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Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®’s Rewards

Base Earn
Max Earn
  • Earn 1% cash back on all your purchases. Pay on time to boost your cash back to a total of 1.25% for that month
  • There‚Äôs no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn, and rewards don't expire

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
Not Offered
Transfer Intro APR
Not Offered
Regular APR
20.24% (V)

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $35
  • GRACE PERIOD   25 days
    20.24% (V)
    3% (min $10)
  • SMART CHIP   Yes, chip-and-signature
  • Get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time
  • Pay no annual or foreign transaction fees
  • Fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen
  • Pick the monthly due date that works best for you
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Customer Questions and Answers

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What if I am new to credit and have no history?

Photo of Card H.
Mar 22, 2016
This card was designed primarily for students, so limited or no credit history shouldn’t be an issue if you have an active college or university email address. Credit card companies tend to be rather generous with students relative to other applicants with similar credit profiles, since students have above-average earning potential and decades of financial needs ahead of them. All a student must do to qualify is demonstrate the independent income or assets needed to pay at least their minimum monthly bill (usually around $10 for student cards). However, if that’s not possible, it’s worth looking into having a parent co-sign. Please let us know if you have any other more
11 Votes 16 5

How long does it take to get this card once approved?

Photo of Card H.
Jul 23, 2015
You should receive your card in the mail within 7-10 business days after you are approved.
7 Votes 12 5

Do I have a good chance of getting approved? I'm about to start my second year of college and my credit score is 597. I applied for a Wells Fargo Student card before I knew about the missed payment on more

Photo of Card H.
Jul 8, 2013
Unfortunately, we won't be able to tell you whether or not you will get approved - that's entirely up to the credit card company. I can tell you that your recent history is more important than your past history. Since your repayment of your old debt was very recent though, it is likely still playing a big role in determining your credit score and risk. Paying it off was a big, big step in the right direction, but you'll need some positives on your report to balance it out in the meantime.

If you suspect that you will get declined a second time, then taking a look at a secured card more
4 Votes 6 2
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1,476 reviews
Photo of Card H.
Mar 20, 2016
No matter where you go to school, you can get into an elite college credit card by submitting an application for the Journey Student Rewards Card from Capital One. It’s one of the best offers on the market, thanks to having no annual fee and offering an elegantly valuable 1.25% cash back to students who pay their bills on time every month. More specifically, you’ll earn 1% cash back on every transaction and receive a 25% bonus each month that you pay your bill by the due date.

The one area in which Journey falls short is financing. It offers no 0% introductory interest rates, and its 20.24% regular APR is more
Photo of Tommy F.
Feb 29, 2016
I started my credit journey late in life. I was 30 years old with no credit cards whatsoever which was bad and good in the sense that I did not have any debt whatsoever but on the other hand when you don't have credit it's nearly impossible to get credit . Desperately searching for a credit card I stumbled up on the Capital One journey which appears to be a student card but they are willing to give it to others as well. When I first got the card it had a rather low limit of $300 and a high APR of 23% which may sound ridiculous to some but more
Photo of Michele H.
Jan 3, 2016
This is a perfect credit card for a student. Having been a Capital One customer for many years I've been very satisfied. They have many perks and when there is a problem they have no problem working with you. 5 stars all the way!
Photo of Stephanie C.
Dec 28, 2015
As a student, I sure would love to have Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One® because of the rewards that I am going to earn. And I really love it has a grace period of 25 days and has a maximum late fee of only $35. I can't wait to grab my own card of Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®.
Photo of James S.
Nov 26, 2015
This card is great. Capital One gave me a chance after I got rejected by many companies trying to get my first card. The rewards are modest but nice, and the APR isn't too bad for someone with no credit history. Overall, I highly recommend this card to people trying to get a start with credit.
Photo of Andrew L.
Nov 26, 2015
I would say this card is very fair, and the help team is really good I had a problem one day, and they we're very helpful, but just watch your spending and be smart when you use your card, make sure you have the money to pay it out within those 30 days.
Photo of Sarah F.
Nov 20, 2015
This is great for a beginners credit card in order to help build up credit. I found the most appealing part to be the cash back. I use it to buy everything and get cash back, then just pay it off every month. I have had no issues with it yet, so it has only been beneficial so far.
Photo of Sam S.
Oct 15, 2015
The Journey Student Rewards credit card from Capital One is a great credit card for a student just starting out with building their credit. I love that there is no annual fee. My other credit card has an annual fee of $69 dollars a year.
It is great that there is a way to earn cash back, for a college student, every
bit of money helps! And it is awesome that my rewards never expire. I also love that there is no balance transfer fee, in case I ever need to use that feature! Great credit card!
Photo of Zoey B.
Sep 26, 2015
I have had the Capital One Journey Student Rewards card for a little over 3 years now, and it has enabled me to build my credit score when I previously had no credit at all. The APR is a little higher than other card options, but it is intended for students who have absolutely no credit (like me!), and therefore makes sense. The rewards program is also a little lack-luster, but that's to be expected with a card like this. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with the Journey Student Rewards card.

Capital One, as a company, have been fantastic. Any issues that I have had with the card more
Photo of Regina G.
Sep 1, 2015
My Son has a GPA of 3.2 and declined him...Never apply to them again..
Photo of Travis B.
Jul 20, 2015
Utterly ridiculous. I have a respectable GPA above 3.0, and I can so very easily make the minimum payments, yet I was denied. Utter lunacy. These people don't appear to know what they're doing, if they did they could plainly see that I am so very easily qualified to get this card.
Photo of Josh Q.
Jul 8, 2015
I think the rewards sell it for me. Also the 1% cash back is standard. The APR is very very high and that is what makes me rethink using this card. I like the 25 dollar max limit though too. I would say not for a beginner but for someone who will remember to use it often this would be a decent card.
Photo of Justin B.
May 14, 2015
Usually a student credit card is not going to have good rewards, but the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One is better than others I've seen. Many cards offer 1% back and this one offers 1.25% not a whole lot more, but it's something. The interest rate is horrible, You can easily get a credit card that does not have such a high APR. 20% is quite high for even a beginner card.
Photo of Laura J.
Apr 29, 2015
This card has some good things going for it. There's no annual fee, and for people traveling outside the US, there's no foreign transaction fees. My first credit card was a CitiBank card, and it had an annual fee that was $100. It also charged me crazy fees when I was traveling outside of the country. Because I wasn't familiar with the terms of the cards, I was very surprised when I got my statement. Another thing I like about the Capital One Journey card is that you pick your own due date. So if you get paid at the end of the month, you can pick a date that more
Photo of Roberta L.
Apr 10, 2015
The Journey Student Rewards Card from Capital One seems like a good card. There is a twenty-five day grace period. There is one percent cash back on all your purchases and if you pay on time you get an extra twenty-five percent back on everyday purchases. The APR is pretty high at nineteen percent, but the is extra cash back for paying on time incentives help. They also raise your credit limit if you pay your bill on time five times most companies take awhile to raise your limit. This is a good card for college students looking to save money and help build some credit.
Photo of Alex T.
Mar 26, 2015
The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One isn't the best student card I have seen out there. The 1% (possibly up to 1.25%) cash back is not the greatest when comparing to other cards. However, for a starter credit card this isn't to bad. The 19.8% APR is not extremely high and at least you do receive some type of incentive to use the card and pay on time.
Photo of Jesse E.
Mar 11, 2015
Obviously a student credit card is not going to have amazing rewards, but the Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One is better than others I've seen. Most introductory cards offer 1% rewards, but with this one it is easy to earn 1.25%. Also, the interest rate is reasonable, as are the cash advance fees (which can be a big deal to college students). Another useful feature is the Credit Tracker which lets you check your credit score free of charge.
Photo of Sydney B.
Mar 11, 2015
This has been a fantastic starter credit card while I have been in school. It was a wonderful way to begin building my credit and learn how to manage using a card. I especially loved how this student card had no foreign transaction fees, which became incredibly useful when I went abroad. My card was accepted in every country to which I traveled and I never had to worry that I was incurring additional fees.
Photo of Karl M.
Feb 23, 2015
Overall I have had decent experiences with capital one, upon looking at the Journey Student Rewards card my opinion remains positive. The interest rate for general purchases and cash advances are around 20% which is good for someone’s first card. The maximum late fee is $35 which is slightly cheaper than other companies and there is a 25 day grace period. Another great feature of this card is that if you make your first 5 payments on time you will automatically receive a credit line increase. There are no monthly fees and you even get to choose the best time of the month to pay your bill. Overall capital one more
Photo of Brooke J.
Feb 11, 2015
My Journey Student Rewards credit card has exceeded far beyond my expectations! It's great that I was able to begin with only a $300 credit line because I was able to get used to having my first credit card without being allowed to spend more than I could afford to pay back. Also, while a little over 19% interest is high, it's much lower than most competetors. Also you get cash back rewards for paying your bill on time which is a HUGE advantage for me and the main reason I chose this card. This is a great card for students who are trying to build up their credit and more
Photo of Georgina M.
Dec 16, 2014
The Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One is a great card. With a regular rate of 19.8% for purchases and a 25 day grace period, it is better than many other cards I had, which came with rates as high as 24.99%. There is a 1.25% cash back reward just for paying your bill on time every month!
Photo of Arianna R.
Nov 25, 2014
The journey student rewards from capital one card is a great card. The main thing that I like about this card is the rewards. You get rewards for paying your bill on time as well as when you make purchases. I don't like the interest rate. 19.8 is a little on the high side.
Photo of Patrice W.
Nov 7, 2014
An interest rate of 19.8% is pretty high, but if you plan to pay the balance within the grace period the Journey Student Rewards card is great for managing your expenses. The option to choose your due date is a good in terms of assisting you manage your cash flow. Being able to have a credit line increase after 5 payments is a good option. Compared to American Express its a pretty good option.
Photo of Kyle M.
Oct 10, 2014
The Capital One Journey Student Rewards card is a fantastic way to start building your credit history.

No hassles, decent rewards, no annual fee, and a pretty reasonable interest rate. It's a good way to build your credit. Plus, even without a credit history, it's easy to get. Which is invaluable to a student just starting out.

Compare this to the CitiBank College card. It has a variable interest rate (Which is nice while it lasts but will inevitably track up to the top), a higher cash advance interest, and a shorter grace period. Not only that but it's actually difficult for a college student to get despite being a student card.

Compared more
Photo of Stephanie S.
Oct 6, 2014
This is an excellent and hassle-free credit card to establish, build, or rebuild credit.
Photo of Lori H.
Sep 18, 2014
This is good card for students to build credit history (or rebuild, like myself). I have "average" or "fair" credit with a FICO score around 630-640. The benefits are very nice especially since this is a card that doesn't require "excellent" credit. There is no annual fee! You also earn 1% cash back on all purchases and get 25% bonus when you pay on time. Online service is great and easy to use. I have not had a reason to call customer service so I can't comment on that aspect of the card. Capital One online has a free credit tracker providing your Fico score as well as credit score more
Photo of Amy R.
Sep 15, 2014
I like that this card has no annual fee. I've had this card for 3 years, I got it when I first went into college and now my credit score is looking great! Definitely recommend to any new college students who want to build credit. The only downside is the high interest rate but thats what you get when you don't have any credit. Build it up and be responsible.
Photo of Timothy P.
Sep 12, 2014
I love this card because of two reasons. One is the cashback of 1%. I like the cashback because it can be used for anything. Second, I like the cashback bonus for making payments on time. This is a nice incentive. The percent interest rate is a bit high, but then again the minimum requirement is fair credit so that makes sense. I give this credit card a decent rating of 4 out of 5.
Photo of AL D.
Aug 23, 2014
i love The JOURNEY VISA, it has NO annual fee, it gives you up to 1.25% cash back unlimited, you can change the design of the card and make it look like any of the other Capital One cards, NO foreign transaction fees and you can get this card with a FICO in the 500s....
Photo of Tanner O.
Aug 13, 2014
This card is perfect for college students like myself. I currently have the U.S Bank VISA card and it doesn't provide any cash back at all! Its great for young people to grab this card up and use it to improve their credit score. I would recommend using it for everyday purchases to take advantage of the cash back and then simply paying it right away as you get home from the store. Also if you forget its awesome that they give you such a large grace period! Hope this helps!
Photo of Johnny R.
Aug 12, 2014
This Card is great for those that are establishing Credit and has some Perks. What i also like about the Card is the low APR than most i have seen. Good Card for when i need to purchase a few items for my studies in school. It helps a great deal especially when a person is low on funds. I approve of the Perks added because in the long run it turns out to be very beneficial.
Photo of Alejandra Z.
Jul 30, 2014
I currently have the BankAmericard Visa and I that the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One doesn't offer a promotional period for 0% interest which I feel like every card should have atleast a six month period. I also see that you can choose your own due date which is great so you can space out your bills and not have all your bills due at once. I also like that there are no annual fees which is something I always look for in credit cards. Also I see that there are some cash rewards, not as much as my bank of America credit card but good to see some.
Photo of Kristin W.
Jul 30, 2014
This card helped me build my credit score and is good for college students wanting to start healthy credit habits. The automatic credit line increase after several months of on-time payments is a good incentive to encourage responsible credit card use. The minimum payment is affordable for college students and the low introductory credit line makes it difficult to get into too much debt too quickly as a first-time credit card user.
Photo of Jami B.
Jul 22, 2014
The Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One seems like it would really only be a good option for first time card owners, which makes sense since it is a Student card. It allows flexibility because you get a 25 day grace period which seems pretty long compared to other cards. The rewards are only 1% and I think that is very low compared to other rewards card. I currently use the Discover It and I get 2% on most things so I will stick with that. I do like that the Student Rewards has no balance transfer fee though. That is a big plus.
Photo of Pref E.
Jul 10, 2014
I like the fact that i will get a bonus just for using the card. I love the design and color of the card., The problem with the card though is that if they are going to give us a base earn, why does it have to be so low? One percent will not do anything for me. I can not even afford a gallon of gas with that! I don't understand why, if they are going to give us some extra pocket money to show their appreciation, why do they no give us a higher percentage? I do not see how 5% would be unreasonable, do you? The more more
Photo of Dakota W.
Jun 30, 2014
This credit card is one of the few out there that is worth it for students trying to build credit. The reward is quite small (a penny for every dollar), but so too is the interest rate as well as late fees. Not to mention you earn more money for paying bills on time! The Journey Student Rewards by Capital One should defiantly be on the top of the student credit card list.
Photo of Jesse L.
Jun 13, 2014
The reward is very small. $00.01 for every dollar is your reward. So it takes $100 to make $1. You can find better. I also recommend you start off with a secured credit card If you do not have a cosigner you MAY automatically start off at $300 as your credit limit. Which is small. If you look at your credit score such as Transunion you should not spend more than $30 of that or your credit utilization will go up(bad). It takes about 6 months for Capital One to raise the credit limit by $100... If you get it in the first place.. You are better off with a more
Photo of Aaron B.
May 22, 2014
The Journey Student Rewards card from Capital One is one of the few from Capital One that I would say is one to get if you can. It is great that there is no annual fee, a lower interest rate, and that you receive 1% cash back on your purchases. Not to mention they have the 25% bonus incentive for every month you pay on time. I had another card from Capital One, but this one blows it out of the water because that one had a $39 annual fee and didn't have a bonus incentive. One last plus of this card is the fact that you have access to more
Photo of Deann F.
May 13, 2014
I am thrilled with my Capital One Journey Visa. I earn cash back constantly that I can put towards any outstanding balance on my card. It is very easy to do online. I always shop for bargains and paying for those bargains with my Capital One Journey Visa easily increases my savings. Every dollar I earn through the cash back rewards program is money I can pay my bill with that I don't have to taken out of my wallet. I can use this card for anything anywhere. I am rebuilding my credit and Capital One is there helping me one purchase at a time. There is no annual fee more
Photo of Nichole O.
Apr 14, 2014
As a student, there are many things that I like about the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One card: no annual fee, a 25% bonus for each month that you pay your full bill, 24-hour travel and emergency assistance, travel accident insurance, and no foreign transaction fee. Additionally, it doesn't require very good credit, which is extremely important for students!
Photo of Tee R.
Apr 16, 2014
How long did it take for the card to come in the mail?
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