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First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

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First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card’s Key APRs & Fees

  • ANNUAL FEE $39
  • REGULAR RATE 14.99% (V)
  • GRACE PERIOD 25 days

First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card’s Highlights

  • Full-feature Platinum MasterCard secured credit card.
  • No credit history or minimum credit score required for approval.
  • Monthly reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus to help build credit.
  • Set your own credit limit, which is secured by your deposit of $200 - $2,000.
  • Deposit held at FDIC-insured bank.
  • 24/7 access to your account online.
  • The First Progress Platinum MasterCard Secured Card requires no credit history or minimum credit score for approval, but the refundable security deposit must be provided before a card can be issued. The new CARD Act regulations also require all credit card issuers to verify the identity of every applicant before approval. We can usually complete this identity verification using fast, automated methods, but it is sometimes necessary for us to contact an applicant in order to verify his or her identity. Applicants will receive their cards more quickly if they respond promptly to our call or letter relating to this verification process. Virtually every applicant who successfully provides the refundable security deposit and passes the identity verification step will be approved for the card. If you have applied for the card and have a question or want to check the status of your application, please call First Progress toll-free at (888) 403-4783.
  • Receive your card more quickly with new Expedited Processing option.

First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $38
  • SMART CHIP   Yes
    19.99% (V)
    3% (min $10)
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Customer Questions and Answers

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I had none of these issues that I know of. I applied for it, was approved very quickly and now hve my card. What it will do for my credit score is yet to be determined but I will update more

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Who do I talk to if I have a question?

Photo of Card H.
Dec 17, 2015
You can call First Progress customer service at: 866-706-5543.
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Where is my money I need a contact number so I can talk to someone or I will be contacting an attorney and bbb

Photo of Card H.
Apr 13, 2012
Try calling 1-888-403-4783 so that you can reach First Progress and inquire about the status of your secured credit card application.
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1,602 reviews
Photo of Deborah S.
May 24, 2016
Applied, waited after card. Called. Told to fax documents. Done. No card. Called again. Told card was in the mail. Two weeks later. No card. Called 10 times in one day and message said "all of our agents are busy. Call again later"...all day???? Now going to report to BBB. The idea was to improve credit for home purchase. This process started over a month ago and no card still. Just gave them my money for nothing. Not ok.
Photo of Melissa J.
Feb 10, 2016
Took the deposit without delay, then delayed the application for two months, continuously asking for more and more bank statements, account numbers, drivers license, utility bills, and seemed to have an issue distinguishing my PO box from my home address. Got numerous calls from "representatives" who didn't leave names, and when I'd call back the same number, it wasn't First Progress, it was an unrelated mortgage company. Impossible to reach anyone via email or login to their site. No one ever seemed to know what I was talking about. Said they sent my $300 deposit back, my bank says no they did not. Having to pursue this refund through my more
Photo of Melissa S.
Dec 14, 2015
This company is fraud; I figured their scam on august 24 2015 and closed my account after being scammed three times three months in a row. Since it was obvious that these crooks will end up scamming me; I requested in writing a document to prove my account has been closed; with five requests calls and faxes; I was able to the original document to show my account was closed. Though those fraud people did send me the letter; still the fight was on for me to get my $2000 security deposit refunded. Though my account was paid in full and I had a document in writing to prove so; more
Photo of Justin G.
Oct 3, 2015
This card is great for people with bad credit. I selected the apply now fund later option with expedited processing and my credit score went up 50 points. I dont know why everyone is complaining about a 10 day hold period. If your paying your bill and then using the card right away your not building credit responsibly.
Photo of Sara K.
Sep 5, 2015
Terrible customer service. If you can avoid them please do. I lost my card and called for a new one and they told me it would be here within 7 to 10 days. 10 days came and I called another customer service rep. He told me that it was sent out and should be there no later than the following day. The following day came and still no card. Called customer service again and now they have no clue why I was told that and tell me that the request to mail a new card was never put in! It shows I called and requested it but no one sent more
Photo of Jake I.
Sep 1, 2015
This Company screwed up the mailing of my statement, and had no other way to notify me of how much I had to pay. Fast forward to when they finally set up online statements, and they had reported the late payment even though they HAD MY MONEY TO PAY IT.
And now, after I made the payment, I have to wait another MONTH to get a loan, because they have no ability to send a zero balance statement short of the regular mothly statements.

Disgusting customer service to save them money, When its ALREADY a secured credit card. And then they report to the credit beuraus even when they have YOUR CASH more
Photo of Constantina H.
Jun 26, 2015
How can I forget my First Progress secure card. While I was rebuilding my credit, this card became so handy to me. They do report to all three credit agencies and that matters quite a bit. I had other secure cards, where my progress was not reported on a timely matter.

I opened my First Progress account with a mere $100 and kept increasing my limit as time went on. Eventually, after 1 year, I received my security deposit back. One thing I did not like about this card was the annual fee, but at the time I did not have many other options.

Overall, I would recommend this card more
Photo of Sophiia L.
Jul 21, 2015
Please explain to me how th is works before I spend my money im new to the whole experience ad am trying tp figure out if I put 300$ deposite what is my limit how does the funding work???help
Photo of Victoria G.
Jun 2, 2015
I love this card!!! Bcuz I have never had a issue with them. And I can use it everywhere and not have issues.. Thank u first progress
Photo of Sophiia L.
Jul 21, 2015
Please explain to me how th is works before I spend my money im new to the whole experience ad am trying tp figure out if I put 300$ deposite what is my limit how does the funding work???help
Photo of Debi F.
Mar 27, 2015
TERRIBLE! I guess the question is 'HOW DESPERATE ARE YOU? I missed the date to send in a payment, and the late fee was $26.00!!!! First time late. The account was mere months old. Then I was told I had to wait 70 days to get my deposit money bank when I closed the account. They said I could dispute that 70 days by sending the card cut up back and a fax requesting a sooner return. Two days trying to send the fax, UNBELIEVABLE STRESS OVER THIS CARD!
Photo of Sophiia L.
Jul 21, 2015
Please explain to me how th is works before I spend my money im new to the whole experience ad am trying tp figure out if I put 300$ deposite what is my limit how does the funding work???help
Photo of Jasmine B.
Aug 3, 2015
From what i put a $300.00 deposit down and that becomes your credit use the $300 you pay back the $300 ( or whatever the min payment is) and as long as you have perfect payment history after 1 year your deposit is mailed back to you...but your card is still active and you still have a credit limit of whatever your deposit is. I also understand that you can choose to increase your limit by adding additional monies to your deposit
Photo of Allen T.
Mar 19, 2015
I recently applied for this card a month ago . I call customer service and the rep tells me the card got sent back because of the address ok . I called and made sure it was correct . And its was correct. So the card that I got sent back there resending it again 7-10business days .. so today I go to my mail box .and find a credit xard statement saying I have a due date . Second time calling them . It was worst from the first time. I got a statement and never got the card. . Incorrect address sooooo how did the credit statement get her before the card . WTF
Photo of Sophiia L.
Jul 21, 2015
Please explain to me how th is works before I spend my money im new to the whole experience ad am trying tp figure out if I put 300$ deposite what is my limit how does the funding work???help
Photo of Nikki C.
Mar 11, 2015
I have really enjoyed my card. The great thing about it is that you do not have to have your credit score accessed and its a great way to build secured credit. It is very important that you are aware of the benefits and the disadvantages of this card before applying for it. As long as you have done that you will be just fine. There are several poor reviews concerning there customer service but that has not been my experience. The company is very prompt, efficient and diligent when it comes to satisfying all of my customer service requests.
Photo of Aaron H.
Feb 11, 2015
Compared to other First Progress Platinum Credit Cards the Platinum select has a medium APR percentage that should be noted from the start, you are not getting the lowest APR with this card out of other First Progress cards. For me this is a big deal, however if you have good money management and understand how situations work this card is not all bad.


There is no minimum credit score to apply. That is right if your brand new to credit and credit building you have nothing to worry about when applying in fact I encourage you to apply to a no minimum credit score than a card that requires a more
Photo of Riki D.
Dec 24, 2014
Do NOT get this card! Yeah its a way to start your credit but there are no customer service agents Imagine that? NO where to call and talk to someone. I'm trying to set up my online act and it wont take my security phrase which is mothers maiden name that they make you give when applying. access. It doesnt work and NO ONE to talk to. They say write a letter and snail mail it in. Yeah. Just as SOON as I can get another card I am closing this one. It's complete CRAP.
Photo of Homer R.
Nov 1, 2014
First Progress is terrible. I have been using the card for several years. I was in the habit of paying them through their online check payment system. Today, I went to make my payment online to avoid paying late. It would not work. Their website appeared broken with no message telling why. I had to call customer support which informed me that this 'feature' was no longer available. No warning was given to me that this would be discontinue. I think they have a hidden agenda of making their customers pay late. Over a month ago, they sent me two new cards due to some sort of security breach on more
Photo of Stephen D.
Oct 23, 2014
Worst card EVER!!!!!! The customer service is pretty much non existence. They are just horrible.... Then on top of that it seems every time i did call i was placed on hold or the phone just "magically" disappeared. And they always direct you to mail... not EMAIL but postal service mail customer service. The interest rate DRASTICALLY increase. This is suppose to be a starter card to establish or reastablish credit but what it is is just damn near loan shark, title pawn status. Hell for how they treat you and charge interest you might be better off taking a loan from big tony in the back of a wine more
Photo of Matthew M.
Sep 19, 2014
Do NOT bother with this card, I've had it for almost three years and the just NOW 9/19/2014 took away the online payment option so you HAVE to mail a check or use billpay which takes longer. This card is for rebuilding credit, you need faster payments to do that to show up in time otherwise it goes against you. There is no email or real phone number for customer service, the number on the back of the card is for mastercard only. You have to write a letter if you want anything done. Forget it, go with creditonebank card or first premier. This card in the three years I've more
Photo of Gulab T.
Aug 15, 2014
worst customer service! never go for this one.
Photo of Truman H.
Jun 18, 2014
Absolutely ABYSMAL.

Deposit $400
Annual fee: $35
Mailed CC to wrong address.
Allowed unauthorized person (presumable without any info of mine) to activate card.
Sent a late notice.
Reported card stolen.
2 months later...they sent a check for $330...citing late fees for charges I didn't make on a card I never received.
Additionally, since a month went by before I was aware they sent the card to wrong address they gave my otherwise flawless credit score it's only 30-day-late...on a secured card which I didn't receive.
Phoned in to discuss the above, where I was told they can only address this by physical (not electronic) mail.

I paid money for a product/service more
Photo of Dylan C.
Jun 18, 2014
Terrible company!!!! Terrible customer service!!!
Photo of Phillip C.
Jun 13, 2014
This has been a great card with a low entry fee. Getting a second card from them is equally easy and has improved my credit score. No problems with customer service. Get this if you are in need of this type of card.
Photo of CJ R.
Apr 4, 2014
After my foreclosure I was in a pretty bad spot financially. There were very few companies out there that would even give me a credit card so that I could begin building up my credit again. I searched far and wide and decided on this credit card. It has an annual fee and a security deposit but this is very normal for credit cards offered to low credit consumers, so I didn't mind. With this card I was able to build my credit up and also have a safety net for myself and my family. I would recommend this card to anyone out there trying to get back on their more
Photo of Shirley A.
Sep 1, 2014
This is a Great Card To Have After Bankruptcy, First Progress Credit Card is The Best.
Photo of Michele H.
Feb 17, 2014
This was just what I needed since you don't have to have a good credit score or credit history. I needed to have a credit card and the Platinium select really takes care of what is needed. That and how can you not love the fact you get to set your own credit limit just by your deposit.I really think this is a good card and I highly recommend it to folks who just have a hard time being able to get a credit card period. It has been fantastic for me.
Photo of Paul K.
Feb 7, 2014
i had a really poor credit history and was always declined when applying for credit cards until I came across First Progress. I can now rent cars and my credit score has risen even though I only have this card for a short time. I highly recommend it.
Photo of Ashley K.
Feb 6, 2014
If you don't have great credit your options to get a card are slim to none. This card is Secured so you have to put a certain amount of money on it in order to use it, so you have to have the cash on hand unlike normal cards. I think this card does what it is supposed to and I have never had to call in for any issues so I am not really sure what their customer service is like, In the end, although secured, it is a credit card and it gets the job done.
Photo of Nina A.
Jan 3, 2014
For those with bad credit, there aren't that many good options. The First Progress Platinum secured card though, is better than nothing. I've had this card for a little over 4 months. What I like about it is that they don't require a credit history or minimum credit score for approval. You also set your credit limit by how much you deposit. They also will report to the three major credit bureaus, so as long as you pay on time and take care of this credit, you will build or rebuilt your credit history. The card has an annual fee of $39. I haven't asked them to waive it yet more
Photo of Andrew L.
Dec 6, 2013
First Progress Platinum Select Secured Credit Card was a good card for me and the application process was quite straight forward. When I applied for this card in the beginning, my credit was in shambles due to some unpaid medical bills. First Progress approved my application and gave me $500 limit secured with a bank deposit. Since then my credit score has improved and the bank offered me additional spending limit. This card does have decent APR which is much better than similar products from other companies. They also have an easy to use website.
Photo of Jacqueline M.
Apr 7, 2014
How long did you have the card before they increased your credit limit?
Photo of Lisa H.
Dec 5, 2013
I love using Mastercard and have always felt they are a company that you can trust and depend on. I could not recommend them enough to all my friends and family. You really cannot go wrong with a company that has been around for decades.
Photo of Sidhu R.
Oct 2, 2013
I landed upon this credit card when I had reached the limit on my other cards and I really needed one to meet my current expenses. My rating with the other cards weren't that great and so I couldn't extend my limit. First Progress really saved me then. The processing was quick, I did not have to wait for long to get my credentials verified and I got decent customer support to get my questions answered. Have been a happy user since then. Have defaulted twice in paying my bills on time, but then they have been courteous.
Photo of Riki D.
Dec 24, 2014
Well we know this is a lie because there are NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS TO TALK YO!
Photo of Andi R.
Aug 26, 2013
I have had this credit card for a few months and am very happy with it. The acceptance process was straightforward and easy. I needed a card that would help me repair my credit and this card ticked all the boxes. After putting a modest security deposit on the card I could use it straight away and quickly found out the payment system was as straightforward and easy as getting the card was! The low interest rate surprised me and as I only use it when needed I rarely pay any more than I spend. The only reason I gave this a 4 out of 5 rating was the lack more
Photo of Sophie O.
Aug 16, 2013
I am happy, overall, with my First Progress Platinum Select Secured Credit Card. I didn't have a whole lot of options, thanks to my divorce and other issues conspiring to wreck my credit score and finances, but having a credit card was a necessary contingency, so I did a lot of research into starter cards and this was the card which seemed to fit my needs best. There are comparatively fewer demands and penalties with this card, relative to many others, and I especially like that the interest rate I was given was probably a lot lower than most others would have stuck me with. It's easy to manage and more
Photo of Bernice S.
Jun 6, 2013
This was the first card I was able to get following a bankruptcy. I applied and was accepted, and put a $1,000 security deposit on the card. Not sure if being accepted for this card was the only reason, but my abysmal credit score immediately rose about 90 points. The card has worked well, there is a good online interface for payments, and I have had no problems. I am really appreciative for the First Progress card to enable me to begin rebuilding my credit.

After a few months I began to get offers of unsecured cards, including from Merrick Bank and CapitalOne (which had previously turned down an application for more
Photo of Fanny V.
May 6, 2013
When my husband and I had trouble obtaining a credit card due to past financial troubles related to a job loss, First Progress Platinum is the card we chose to help us rebuild our credit. The minimum deposit was low at only $300, and we liked the fact that the annual fee was much lower than other cards we found. Of course, the card does not have rewards or points, but they will help you rebuild your credit. First Progress Platinum reports to all three credit agencies, which is great for people like us who need a boost on their credit reports. We also found the application process to be more
Photo of Sarah K.
Apr 19, 2013
My credit was pretty low fairly early on because of a series of identity thefts that really left me in a bad position. My first credit card was the First Progress card, which was not the best card in terms of benefits on the market, but nonetheless it was a credit card I could use. I applied and got it, and was really thrilled. It helped me raise my credit to a level I had no seen in years, which really helped me get back on my feet. The rewards were okay, but a lot better than I thought. My experiences with the First Progress card were great, and this more
Photo of Peter G.
Apr 5, 2013
I was having a lot of difficulty obtaining unsecured credit, so I decided to lower my expectations so to speak. I applied with First Progress about 4 months ago, and while it may not be giving me concierge or any rewards, it most certainly is providing me with one very important thing: positive credit reporting, which can be a boon if that is precisely what you need. I can definitely say that this card’s interest rate is very fair, and despite the fact that it has an annual fee, it is reasonable. There is however a the ten day waiting period for available credit after a payment is made, which more
Photo of Ryan U.
Mar 29, 2013
I got this card to start rebuilding from the ashes and rubble that youth and a poor relationship brought about upon my finances. The interest rate is a few points lower than I expected, which was okay, but my wife and I are the type who pay off our balance every month if we can help it. All in all, it's a decent card with a fair limit (if the other reviews are of any indication, we should be thankful we've not had to attempt to resolve any problems yet) and I don't see us replacing it for a few years, at least.
Photo of Lefty H.
Mar 14, 2013
Photo of Charles T.
Mar 6, 2013
I applied for the First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard Secured Credit Card when I had no credit history at all. This card did not require me to have a credit history or minimum credit score for approval. It really helped me raise my credit score pretty fast as my credit was monthly monitored and reported to all three major credit bureaus. They offer zero interest on purchases for 25 days provided that you pay your balance timely. However this grace period is not available for balance transfers or cash advances. They do not have a monthly fee requirement but they do charge an annual fee of $39. Their customer care more
Photo of Hana R.
Feb 11, 2013
I used the First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard when my wife and I got behind on our bills and had some bad credit. We couldn’t qualify for many cards and this one allowed us to both qualify and regain our composure to get caught back up. There is no credit history approval check and that was huge for us because that is what was keeping us held back from getting any other cards. I can honestly say this card played a major role in getting us back on our feet and I don’t know what we would of done without it. It’s been a few years since this experience and more
Photo of Robin S.
Jan 30, 2013
I tried to apply for this card online. First, it would not let me apply, because it considered that my birth year of 1956 meant I was not 18 yet. after fooling it by typing 1856 then changing the 8 to a 9, it advanced to the next step. Then...although my income is 600 dollars more than my said it could not complete the application because my income is not 100 dollars more that expenses and that I did not have enough money to pay the fee. I am finished with this...frustrating...and shows what problems I can expect in the future. Terrible...
Photo of Mike H.
Jan 18, 2013
This card is one I would recommend to those attempting to either fix a damaged credit score or to simply build one in the first place. I'd heard of people having problems getting accepted in the first place for the card but I had no such issues and was approved very quickly. By paying off the statements as quickly as possible it did indeed help in it's own small way to build up my credit score to the point I could apply for a "proper" credit card later but this sort of card most certainly serves a purpose and is a good place to start if you're towards the bottom more
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