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Chase Liquid Prepaid Card’s Key Fees

  • MONTHLY FEE $4.95

Chase Liquid Prepaid Card’s Highlights

  • You can use Chase Liquid to make your day-to-day purchases – up to $3,000 a day. Use it at clothing and grocery stores, pharmacies, and more – anywhere VISA® is accepted you can use Chase Liquid. You can also use Chase Liquid to shop online.
  • Get Chase Liquid at your local branch. You'll receive a fully functioning card immediately, with no fees to open or activate. Just add a $25 initial deposit to get started.
  • Use Chase Liquid anywhere VISA® is accepted and get cash at any Chase ATM or branch. Track balances and spending on-the-go with text banking. All free, 24/7.
  • Reload easily without any fees with Direct Deposit or at more than 11,500 Chase DepositFriendlyâ„  ATMs.
  • Pay bills using your 16-digit Card number on merchant sites that accept Visa® debit cards (merchant fees may apply).
  • Zero Liability Protection for any unauthorized card transactions when you notify us promptly.
  • Monthly service fee: $4.95 per month. Waived when linked to a qualifying checking account.

Chase Liquid Prepaid Card’s's Additional Info

  • RELOAD OPTIONS Direct Deposit, Cash Reload, Bank Transfer, Check Reload

Customer Questions and Answers

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Does this card help build credit history?

Photo of Card H.
Oct 23, 2015
No, unfortunately this card will not help you build credit history. While a lot of people refer to prepaid cards as “prepaid credit cards,” they are actually more similar to debit cards. You aren’t being offered a credit line, nor are you responsible for repaying borrowed money. As a result, your prepaid card activity wouldn’t tell lenders much, and prepaid cards aren’t even listed on your credit reports.

The easiest way to build credit is to open a credit card account and keep it in good standing. Doing so will add positive information to your credit reports on a monthly basis and thereby help you improve your credit score. You more
89 Votes 109 20

Can you purchase it in a store?

Photo of Card H.
Oct 19, 2015
No, unfortunately you cannot purchase this card in a store. You need to visit a local Chase branch and you will leave with a fully functional card. Take into account that a $25 initial load is necessary. You can find a branch near you at
50 Votes 56 6

Are you eligible for this card if you are in the ChexSystems?

Photo of Card H.
Sep 26, 2015
ChexSystems is the bank-account equivalent of a credit report. It only reflects your history using checking and savings accounts and only impacts your ability to get a new bank account. The information on your TransUnion, Experian and Equifax credit reports, which serves as the basis for your credit score, is what impacts your ability to get a credit card.

For more info, check out CardHub’s Guide to Getting A Credit Card ( as well as our sister site WalletHub’s article on ChexSystems (
40 Votes 58 18
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1,702 reviews
Photo of Creach C.
Jul 27, 2016
I have this card and I do love it. However, I'm having a contract trip to Africa and was curious if this card can still be use there or only in the US?
Photo of Kimberly S.
Jul 21, 2016
People just buy the hype. Check deeper into the accounts and how easily they are accessed. I am a Programmer it ain't hard to break that one.
Photo of Debra F.
Jun 20, 2016
It all sounds great to me
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Some cashing check places offers prepaid reload cards not worth it .
Get the liquid is fast convenience and 4.95 a month that's nothing and it's super convenient .
Photo of Caitlyn W.
Jun 19, 2016
I live at Grant. Al and i couldn't find the card any where. What do you advice?
Photo of Tony S.
Jan 20, 2016
I've had this card for almost 3 years now and have had no issues at all. So they charge $4.95 a month, big deal. The flexibility and customer service I receive are worth it. Plus the fact that I can get documents notarized for free at my local branch because I have this account when needed is great. On top of that, they've started using the security chip on the card as well. I'll take this card over any other prepaid card any day.
Photo of Alexandria S.
Jan 11, 2016
I have it my husband got it also and we love it. I have had no problems the use is easy, everything is explained up front . I had unauthorized purchases and they called, texted and emailed as soon as it happened
Photo of John V.
Dec 20, 2015
Some how I got a negative balance on this chase liquid and they put me on checksystem wtf prepaid card supose to prevent u from using money j don't have of getting a nsf
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Always make sure if your balances. It's your job not the bank itself .
Have control of your finances. .
Photo of LaTrisha L.
Dec 17, 2015
I like what everyone is saying about the card what I have read but your company needs to put what location have this card at so people can get it
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Every chase branch bring only 2 id and the 25 dollars to open it
Photo of Terri H.
Nov 5, 2015
The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card sounds like a great option if you are not able to get your own checking account. When you compare this to a normal bank I am not charged a monthly fee to put money in the bank where as this card charges you $4.95 a month. Now, I do like that the $4.95 is waived if it is linked to a qualifying checking account. I would use this for my kid in emergency situations. This is not a credit card, so, the only money that will be on it is the money that you put on it. A good thing about this card is that more
Photo of Michael C.
Aug 19, 2015
The Chase Liquid Prepaid card is a decent card but there are definitely better options. For example, the Bank of America Cashpay Visa Card will be eliminating their monthly fees at the end of August while this has a $4.95 cost. I also notice that compared to some other large banks, Chase is not as convenient for withdrawals or deposits because the number of locations is less.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Bank of America tricky bank ! Had it and closed it .
Photo of Linda C.
Jun 7, 2016
It is also hard on some, I would have to drive 45min just to get the card because of locations and they will not let me get it on line
Photo of Shannypoo M.
Jul 9, 2015
The card is ok minus the fact that I can't use it to make a payment to my Chase automobile account. If I have a liquid checking account with Chase and a vehicle loan through Chase it doesn't make sense that I can' use my bank account to make my car payment...Same bank...
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Yes ! But you can go to the branch and ask for a cashier check and Mail the payment
Photo of April G.
May 21, 2015
The Chase Liquid Prepaid card is an OK card. I had to go into the local Chase branch to set it up and they make it like its a checking account to set it up, but you dont get a credit check ran on you. I dont like the fees per month either and the fact that you have deposit $25. There are other cards that do just the same and you dont have to put any certain amount on at once. It is what it is, just a typical pre-paid card.
Photo of Dee M.
Nov 16, 2015
This is the answer that I needed, because I used to have an account with Chase and owe them money, so I figured that they would have declined me in getting this card, but I do miss having Chase & I would most definitely go in to get this card
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
True but hidden fees ! I have the excella card and it's kind of confusing they don't post the transaction on time and it might get you confuse when you ge the message that your balance is $1.15
Photo of Charles T.
May 4, 2015
Chase has always been a good company to me and fair. I have a Chase credit card and have never had an issue. I also use Prepaid cards to do online shopping so that my bank account is safe and secure. I am not to happy about the e$4.95 monthly fee but it is a good company so I can over look that. I also use my prepaid to pay for new local stores that pop up in my town as you never know when some your info might go missing. I love that it has direct deposit because with most direct deposits you can have a percentage go to more
Photo of Tommy C.
Apr 20, 2015
I like that you are able to sign your direct deposit up to this card as well as use the card to make payments for bills or purchases just like regular credit card. I do not like that there is a $4.95 monthly fee unless you have it connected to a checking account and do not like that there is a $2 ATM transaction fee when there are no "Chase" ATM's available.
Photo of Patty G.
Apr 1, 2015
I like the Chase Liquid Prepaid card because it is a Visa so it can be accepted pretty much anywhere. Also the card can be linked to a Chase account which is super convenient especially for me since I have been a Chase customer for so long. The zero liability protection is an awesome added benefit as well because not every prepaid card offers this.The only disadvantage I see is the $2 ATM fee and the monthly service fee if you don't have a Chase account. My current prepaid card Netspend does not charge a monthly service fee but its ATM fees are similar to the Chase Liquid Prepaid. Also more
Photo of Jessica B.
Mar 16, 2015
This card is a great option for folks who aren't ready to open a checking account, but would like a way to pay bills online and shop with a card instead of cash. The backing of Chase bank means you get the protection of Zero Liability for any unauthorized card transactions and you can reload the Chase Liquid Prepaid Card at Chase banks and Chase ATM's. The $4.95 monthly fee is lower than other Prepaid cards like the READYdebit Visa and will be waived when you are ready to open a qualified checking account with Chase. The only drawback is the $2 ATM transaction fee. Make sure you plan ahead more
Photo of Amanda G.
Mar 2, 2015
I actually owned this card when it first surfaced into the bank market. I really needed to build some credit for myself and figured prepaid was the way to go. My family uses chase so I figured I would give them a try. I signed up for the Chase Liquid Prepaid Card more as a last resort to help my credit. The monthly fee for me was a killer especially because I had to pay a two dollar transaction fee every time I went to get some money. I kept with it for a few months but after awhile I just closed it and moved on. Although it didn't work more
Photo of Brandon O.
Mar 14, 2015
Well, I typically mind my own business with blogs and reviews but I HAVE to comment here. I am one of those people who owes a bank from old overdrafts (embarrassing) a few years ago. I have not been able to open a regular checking account since. Lets be real here everyone, I think the comments throughout these reviews regarding a 4.95 monthly fee being too high is outrageous. For 4.95, those of us with bad bank history that need an account for DD, branch check deposits, ATM (with no fees), and he use of your Visa EVERYWHERE are getting quite the deal. Not only that, but who cares if more
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
This card won't help rebuild your credit history it won't show in credit reports not even if you have a million dollar in it
Photo of Kyle T.
Feb 12, 2015
Compared to similar cards like the American Express Bluebird prepaid card and others the Chase Liquid Prepaid card's qualifications seems a tad "stiff".
A monthly fee of almost $5.00 plus a $2.00 a pop ATM Transaction fee?
Of course the way around that is to get your cash back when making a purchase.
The Zero Liability Protection and the ability to pay bills online is a nice bonus, but isn't that pretty much standard issue now?
Actually a lot of the bonuses they tout are pretty much standard fare with cards now days.
I don’t know of anyone that charges you for customer support anymore.
If they ever did. more
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
There's no atm fee at chase atm they only charge you if you take money out of an atm not chase own. And all the debit cards charge you if you don't use the same bank that issue any card prepaid or not
Photo of Justin L.
Feb 11, 2015
I've had my over two years to build bank credit so I could get a real account. Was told after one year of using them I would be Albe to upgrade . I havnt Ben allowed to and when I ask why they say " I DONT KNOW" me personally I believe it's bc they make 120$ a year from fees and when I take my money out at a atm ( there atm) I am charged also. This is a scam to charge you to use to your own cash. I left here and went to wells Fargo. Have same kinda build credit account but no fee or atm charge.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
In New York there's not that many Wells Fargo branches so if you use the card in other bank there will be fees to be paid no matter what and no liquid card won't help you build credit history it bank trust
Photo of Mirelys P.
Feb 2, 2015
This card is good, if you have no credit or owe banks money because of over draft fees and they won't give you a card. It is VISA so you will probably be able to use it anywhere cards are accepted, unlike AMEX prepaid cards. But the $4.95 monthly fee is terrible, I personally wouldn't. You can find similar VISA cards, with the same benefits, and with no monthly fee. I also dislike the linking of your debit card to the prepaid card, it makes me uncomfortable. The only good thing is that Chase does have many ATMs and you'll probably never pay any fees on that. They also have more
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
4.95 a month ?
Not bad I think we spend more money if fancy coffe at Starbucks lol
Photo of Robin A.
Jan 21, 2015
Although I don't like monthly fees. It sure beats putting your money into a regular account where they charge you $35/day if you accidentally overdraft and that is per domino. People aren't perfect, and I'd rather know where my money is going and they also offer directdeposit. Other money cards make you pay just to load money on the card and charge you per use and a monthly fee
Photo of Shelley L.
Jan 14, 2015
The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card is another product designed to separate you from your money. While we all know that credit cards are bad for us, at least a regular card does not rip you for monthly fees! Not so here. While they generously allow some free fees, as shown above, I note that it's a $4.95 monthly fee and a $2 ATM transaction fee. So let's say you use this card for one year, and, conservatively, use an ATM twice per month. That bumps your monthly fee to $8.95. Use that for a year and you've dropped a whopping $107.40! I don't know about you, but to me, that more
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
There's no fee to take money out of chase atms . Ever
Photo of Luis B.
Dec 23, 2014
Unlike the American Express Bluebird prepaid card, this card has a monthly service fee of $4.95, which I really don't like, but the fee is waived when linked to a qualifying checking account. Since this card is a Visa, it would be accepted almost everywhere. The Bluebird is only accepted where American Express is accepted, which is limiting. Initial load of the card is only $25, which is nice and low. Reloading looks easy.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
And do you Know that american express prepaid its not fdic secure?
Chase liquid protect you up to 250,000
Photo of Charity T.
Nov 27, 2014
This card has a rather high monthly fee in relation to other comparable cards. You can link to a checking account to have the fee waived but then what you basically have is a debit card, which is available from most banks for no monthly fee. There is no activation fee, and no cancellation fee, which is a plus and they do offer a direct deposit option. If you have poor credit this card might be helpful in rebuilding your credit score. Otherwise, I would pursue other options that do not charge a monthly fee.
Photo of Troy S.
Nov 10, 2014
This is not a card that I would get or use. Don't get me wrong, if you want the convenience of a credit card but have trouble getting one due to your credit rating, or if you just don't like the idea of owing money and paying interest, a prepaid credit card is the way to go. At first glance with the free activation and free transactions this would be a good card to get, however, the $4.95 monthly fee seems excessive when other cards have none.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Theres no ducha thing as none fee. Trust me . All cards have a fee or even at atm if you use a none branch ATM
Photo of Chris K.
Oct 7, 2014
The Chase Liquid prepaid card is overall a great way to put your cash into something that you can use to make electronic purchases. That can help a lot if you don't have a bank account and do not want to walk around with a bunch of cash on hand all the time. Compared to other prepaid cards I have had in the past, I like the fact that there is no activation fee for the Chase Liquid. I do not like, however, the fact that there's a monthly fee and a fee every time you use it at a non-Chase atm.
Photo of Yasmina R.
Sep 19, 2014
Chase Liquid Prepaid card has very attractive features and makes it great for people who want to rebuild or build their credit. You can open it with only $25 dollars and use it to make your purchases.I use this card to avoid the low balance fee of $15 in my bank account when its low. The Liquid Chase charges only $4.95 a month so it is more of an option in emergency situations. Think about the Chase Liquid prepaid before trying any other prepaid cards that could be fraudulent. Chase can offer you zero liability protection for any unauthorized transactions and is accepted almost everywhere.
I recommend it highly.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
This card won't help with credit or banks history
Read the card rules and regulations.
Photo of Jimmy L.
Aug 11, 2014
Excellent card option, I was a first time card user when I first picked up this card and was amazed how helpful the staff were whenever I had a question or issue The Chase staff will always be around to help you if you need it, they actually service the customer unlike most other companies nowadays. Just be logical and pay your monthly bill and everything will be fine. You wont regret getting this card.
Photo of Jackie L.
Jul 28, 2014
The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card is a good option for someone who has a variable income or inconsistent paychecks. The monthly fee of $4.95 is not that great when it comes to credit cards, especially secured credit cards such as this one. My secured credit card with Bank of America has a $25/yr fee. However, when you compare it to the monthly charges that Bank of America charges on their Checking Accounts , which is $15.00 when you have a low balance, this is a great alternative. I would recommend this type of card to someone who wants to build their credit and can't get approved for un-secured credit cards. more
Photo of Ian H.
Aug 13, 2014
The Liquid card doesn't build credit, nor is it a secured credit card - it's a prepaid debit card, powered by a bank.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
This car is prepaid it won't rebuilt credit is a debit card anyways why many people here call it a credit card I don't know
Photo of Danielle O.
Jul 18, 2014
The Chase Liquid is a great prepaid card with a reasonably monthly fee of $4.95 and I like the fact that the fee can be waived when linking to a checking account. Why would you not get this card? The fact that this card is associated with one of the most reputable banks in the country is another huge plus, and the direct deposit feature is great. Would highly recommend this card if you decide to go the prepaid route.
Photo of Caitlyn Z.
Jul 3, 2014
I really like the fact that the Chase Liquid pre-paid card allows for direct deposit, so I can get my paycheck automatically put on the card to spend right away. It does however annoy me a little bit that there is a $4.95 a month monthly service fee, since many cards like debit cards allow for no monthly fee if you have a direct deposit. I already have a Chase checking account that I opened recently, and just found out that when you link a chase checking account the $4.95 fee can be waived. So if you can do that, then this card is worth it! I know this works more
Photo of Danny L.
Jun 18, 2014
Because this is the best prepaid card that I've been searching for.
But I really don't like those other prepaid cards because they have some fees like reload, withdraw & replacement.
Photo of DCore O.
Feb 12, 2016
Yes this is the best card
Photo of Anthony C.
Jun 14, 2014
If you have gone through some crap and your credit sucks and can't obtain a regular checking or savings, this card will get you through it! There are Chase branches all over Las Vegas and I have yet to be disappointed with this card! The branch manager helped me sign up for mine and also let me in on a little secret.... After 6 months they review your account activity and decide whether or not they would like to invite you to open a regular account and help you get back to where you want to be... Blows my mind that such a large bank is willing to give us more
Photo of Kymberli C.
Jul 1, 2014
Thanks Anthony,
Seems like you were reading my mind.
Photo of Cynamin K.
Jun 10, 2014
The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card is a good card for anyone who doesn't have a checking account and unable to have a debit card. There are some great features to this card such as the direct deposit and the no cancellation fee. However, the downside to this card would be the monthly service fee of $4.95 waived if which is a bit high I think. The only way to waive the fee would be if you linked the card to a qualifying checking account.
Photo of Bianca H.
Jun 4, 2014
I only got this card because I was unable to open a checking or savings account anywhere else. You can't do ACH debits from this, but you do have a routing number and account number to receive deposits, just as you would a bank account. You can't transfer from it though which I have found to be very inconvenient.
Photo of Kymberli C.
Jul 1, 2014
Good points Bianca.....and I do lots of ACH debits as well transfers.
Photo of Lynn R.
May 14, 2014
The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card offers many of the same features that other Prepaid Cards offer like no activation fee or ATM fees (in network). The $4.95 monthly fee is much higher than that of the AMEX Serve Card which is $1.00. The monthly fee is waived with AMEX if you have any account direct deposited into it. The AMEX Serve Card also offers the AMEX Fraud Protection and Purchase Protection as well as other AMEX Cardhlder benfits. The Chase Card offers reloads by direct deposit only while AMEX Serve offers reloads free at Wal-Mart, CVS, and Seven Eleven stores too. The Chase Card does offer benefits over other Prepaid more
Photo of Andrew M.
Oct 5, 2014
Chase Liquid can be reloaded for free at any Chase ATM.
Photo of Daryl A.
Apr 18, 2014
While the Chase Liquid Prepaid Card has a slighty higher monthly fee, $4.95, it offsets that by allowing you to use any chase atm without any transaction fee. I personally use the atm often so not having to pay a fee every time saves me quite a bit each month. Also they have no cancellation fees and they have a direct deposit option. These are all things you look for in a prepaid card. The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card is the perfect solution if you're unable to get a checking account for one reason or another.
Photo of Ja B.
Mar 26, 2014
I really like this card. The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card seems like a terrific deal! No activation Fees, Transaction Fees, Cancellation Fees, etc., is great. I really like the free Live Customer Support feature too. The $4.95 monthly fee is the only thing that I don't like about this card. I've seen other Prepaid cards like the Prepaid Visa Net Spend Card, which charges a $5.95 Inactivity Fee, up to $2.00 Transaction Fees, depending on whether you sign for purchases or use a PIN and up to a $9.95 monthly fee, depending on which plan you have with them. The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card seems to be the way to go!
Photo of Bryant M.
Mar 12, 2014
This card seems like a great deal. The only draw back that I can see is the $4.95 monthly fee. However, if you have a checking account, it's waived, which is definitely a plus. The cash back offer for online buys is a great positive. While I'm normally adverse to prepaid cards, since they require you to constantly add money, this card seems like the positives greatly outnumber the negatives of the card. Other cards don't allow you to waive the monthly fee, if they have one, also, some other prepaid cards aren't backed by such a strong bank. Compared to other cards I've had, this one seems like one more
Photo of Dawn A.
Mar 3, 2014
The monthly fee makes this card very unappealing. You can tie it to a checking account to avoid the monthly fee, but then you essentially just have a normal debit card. Commerce Bank offers a similar card, called the My Spending card, that only charges a 1 time activation fee of $5.95. Since the Commerce Bank card has no monthly fees, it is a great way to keep spending money separate from a checking account that is used to pay bills.
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