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GAP Credit Card’s Rewards

15% discount
Base Earn
1 point / $1
Max Earn
5 points / $1
  • Save 15% on your first purchase with the Gap Credit Card
  • Earn 5 points per $1 spent at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta.
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted.
  • Get $5 Reward Card for every 500 points earned
  • Earn 500 points when you register your e-mail address
  • Exclusive benefits: Cardmembers offers to earn extra points, 10% Tuesdays at Gap stores and online at, special birthday savings and access to special events with exclusive discounts
  • Earn 500 bonus reward points if you sign up for paperless statements.
  • Earn 5,000 points in a calendar year and enjoy Gap Silver Status with benefits like 20% quarterly bonus Rewards points, free online shipping and more

GAP Credit Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
Not Offered
Transfer Intro APR
Balance Transfers Not Allowed
Regular APR
25.24% (V)

GAP Credit Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $37
  • GRACE PERIOD   23 days
    27.24% (V)
    4% (min $10)
  • SMART CHIP   Yes, chip-and-signature
  • Access your account online 24/7.
  • Zero fraud liability.
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Customer Questions and Answers

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How do I check my rewards?

Photo of Card H.
Dec 1, 2015
You can check your rewards at:
30 Votes 30

Can I get money from a bank without the PIN number?

Photo of Card H.
Dec 16, 2015
Unfortunately you can't. A PIN is necessary to complete this operation. You will need to call Synchrony Bank's customer service at 1-800-887-1198 to ask for one. Take into account that there is no grace period for cash advances and the interest rate is prohibitive, 26.99% in this case. In other words, you start paying a high interest the minute you take the money from the ATM. That's why we advise against taking out cash advances unless it's an emergency. Hope this helps.
20 Votes 23 3

Is it true that if I use the Gap VISA card in stores other than Gap within 30 days from receiving the card, I will get $30 bonus? If so, after I purchase, do I need to contact customer service more

Photo of Card H.
Dec 16, 2015
Unfortunately those specifications are not present in their current offer. However, you earn 1 point for each dollar spent everywhere VISA is accepted and you get a 5$ reward for every 500 points you earn. You can redeem your rewards at: . Best of luck!
6 Votes 10 4

Customer Reviews

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2.5 out of 5

255 reviews
Photo of Scott S.
Jun 20, 2016
Decent rewards - horrible fraud detection. Basically you can only use the card in your state. Forget mail order, traveling, online,.... When you call they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They want you to call before using - stay on hold,...
Photo of Lyric J.
Jul 22, 2016
I'm not sure about you Scott. But I was able to use my card out of state on vacation. I do agree customer service is awful
Photo of Florence J.
May 28, 2016
Beware of Fake promotions sent my Mail.I was sent a promotion by mail saying 5X points for every $1 spent outside Gap.I spent $3000 and i am supposed to receive $150 in rewards(15000 points) but i was not given the reward.When i called the customer service they simply said the rewards team is not going to honor the promotion.GAP sends out promotion just to lure customers use GAP credit card and then not giving the rewards as promised.
Photo of Santiago B.
Apr 19, 2016
This is the WORST CARD EVER I'm all ready pay the 85% of my balance an I still have to pay the same interest for the 100% of my debit, no just for the 15% remain balance
Photo of John S.
Apr 16, 2016
Ridiculously high interest rate and DO NOT BE LATE EVER, you'll pay for it.
Photo of John S.
Apr 16, 2016
Oh and the fees, lawdy there's no savings with this card unless you pay it off each month. The last straw was receiving a snail-mail letter saying they were unsuccessful emailing my statement and I was now late. I never changed my email and have no idea why they suddenly were unable to send the statement. I got charged a $25 fee plus $25 late fee. I don't even know what the first $25 fee was for, I guess because they couldn't send my statement via the same email I've had on file since day ONE. At this point I didn't care and canceled it, paid off the full balance. I'm done.
Photo of Tejasvi G.
Mar 8, 2016
one of the worst cards ever to have. Gap lures customer to get the card saying it's a rewards card and not clearly state that it is a credit card.
Photo of Vineet S.
Jan 3, 2016
These guys are bad in customer service and their software are not good enough in maintaining your card balance. Credits for an item purchased at their Banana store was not applied to their own card and after raising dispute and multiple followups no one is ready to listen. every time I call their customer service to followup in dispute I raised , I have to tell the,m the whole story from scratch. Seems these guys are not even maintaining account properly.
Photo of Ly L.
Dec 4, 2015
I am so sick of Gap Credit Card . They are a joke ! I got approved for a credit card October 26, 2015 and never received my card and it's now December 4, 2015 . I have called them multiple times and I have been told 1000 different things . They transferred me 7 different times and one of the reps told me I would get the block of my account as well so I could use it in stores . I was told they can't send my card because I didn't send documentation for my new address but yet they sent my statement there ! I wish I more
Photo of Kim F.
Nov 14, 2015
I recently had bad experience with gap credit card ..I didn't received my card with chip in it so called customer service and they of course close old one and sent new..but rep. Omitted to tell me there was balance due of $1.99 as I go about month charging spending, and I check my mobile gap account but I do not see anything I was in McDonald's in line about 20min lunch (crowd) cashier tells me card is declined, how embarrassing. Called CSR..So their system doesn't care if it $1 or 100 or 1000. Late is late and we make no apologies for it's the system ..well more
Photo of Parm K.
Oct 31, 2015
Customer service people sitting with half knowledge and they act like they are very smart and intelligent...sometime i just laugh inside with anger. when i ask them to prove they just become horrible and rude. They don't know what they provide information to their customers. Reward point is big joke. if you return using your reward points, they wont credit back those point. I already lost $200 worth points with this so called Gap Visa credit card. I used my other credit cards like master and discover many time to transfer monry through western union. they never charged me extra $10 fees and with gap visa, First time I used more
Photo of Jeanetta T.
Oct 29, 2015
The GAP credit card is great for the avid GAP/Banana Republic shopper, with all of the discounts they provide. However, the interest rate is outrageous; and honestly, who regularly shops at these shops anymore? I honestly prefer my Citicard. I get 1 point for every dollar spent on anything, and 2 points on every dollar spent on gas and groceries; plus my APR is only 12%.
Photo of Erin C.
Sep 4, 2015
Do not touch this card with a ten foot pole. It kept declining on me (I used it for my daycare to get the rewards.) Not only was it embarrassing, but every time it declined, I was charged $25, even though I paid the balance every month and there was plenty of room on the card. I called them every time it declined and every time they said the issue was fixed and I could use the card. Then they refused to refund the money they charged for the decline fees!

Rip off. Stay away.
Photo of Kristen J.
Aug 13, 2015
Save yourself a huge problem and don't get this card! High APR, the "rewards" aren't even usable and customer service is THE WORST...worse than Comcast, which should say something. Credit cards make money for the company, they don't care to keep your account open and help with your issues.
Photo of Jack M.
Aug 5, 2015
The Gap Credit Card is great of you shop at stores like the Gap and the other retailers where the card offers points. It works out to about a 5% discount on all your purchases to the retailers like The Gap, Old Navy, etc. There are other reward points that add up to even more savings.This seems generous compared to other cards. The APR is high, so if you don't pay your balance every month you might not save very much.
Photo of Michelle S.
Jul 31, 2015
Bad customer service and the rewards expire
Photo of Michelle G.
Jun 23, 2015
I've been a card member since 2001 and was a GAP employee for about 5 years, so being as loyal to GAP as I am, I'm appalled on how the customer service has been to get a payment situation handled. I made a payment through my bank that was sent through my old account number (received a new card w/a new number after the fact) and called to get my funds transferred over to the new account. It's been a month and after SEVERAL OUTSOURCED phone calls, the situation has not been resolved and my money is no where in sight. Now the past due amount is on my credit more
Photo of Rebekah W.
May 19, 2015
This card is a pretty decent stand alone card for somebody who frequently shops at GAP or Old Navy. I've found that the rewards system of this card doesn’t quite compare with other stores’ rewards cards (such as Amazon), offering less for having to spend more money. However, if you are a big fan of the GAP or Old Navy or an affiliate, it is not a bad deal.
Photo of Shawnette C.
May 1, 2015
I love the GAP credit card. You can use this card at many different locations, including Old Navy and Banana Republic! I really enjoy the 15% off you get towards your first purchase when you sign up for the card. I also enjoy earing points towards their rewards system. The APR is a little high, but if you pay your bill on time, there is no problem!
Photo of Pat H.
Apr 16, 2015
Gap credit card is the best! You can use this card at a number of locations, but my favorite is Gap, Old Navy and Gap Factory. While you get points for every dollar you spend, there are lots of times you get updates when points are doubled and then they send you an email that tells you your rewards. It is easy to use and easy to pay your bills online. Once you sign up you get a 15% off your order and then you can add up those points quickly by signing up for emails and paperless billing. The emails enable you to special sales and deep discounts. I more
Photo of Patty G.
Apr 16, 2015
The GAP Credit Card is great! I love the 500 bonus points for paperless statements as well as the member exclusive benefits and the 2000 bonus points for email sign up. In comparison to my TJ Maxx credit card, the GAP credit card offers a better initial sign up bonus which is great. The only disadvantage I see to this credit card is the high interest rate.
Photo of Dexter G.
Mar 30, 2015
I've had this card for some time now and what I enjoy the most is that aside from the initial 15% off you get when you sign up, they send you coupons with every statement. This might prove to be too much fuel for a shopaholic but it's a very pleasant bonus. What I dislike though is that compared to our store cards they don't offer a discounted or 0% APR for certain purchase amounts. This honestly has been a deal breaker for most store cards I get.
Photo of Nicole W.
Feb 26, 2015
I was just approved for my card, and the one thing that I love about this card that you don't see to often is that you can use it at other "sister" stores. I can shop at GAP for myself, head over to Banana Republic for my daughter, and then to Old Navy for my husband and son, and use the same card for each store! The interest is a little high for a store card, however you are immediately given 15% of your purchase when you are approved. On top of that there are other card benefits like you earn points on your purchases and you are notified of more
Photo of Jennifer C.
Feb 6, 2015
I actually like this card in terms of the amount of rewards you can receive -- as long as I am shopping in those stores at the time. I have not been earning as many rewards as the GAP has not had stellar kids' clothes in the last year. Therefore, I did not make Silver this year, which I think is kind of weak to just cut off it a person doesn't make it in a year. One of the main reasons why I HAVE this card is to get the free shipping. However, in years past, I have easily earned a lot of rewards and used them across the more
Photo of John F.
Jan 6, 2015
I think this is a pretty weak rewards card. I think it would be alright if you shop at the Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime or Athleta ALOT. If you do not then I don't see much benefit. I think a non-store based rewards card is much smarter. My PNC points card earns about the same and they give bonuses for maintaining a checking account. The best thing is I can spend money anywhere and qualify for the bonuses. I don't like being limited in the way a card like the GAP card does. Finally let's note the huge APR! My PNC points card APR is much lower than that.
Photo of Regan W.
Nov 12, 2014
It is a great deal that Gap is offering 15% off a purchase when you get approved for this card! You can earn points by spending at two additional stores other than Gap. With my old credit card through American Eagle Outfitters you could only earn points from that store. This Gap card is so much better than my AEO card, they even offer a 23 day grace period and put a $35 cap on late fee. To top off all of this, card holders have the benefit of a weekly 10% discount!
Photo of Brian I.
Oct 16, 2014
This is your typical store branded credit card, but you could also use anywhere else where Visa is accepted. I like the benefits that this card gives to its users such as 10% off on tuesday at Gap, Old Navy and Piperlime (It would definitely encourage you to use the card to save a bit more on your purchases), and those purchases also comes with a fair rewards point system, but nothing that I haven't already seen in other store cards. My TJ Maxx card has the same point system. Cash advance rates and cash advance fees seem rather high, but all can be avoided if you don't take money more
Photo of Alexa K.
Sep 15, 2014
This VISA-branded GAP Credit Card is basically a store card that can also be used just like a regular credit card. That fact may explain a GAP Credit Card requires a credit score range of Excellent or Good, which is more demanding than the average store card.
The unlimited overlimit fees and high interest are more in line with a regular store card, and may come as a shock for customers used to lower fees concomitant with better credit scores than the regular store card bearer, who have a lower credit score range, for which this card may be out of reach.
Compared with my regular Discover credit card, who also more
Photo of Sterling D.
Sep 2, 2014
I feel like this card offers some unique savings that are also great business promotions, like the 10% off Tuesdays at the select stores. A no interest on purchases of a certain limit, like the Home Depot credit card of $300, would make me interested in using this card. That would skew the interest being somewhat high on this card.
Photo of Mary T.
Aug 8, 2014
This Gap card offers many different incentives for signing up, and would be a great card for the consumer who shops at Gap often. This interest rate is comparable to other store cards, such as Old navy and JC Penny.
Photo of Michelle C.
Jul 26, 2014
the gap credit card looks like a good card .in my option i dont think it is.i wouldnt use this kind card.there is so many better ones to choose and master cards are pretty good
Photo of Amy K.
Jul 5, 2014
The GAP credit card offers a variety of incentives, all which are applicable at many of my favorite stores. This is better than the KOHL’s credit card, which can only be used at a Kohl’s store. However, the interest rate on the GAP card is rather high compared to the lower rate offered by Kohl’s.
Photo of Alan B.
Jun 6, 2014
As a holder of a few store credit cards, I would have to say that the APR rate on the GAP Credit Card is about average. It is a perfect card to have if you pay off your bill in full each month. The reward points are great. They will send you a gift card code via email once you hit a certain amount of points. The great thing about this card is you can use it through several different stores.
Photo of Emily S.
May 27, 2014
Compared to my student Discover Card, the APR on the Gap Credit Card seems very high, as does the Cash Advance Rate. And since I don't do a lot of clothing shopping, this doesn't seem like a program whose rewards would be terribly useful to me. It might be good for someone who does a lot of shopping at Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy though, but I like the broader rewards offered by Discover, personally. I like that there is a benefit for using paperless statements but ultimately wouldn't get a lot of use out of this card.
Photo of Nate B.
May 9, 2014
Compared to my visa card from macys the cash advance rate and the regular rate seem pretty darn high. the rewards program seems like it would be pretty good. and 10% off every tuesday it nice as well.
Photo of Andy G.
Apr 17, 2014
I've actually used this card in the past and I can say that I never really enjoyed the rewards. Points only applied on clothing purchases in Gap stores and that got old fast. I soon switched to other cards with more comprehensive offerings.
Photo of Julie M.
Mar 28, 2014
It seems like a pretty good value, as long as you pay your balance off every month. I shop at all of the stores frequently, so it would pay off for me in the long term.
Photo of Wye O.
Mar 26, 2014
The APR isn't the best, but so long as you can remember to pay it off every month, eventually you can earn yourself a free pair of jeans or two. You can redeem rewards at any of the Gap family of stores (including Old Navy and Banana Republic) which is really nice. The online interface for scheduling payments is super easy to use.
Photo of Doug D.
Mar 17, 2014
This card looks great for the frequent GAP shopper that can pay off most or all of the balance at once. It offers great rewards but you pay for that with a high interest rate.
Photo of Anthony A.
Feb 24, 2014
This card offers decent discounts at the initial opening and through various days. The card is great for someone who needs decent clothes and wants a little extra discount. The APR is a little high, but consistent with other store cards.
Photo of Tonya D.
Feb 24, 2014
If you love shopping at the Gap Store then this card is for you. You will receive a simple 10% discount on a certain day each week. However, if you are a wife and mother of two children, you need to be able to use the credit card in more than a few places. I can not buy groceries at the Gap or Old Navy. This does not help me. I need a credit card with which I can enjoy all the rewards that are being offered. I would consider looking for a better credit card like the Capital One Quick Silver Card. I can buy tons of stuff with more
Photo of Steve T.
Jan 31, 2014
This Gap Card helps me build my credit a great deal. I shop at Gap stores often, and I have used it many times. It does come with less than generous benefits, such as the rewards plan which is conservative in my opinion. I do enjoy the cash advance, though the rate is a bit steep to my liking. There isn't a max over limit fee which is great, but the expensive late fee of thirty five dollars does hurt my wallet when I am not able to make timely payments.
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