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Home Depot® Credit Card’s Rewards

This card does not offer rewards.

Home Depot® Credit Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
0% for 6 - 12 months
Transfer Intro APR
Balance Transfers Not Allowed
Regular APR
17.99% - 26.99% (V)

Home Depot® Credit Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $35
  • GRACE PERIOD   25 days
  • Deferred Interest Details: No interest if paid in full within 6 Months on purchases of $299 or more. No interest if paid in full within 12 months on any Installed Heating or Air Conditioning and on any Installed Water Treatment purchases of $299 or more. No interest if paid in full within 12 months on any Installed Roofing, Siding, Windows, Insulation, Gutter, and Leaf Protection purchases of $5000 or more.
  • Online Services, including account management, online-only statements, account activity, and faster payments.

Customer Questions and Answers

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What is the minimum credit score needed for home depot card?

Photo of Card H.
Dec 17, 2015
Applicants generally need fair credit, which means a score of at least 620, in order to qualify for the Home Depot Credit Card. However, having such a credit score doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get approved. Credit scores are an imperfect indicator for approval, as issuers typically modify publicly-available scoring models with their own proprietary screening criteria. They also take into account numerous factors that aren’t necessarily incorporated into your score, such as your income and outstanding debt.

With that being said, you can get for free you credit score, credit monitoring and credit improvement tips, by signing up for our sister site WalletHub: https://wallethub.com/join/. Hope this helps. Best more
44 Votes 59 15

If you were not instantly approved applying through the link on this site how long does it take to get a reply in the mail? Also what other information do they ask?

Photo of Card H.
Jan 2, 2014
In most cases, you will either receive a new card in the mail or a rejection letter within two weeks of submitting an application. Most credit card companies require applicants to provide basic biographical and financial information, such as their name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), income, bank account info, etc. For more information on the credit card application process, check out CardHub's How to Apply for a Credit Card article (cardhub.com/edu/ways-to-apply-credit-card/).
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Do you get a response right away when applying online?

Photo of Joseph J.
May 23, 2016
If you did not, call the credit analyst and recon it. Ask for more!
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335 reviews
Photo of Card H.
Feb 15, 2016
Given the often-high cost of home improvement, the Home Depot Card has positioned itself as a financing vehicle rather than as a means of earning rewards. In fact, unlike most store credit cards, it actually doesn't offer any rewards at all. What it does give you is 0% financing for six months on purchases of $299 or more. But instead of serving as your wallet's salvation from interest rates, this supposed deal could come back to haunt it. That's because it includes a sneaky feature known as "deferred interest," which allows finance charges to apply to the entire original amount financed if you're late on a payment or if you more
Photo of Joseph J.
May 23, 2016
Home Depot is our official go to home improvement store. I app'd and got an instant approval for 600.00. So I called to day and got a limit of 15k. Since I have the Citi DC & DP, this was a good addition. And not to mention, I can actually get a little more done around the house or just charge what I need for my project and pif.
Photo of Donna V.
Apr 4, 2016
As stated in my initial phone call and multiple letters in writing. The late reporting on my account was unfairly reported. NO one from home depot or CITI BANK contacted me a bout balances due or any late payments being made until I found it on my CREDIT REPORT. This is completely unfair and UNJUSTIFIED.Your response was that my account was changed to electronic notification. However, there was NO Email address in the system to send notification to and there was no Phone number listed on the account.

Why didn't you send a letter to my home mailing address at before anything was reported as being late? more
Photo of Kristofor D.
Feb 7, 2016
My 1st kid was born, I was in the hospital with my wife for a few days and I was so busy and tired that I missed paying by two days. Citibank for home depot relentlessly called until I could get to a computer and make a payment. I refuse to pay people over the phone that call me for safety reasons. Called several times a day including 7am in the morning. Insane behaviour over honest mistake.
Photo of Kristofor D.
Feb 7, 2016
I want to add that the start of this card was poor to begin with. We opened it to have HD redo our kitchen at promised 2 years no interest. They gave me 3 months. I have to fight them for weeks to get them to fix it. Not everyone's experience may be like mine, but let it be known and buyer beware.
Photo of Donna V.
Apr 4, 2016
citi bank is absolutely an unfair business.. Ive been fighting with them for over 6 months to remove an unjustified late credit reporting off my account. They refuse to do so when it was not my fault.
Photo of Sheila Y.
Feb 3, 2016
I would not recommend this card. I had my account for years and wish I could close it but it would look negatively on my credit report. My bill is due on the 25th of each month. Since I get paid the last day of each month, I pay my bill 25 days early. During the month of December I get paid the 15th of the month because of Christmas. So in December I paid my home depot bill on December 28th of the month. My bill was not due until January 25th. Imagine my surprise when home depot bill collectors started contacting me. When I got my bill, they more
Photo of Donna V.
Apr 4, 2016
I have the same complaint against home deport CITI BANK. I closed my account after 20 years too!
Photo of Tina H.
Jan 29, 2016
I made a few purchases at different times that qualified for the 18 month no interest promotion. I forgot to make a payment one month, with usually means you have voided the promotional terms. I called them up, and no problem they said, no interest still applied. When the 18 months were up on one of the promotions, I didn't pay it off in full. Completely my fault, as it's clearly written on the statement in more than one spot when the due date is for each purchase. The next month I was charged the accumulated interest of $259. Sickening, considering that I was only a few dollars short, but more
Photo of Sanda S.
Dec 6, 2015
I wish i never have gotten this card. My credit score is 810 and my interest rate on this card is 25.99%!!! Insane! What's the point of having a good score if they are going to give you interest rate that high?
Photo of JoJo G.
Nov 24, 2015
Horrible! I got approved for a 18 month no interest. I started getting charged interest after 6 months. READ THE FINE PRINT.
Photo of Kelsey T.
Oct 28, 2015
The Home Depot card is great for higher value purchases because of the deferred interest policy if paid in full within 6 months. After that, the APR is a little higher, but if you can pay the item off in 6 months, this is a great card to have on hand. The policy varies for specific items (some are 12 months deferred interest), but a deferred interest policy in general is great. With no annual fee, this is a nice card if you can manage paying on time and in the time frame to receive deferred interest.
Photo of B B.
Oct 15, 2015
I've used the Home Depot credit card several times when I have purchased large appliances. I was able to get deferred interest on my purchases over $299 if I paid in full before six months time. I also used it for a carpet purchase with the same offer. I really like Home Depot stores and I've always found that the employees are quite willing to negotiate prices on large appliances, giving me even better prices than online deals. I don't us the card often, but I keep the account open for the convenience when making larger purchases.
Photo of Morgan W.
Oct 13, 2015
I have had Home depot cards given to me before but the last card I bought from the store. It was easy and painless and was a good way to set aside saved money for a boat project I was planning. It made it easy to plan for a hardware budget knowing exactly how much I had to spend I recommend the card and the store.
Photo of Darlene T.
Oct 9, 2015
Because I did not buy my items on same day they only gave me the 6 months deferred interest. When I called about see if I could combined my items and get the 12 months I was told they did not offer the 12 months during my purchase. As a good consumer of Home Depot you would think they would have been able to do something.
Photo of Danny K.
Sep 15, 2015
The HD card is serviced by Citibank and they are by far one of the worst customer service companies in business. I highly recommend NOT using the HD credit card because of the following: I received a fraudulent charge on my HD CC and never received a bill showing that I had a charge that month. After 60 days since that charge posted to my account I received a call from Citibank asking when I was going to pay the $8.00 bill. After investigations on both sides and being forwarded to a Citibank manager, they agreed to remove the charge from my account. The manager insured me that a late more
Photo of Ken R.
Aug 8, 2015
Post office returned my February statement to Home Depot Credit I'd gotten all statements prior to that. They then BLOCKED my card and made NO attempt to notify me of the problem. 5 months later Credit Karma (which really is free) notified me that my account was delinquent. I called them and paid ALL of my balance and asked them if the delinquency could be removed now. They said absolutely not, the problem was not the banks fault, they said. So, the black mark stays on my otherwise perfect credit reports for 7 years. They are the most rude, inconsiderate boiler room jerks I've ever dealt with. If I could more
Photo of Donna V.
Apr 4, 2016
I agree citti bank is the worst!
Photo of Gray F.
Aug 7, 2015
This card policy lies , well in my case i do not got the six months no interest , i spend about six hundreds with them and they star charging interest since day one , i call customer service and i got no proper anwer to the offer they supposibly give ... soo i deside to pay it off and cancel this card . If they lie at first its not a trusty card.
Photo of Dave S.
Aug 3, 2015
This is a great option for those that own a home and need some options on the financing. With the first year of 0% interest! It really gives you the ability to do big projects like redoing a bathroom or kitchen. It gives you the flexibility to spread the payments over a year and not pay any interest. I would not recommend putting anything on this card that you can pay off over the year, as the interest rate is 18+% and is way to much to carry a balance with and pay it off. But if you can use it responsibly and pay it off over the year, it more
Photo of Parismarie W.
Jul 20, 2015
I am absolutely addicted to using Home Depot, not only for Home Improvement projects but also to pick up bulk cleaning supplies, some back to school items or just for some helpful advice on a project. The Home Depot credit card makes using these services offered by Home Depot even easier! The online payment system is great and it made ordering items online for pick up or to be shipped to my home even easier!
Photo of Marie W.
May 31, 2015
Husband ask me to apply for him a Home Depot credit card on my laptop....but received no response!
Photo of Alison B.
May 18, 2015
This is a great option for those of us addicted to home improvement, but need to finance our hobby. Especially with the first year of 0% interest! We redid our bathroom and kitchen over the past year and bought everything on the credit card up front. After we spread out the payments over the year, it didn't cost us anything extra, we built up our credit and ended up with a new bathroom and kitchen that we probably could not have afforded otherwise. We love it and couldn't be happier with this card.
Photo of Danielle H.
May 17, 2015
I love my Home Depot Credit card. What I love the most about this card is the fact that purchases $299 and over are automatically 6 months same as cash. As long as you pay the balance off within six months there are no interest charges. Even better they frequently send me coupons where my purchases that are $299 or more have 12 months same as cash options. I have had this card for over 7 years and have never paid one penny of interest. It has enabled me to do all the home projects I wanted or needed to do over the years without costing me any extra money.
Photo of Matt H.
Apr 30, 2015
This card is great for making purchases at Home Depot like many store cards, however there are no balance transfers allowed and it has a fairly high interest rate even if you have relatively good credit. I feel this card is well suited for making early purchases at a Home Depot store, however its terms make it less desirable to use as an everyday card.
Photo of Panache S.
Apr 16, 2015
The home depot card was easy enough to activate as opposed to a couple of other home store cards. I usually pay the amount due in full so the interest rates do not affect me. I believe the Max late fee is not bad at $35. The payments on the website are simple enough. The only drawback I feel is the card does not offer a cash back which could be beneficial for the company as well as the consumers.
Photo of April M.
Apr 3, 2015
This card comes with regular offers sent in the mail. This has been very helpful as we have been going through a large renovation on our home. For the most part, we have saved more money by using the offers like 0% interest than we would have saved shopping for discounts. I definitely appreciate the readily available offers. On the other, it is wise to definitely keep an eye out on due dates and when the reward period ends. If you miss this date, you will have to pay the interest. This can be a lot when making large purchases.
Photo of Colby P.
Mar 30, 2015
I like the perks this card comes with. This card is great if you are making a large purchase of $299 or more for your home and can utilize the zero interest. 6-12 months of no interest is a great perk and can save you a lot of money on projects.
Photo of Lexi M.
Mar 12, 2015
This card is awesome and i defineately recommend it. i have used my card on more than one account from the time i repaired the wall before the land lord came over or the time i built the shed at my new place. its great with no interest for six months and very low fees. A balanced card for average people with average credit. five stars. would never use any other credit card at home depot again.
Photo of Azzie B.
Mar 2, 2015
I have had this card come in handy more times than I can count. I use it for my garden supplies, my Christmas decor and I have even bought large appliances on it. I personally choose to handle all my payments and statements online. I love not having to deal with the mail for making a payment. I also love being able to send extra money anytime I want. They are also quite good about not filling my inbox with tons of unwanted spam. They send me my bills and important notifications and nothing else, and that is just perfect for me.
Photo of Nathan B.
Feb 25, 2015
This car was simple to activate and simple to use allowing me to save on my project instantly. The interest is relatively low and making payments can be done by phone, online or in my Home Depot store locally. Customer service was easy to work with as well. I wasn't really interested in opening a line of credit until I started my project and my local Home Depot associate helped me save some money. I walked out with my building material an a wallet still full of cash because the card took care of it all!
Photo of Ramon M.
Feb 24, 2015
As others have said...this card is an absolute must. We did not think we would need it when we purchased our first home in June...however, this is so worth it. Interest rates is higher than we would like it to be, but to be completely honest it doesn't matter...we pay everything off over the course of a few months instead of doing everything in a lump sum, we get what we need for the house, large or small, and it doesn't break the bank. Could not have a better card in my wallet.
Photo of Melody L.
Jan 21, 2015
I think this Home Depot store Card is a must have for all homeowners. It's great for those unexpected emergency that pop up when you don't have the cash on hand. I love the fact that they give you 6 months to pay it off without incurring interest. The APR is a bit high on this card. All of my other credit cards are around 12.99%V but on this account it is 22.99% V. It doesn't bother me much because I normally pay my purchase off before the promotional time frame is up. The only negative thing is that this account doesn't come with a rewards program. I know that more
Photo of Richard H.
Jan 12, 2015
I got this card to use for some work projects for my business. I used it for the project with the 6 months no interest offer. I paid most but not all of the balance and got hit with the full interest of the whole balance after 6 months. I think I only owed less than $100 when I got the interest charge. It was a bad experience. Also, they cut my credit back for no apparent reason. Shortly after that I closed the account.
Photo of Jemille H.
Dec 28, 2014
It has no benefits. For someone who pays their card balance in full every month it is pretty worthless. Lowes card offers 5% back on all card purchases. What does HD offer on card purchases? Zero.
Photo of Aletha R.
Dec 10, 2014
The Home Depot Card looks like a great credit card if you were going to make a major purchase in the near future. The fact that they are offering 0% interest for 6-12 months makes this a great option if I needed to purchase an appliance or spend $299 or more. I have been looking at refrigerators recently, and if I found one that I wanted at Home Depot, I would definitely apply for this card.
Also Home Depot offers free delivery and set up in my area, and they will take away the old refrigerator for free which is a huge plus. The interest rate is a little high, more
Photo of Michelle M.
Nov 11, 2014
I have had this card for over 1 years now and it gives me so many options as far as payment. They offer 0% many times a year off of purchases higher than $500.00. They have great customer service as well. Most of it can be done online without ever having to call into the call center. I really have enjoyed my card and will continue to use it.
Photo of Steven M.
Oct 27, 2014
HD card is great for doing 12, 18 & 24 months no interest but the ONLY reason I gave it 3 stars is because they list on your credit report as a "Credit Card" when it is actually a department store card. Since I bought my washer & dryer and refridgerator, my credit score went to crap because they show this card as a credit card carrying a high balance.
Photo of Jenny B.
Oct 16, 2014
I do like that Home Depot offers no interest for 6 months, but if not paid off in that time frame, the interest is ridiculously high! In home improvement, most people will make a single fairly large purchase that can be paid off in about that 6 month time frame, especially when combined with other offers, such as big discounts that Home Depot offers during holidays and season changes. It’s a good card to have because more times that none it will have a zero balance, but on the occasional time you do use it, you have half a year to pay it off. Perks they could start offering that more
Photo of Blake C.
Sep 29, 2014
The Home Depot Store Card has a fairly high interest rate starting at 17.99% however they also offer no interest periods of 6 or 12 months based upon the purchase price. You should also take note of the grace period of 25 days which is shorter than the billing cycle. The main reason I rated this card a 2 is because it does not offer rewards. Unless you need to use the interest free periods you would be better off using a rewards card for your purchase.
Photo of Elias C.
Sep 22, 2014
While the Home Depot card has a very high interest rate of 26.9%, it also comes with six months of free interest. It is great if you are remodeling or making other major appliance purchases. It is also good as a "back pocket" card. It's the kind of card that you keep at zero balance but on the off chance that your fridge or washing machine breaks you know you have the means to purchase a new one right away. Plus, you get an extra 10% off appliances when you use the card!
Photo of Mitch S.
Sep 6, 2014
There is really no reason to use this card unless you are buying something expensive and they give you 6 months of free interest. During major holidays like Labor Day and Thanksgiving they will give you 12 months of free interest on a minimum $299 purchase. Home Depot has the lowest prices and good service on major appliances and does price match competitors as well. I have used the card exactly twice in five years. Once to buy a new stove and once to buy a new refrigerator.
Photo of Tatiana M.
Aug 29, 2014
Yup, I got this card. The Home Depot card is pretty good. I picked it up on the way to a remodel. The intro rate on purchases is fair. I am seriously safer with this card than I am with paper money. First Home Depot card I have ever had. Its working out good so far.
Photo of Geisa H.
Aug 14, 2014
I like the Home Depot card but I believe it needs improvement, no discounts or coupons are offered. At this day and age home improvement is not just for men , we girls do things around the house and we love coupons. I have the card and I used to get something my husband really wanted for fathers day and I could not pay for in one shot (nail gun ) .I am grateful to have it. He was happy.
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