much. We frequently use it when we go shopping for phone and phone accessories, computers/monitors, and video games. The interest rates are very acceptable for a card like this at about 18%. For people that are frequent buyers of electronics and similar items sold at Best Buy, this is a great card for buying big ticket items with because they give you deals on financing with orders that are a high amount. There is also a very nice intro rate that was helpful for us when we needed a new computer in an emergency situation. The more
Nov 19, 2013
Photo of Krystal M.
I really like the Best Buy Credit Card! There is no annual fee for this card, which is akin to other store cards on average. If you have decent credit, not just excellent, you could qualify for this card. It seems like most store cards require perfect credit. They have a great rewards system, with no limit on how much you can earn. You end up averaging about 5% back with their rewards. If you're a frequent best buy shopper, the savings will add up very quickly. They also offer a great intro interest rate. After your intro period is over their interest rate, at 18%, is considerably lower than more
Nov 11, 2013
Photo of Andrew H.
I think the Best Buy card is pretty great for someone like myself that doesn't use that much credit. I buy electronics quite frequently and the free $5 gift cards I get from time to time are nice. Best Buy is the biggest electronics store in my town so I am pleased that their card works out quite well in my circumstance. It's nice to know that the rates that I get are decent for someone with my income and when I cant afford to buy something outright, I know that I will at least be able to pay things off in a timely manner without garnering too much interest more
Nov 11, 2013
Photo of Quinn C.
For someone who doesn't really love electronics or video games, I feel like the Best Buy card would not be the best option for me. They do offer rewards at 1 point for every dollar spent, but the rewards are higher when you use the card at Best Buy, which wouldn't help me at all. Other store cards don't offer any rewards points for using the card outside of their shop, so I guess it has that going for it. I also am not digging the fact that there is not a 0% intro interest rate fee, but rather 11% for a few months. I think I'd be better off more
Nov 4, 2013
Photo of Richard T.
With a lower APR rate than most store cards and reward points being able to be accrued even when used outside Best Buy, the Best Buy credit card is a good value for a store card. The 2.5 points for every dollar spent at Best Buy makes it a valuable card to have if you plan to do any large purchase, or shop there frequently. The APR rate of 17.99% is low in comparison to other store cards which often have rates up to 28%. However, there's no indication whether the reward certificate you get at 250 points is a coupon only usable at Best Buy or whether it can more
Oct 31, 2013
Photo of Maggie C.
After looking at the facts about the best buy credit card, I believe that this is only an alright card. The point system is pretty decent. I have seen cards offer more and some offer less but if you are buying electronics then this is a great way to accumulate points. You get 2.5 points for every $1 spent at best buy which will grow quickly if you make large purchases at BestBuy. The regular rate is kind of high but the intro rate of 11.9% is pretty good. I like the incentives to keep purchasing such as a $5 dollar reward certificate for every 250 points. Overall this card more
Oct 18, 2013
Photo of Jess M.
If you have an interest in keeping up with all the latest technology and you think Best-Buy is the place to do it, then this is a good credit card to have. There’s no annual fee and the rewards are always a plus, even if they are low compared to, say, the Amazon credit card which offers 3 points for every $1 spent on Amazon, 2 points for $1 spent on gas & food, and 1 point for every other dollar spent. I just think this card needs a little more versatility in its usage. Still, electronics are huge purchases and this is a card worth considering for that purpose.
Oct 15, 2013
Photo of Abby L.
The best buy credit card is just an alright credit card. This will get you 2.5 points for every $1 spent at the store. Once you accumulate $250 points, then you will receive a $5 gift certificate to the store. If you buy your appliances at best buy, then this will be a good credit card for you. I wish that the best buy store credit card will give you more than just a $5 gift certificate. If they bumped it up to $10, then you will be more inclined to buy your appliances at best buy and not at costco. Only get this credit if you really shop at more
Oct 8, 2013
Photo of Chris N.
I like this card because I'm a technology guy anything new in that field I'm looking to buy. I often go into Best Buy stores and check out their new stuff. This card is pretty amazing and fits someone like myself. They have 24 month financing for TV's which was pretty much the thing I was looking at. The Financing rate is at a good rate 11.9% for the first 48 months. One thing I also like about this card is the fact that you get bonus points when you purchase a certain amount dollar wise. The base earn is 1 point / $1 but you can get all the more
Oct 4, 2013
Photo of Clay H.
With more and more credit cards offering tailored rewards, the Best Buy Credit Card seems tailored towards the electronics nut. Using it at Best Buy earns you 2 ½ points for every dollar you spend at Best Buy. In addition to the rewards points, every 250 points earns you a $5 rewards certificate that can be used on any store purchase.

The interest rate seems to be on par with what other cards offer, but glaringly absent is a grace period, so no matter how quickly you pay off your purchase there’s going to be an interest charge. It offers cash advances at what seems to be a rather high more
Sep 26, 2013
Photo of Ben M.
I personally love the Best Buy Credit Card because I do a lot of shopping in their store. The reward program works by giving you 2.5 points for every dollar spent. It equals 5%, and for every $100 you spend in store you'll get a $5 gift card to use at Best Buy. They also have special financing options if you are purchasing a lot of stuff there like a home theater setup, so that is something to keep in mind if you don't have the cash immediately to pay off your credit card. The only thing about this card which is not great is that you must have excellent more
Sep 23, 2013
Photo of Kyle S.
This is much better that the Sears credit card. It's got a prettier layout, and theres no anual fees unlike the sears card. I don't shop often at Best Buy since there isn't one in town, but I would definitely get this card if I went there more. The maximum late fee is very do-able, and I love that there is a long grace period.
Sep 19, 2013
Photo of Teanna H.
The Best Buy card is a really good card. I like that there is no annual fee, because it gives me one less thing to worry about. I already have to worry about bills from other cards. Another thing I enjoy is that the card gives me reward points. I get to earn the points and when I get enough I can get a $5 certificate from just spending money on something I would have purchased in the first place. I also like to buy similar items from Home Depot, but compared to Best Buy's credit card, the Home Depot card doesn't have a rewards program. I prefer the Best more
Sep 10, 2013
Photo of Calvin H.
The Best Buy Credit Card is pretty decent for a store credit card. The low conversion threshold for rewards points makes it easy to actually cash out rewards, instead of saving up massive amounts of points to finally receive one gift certificate, like at some other stores. The rewards for spending at Best Buy stores are also pretty great, since you can get 5% back in rewards, which is pretty rare for most store credit cards. The intro APR is pretty nice, and can help in a pinch during the holiday season. The rate for balance transfer is a touch higher than other cards, but otherwise this card is nice more
Aug 29, 2013
Photo of Michael H.
The Best Buy credit card has average rewards for a store card. The interest rate is better than my Officemax and Walmart cards. My Walmart card’s cash advance rate is cheaper and the rewards are better and more flexible. This card would be good for someone who shops almost exclusively at Best Buy for electronics, but would not be ideal for anyone else. I tend to shop around for electronics and am not loyal to any one store, so this card wouldn’t have many benefits for me. I also do not like that the max penalty APR is so much higher than the regular rate.
Aug 20, 2013
Photo of Chris M.
The Best Buy Credit Card is pretty good, I've stopped using it because I don't go to best buy much anymore as the prices just aren't as low as some online retailers. But the card itself is very good. You get basically 5% cash back on purchases in the store, which is very good if you do not have any other rewards credit cards yet. No annual fee makes this attractive as well. It also lets you finance various high priced items for up to two years I believe. Which is a nice feature. Overall the card is a pretty decent card, nothing spectacular but it is good.
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Dec 9, 2013
Photo of Keith B.
By: Keith Burgess
Is there an activation fee?
Jan 2, 2014
Photo of Card H.
Card Hub
No, this card does not have an activation fee. In fact, with the exception of secured credit cards (which require a security deposit that serves as your credit line) and certain unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit, most credit cards do not charge any sort of activation fee. Many have annual fees, but the activation fee is more common with prepaid cards.
Jun 23, 2012
Photo of Karen D.
By: Karen Davis
Trying talking to the customer service department - they are a foreign nightmare! Absolutely no help. Horrilbe! Horrible! Horrible!
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