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United MileagePlus® Explorer Card’s Rewards

30,000 miles
Base Earn
1 mile / $1
Max Earn
2 miles / $1
  • Start with 30,000 bonus miles after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening
  • Check your first bag for free - save up to $100 per roundtrip
  • Enjoy priority boarding privileges and visit the United Club with two one-time-use passes every year
  • Earn double miles on tickets purchased from United, and 1 mile per $1 on all other purchases
  • Your miles don't expire as long as your credit card account is open, with no limit to the number of miles you can earn
  • Use your miles for any seat, any time, on any United flight
  • Earn 10,000 bonus miles every calendar year you spend at least $25,000 in net purchases on your card.
  • Earn 5,000 additional bonus miles after you make a card purchase and add an authorized user to your account during your first 3 months as a cardmember.
  • Stay in style with room upgrades, complimentary daily breakfast for two, early check-in, late checkout and other amenities at more than 900 luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

United MileagePlus® Explorer Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
Not Offered
Transfer Intro APR
Not Offered
Regular APR
16.24% - 23.24% (V)
  • ANNUAL FEE None 1st yr, $95 after
    5% (min $5)

United MileagePlus® Explorer Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $37
  • GRACE PERIOD   21 days
    25.24% (V)
    5% (min $10)
  • SMART CHIP   Yes, chip-and-signature
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $0 intro annual fee for the first year, then $95
  • Benefits: Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Purchase Protection, Price Protection, Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance, Trip Delay Reimbursement, Lost Luggage Reimbursement and Baggage Delay Insurance.

Customer Questions and Answers

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anyone know if I have to live in the USA to be approved for this card? I travel on United all the time, but live in Australia.

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Hey Won Buddy Lee I'd really love to get your thoughts on this card, since you seem to be the resident airline credit card expert!

Photo of Won L.
Apr 20, 2012
sorry joe! I don't have this card, so i cannot comment on it. I don't fly united (nor continental before merger), so this card wasn't much of benefit for me. Sorry!
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how do I Use my two free club passes, will I get a paper "pass" or show my MP Explorer card?

Photo of Card H.
Mar 9, 2013
I would call their customer service line at 1-800-432-3117. They should be able to tell you how to claim your club passes.
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Customer Reviews

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3.7 out of 5

582 reviews
Photo of Leila M.
May 15, 2016
This card cost me over $60 after a merchant double billed me. Unlike great cards like Discover, they would not take up the dispute because it was not posted in 60 days. They made no effort, kept me on hold forever and basically said tough luck. Discover on the other hand will take up a dispute anytime and make sure it is investigated without any bureaucracy or hesitancy. I closed my United account. The customer service was also horrible as they always kept me waiting for inordinate amounts of time
Photo of Daniel L.
May 3, 2016
What is the point of having miles and then you book a rewards flight upgrade only to be told at the gate you did not get the upgrade? This is a really terrible system. Flying with BA or Virgin if you book an upgrade you get it. I will be taking my business elsewhere it really is a waste of time.
Photo of LJ D.
Feb 5, 2016
I signed up for this card based on a 50,000 mile offer if I spent $3,000 within the first three months. To my surprise I got a letter after already nearing that limit in the first month (I have five kids) which stated that I was not eligible for the promotion.

The very promotion that enticed me to sign up for the card. This is known as fraud. I was fraudulently induced into signing up for a credit card, which I then set up for all my auto bill pays and such. I would not have signed up for this card absent the bonus, so I cancelled it today after the more
Photo of Ann G.
Jan 29, 2016
Chase will charge you interest on the membership fee just after they post it to your account and that is during your billing cycle! so FEES on FEES! disguised scam, and I am sure they put it in the tiny lines nobody reads.
Photo of Ron F.
Nov 30, 2015
If your flight originates with a United partner airline (Eg Star Alliance or code share) you will not get the free baggage allowance. You will pay.
Photo of Bridal K.
Nov 22, 2015
I have 2 cards. I'm primary on one and secondary account holder on another. Was so disappointing with not having priority boarding and paying second time this month for checked bag. Not worth to pay 95$ annual fee and not have any advantage of that. It's plenty of other credit card around. Will cancel them.
Photo of Peacenow P.
Jul 30, 2015
Chase Visa will not protect you from unscrupulous internet sellers. Extremely indifferent to law breaking internet scams. They'd rather support scammers than their card customers.
Photo of Kevin H.
Jun 22, 2015
I signed up from United.com after seeing the ad. Got instant approval. Clicked pay for my flight. Error. And that's where the fun starts. Called United's customer service and wait an hour. They say I can't pay using the card since I don't already have it (the ad on United's website says you can pay and use it right away). They send me to Chase's card assistance. Which in turn sends me to Chase's customer service. I finally learn that I've been charged for the full value of the flight without actually getting my flight. Now I have to call United back and wait another hour.

Thanks guys. more
Photo of Melanie P.
Jun 9, 2015
I used my card for car rental in UK. Ithe car was damaged - trying to get them to pay out is a nightmare. I have sent 30 pieces of documentation to date and am still waiting. They keep asking for more, yet debited my credit card immediately. Don't use this card for international rentals.
Photo of Patty C.
Jun 1, 2015
I have made 2 trips using my United Airlines Explorer card. Both trips I had to fight to get one bag checked free even though that is the terms of the card. Also forget about Priority Bosrding. Not happening! Trying to get a refund from United Airlines for $50 for first bag checked has been impossible. Web site not accepting information. Tried 3 times. Took 8 calls to corporate offices to finally connect with a name I pulled off Google. Still no word. We will be avoiding this airline going forward and cancelled the card yesterday saving $95 of agony down the road. Your rating system should include taking away stats!
Photo of Kyle C.
May 22, 2015
This was my first high limit credit card and it has been a life-saver. I was interested in going with the United Mileage Plus Explorer’s Card for a few reasons. First, the card is done in partnership with my bank, Chase, which boosts it’s credibility and familiarity. Also, it is a Visa that is done through United Airlines. I travel to and from Europe and this card has come in handy with some of my expenses. The APR is very reasonable and the mileage point/rewards are great!
Photo of Turk S.
Apr 25, 2015
I initially got this card to receive airiline miles to use on United when traveling frequently. The bonus points and and perks that came with card were worth it for the first year, and I saved a ton with no baggage fees. Now that I travel less internationally, I fine it is not as worth it to pay the $95 annual fee for the one time a year I travel internationally. There are other reqard programs that are just as good or better and you are not limited to only using United airlines.
Photo of Nora G.
Mar 16, 2015
I got this card for the benefits with United and it's definitely been great for that. The premier boarding was very useful before I got status and free bags definitely make a difference for family trips. I love that they added the free foreign transactions feature since it's the only card I have that offers that. Getting Untied Club passes once a year is not bad either even though I usually find my experience at the clubs not so great. Haven't had any major issues with them at all.
Photo of Jessica E.
Jan 22, 2015
Would give them 0 stars if I could. Worst credit card company ever! Paid a credit card bill and they claimed they never received the payment checked with the bank and check was cashed. They would call me every 30 minutes starting at 8 am and would end at 8 pm.
Photo of Patricia J.
Dec 17, 2014
This is a great card for frequent travelers. The points accumulate quickly and you can use them for hotel stays and rental cars as well. There is also a nice bonus of 50,000 points when you sign up. The rates are reasonable although not as good as some other cards. Overall I am quite pleased with this card.
Photo of Ruth B.
Dec 16, 2014
When I signed up for this card it gave a bonus of 50,000 miles. I have used this card for several years and have found the miles useful for our travel, although I have other credit cards that offer better miles and double miles for every dollar spent. Overall, I have been pleased.
Photo of Joe K.
Nov 10, 2014
I signed up for this card with a 50,000 mile offer bonus. We also took a flight with United, so my wife and I got free baggage checks, saving $100 roundtrip! I signed up for this card with a 50,000 mile offer bonus, but 30,000 is still pretty good.
Photo of Daniel C.
Oct 15, 2014
Don't fall for the credit card scam. Why they haven't been sued or prosecuted is beyond me. They get you to sign up for their United Airlines credit card card by promising that your baggage fees will be waived if you use your card when buying your tickets. When you get to the airport there is no record and they act like they have no knowledge of the program. So you have to pay the fees. When you complain after the fact they play dumb and you get a run around. When you file a credit card dispute, they lie, play dumb (something they do quite well) again and you more
Photo of Nick S.
Feb 24, 2015
This is why I print out the itinerary and/or boarding pass, making sure the ''baggage fees will be waived'' portion can be easily read.
Photo of Patrick S.
Aug 24, 2014
they are stupid and do not listen. i have written the most insulting emails and they do not respond. the service suck and they suck.
Photo of David D.
Sep 29, 2014
Perhaps they don't reply BECAUSE your emails are insulting !!
Photo of Sue B.
Aug 24, 2014
I am not sure I am thrilled with this card at all. I thought it would be a good one giving me 30, 000 miles after spending only 1,000 dollars the first 3 months of use. But now, when they say i have enough miles for a free RT ticket.......when i go to book, it says that there are no flights available.....not sure how they can state use your miles on ANY united flight without restrictions!!! WHAT??? think this card is a big mistake!!!
Photo of David D.
Sep 29, 2014
Have you tried Customer Services?
Photo of Lisa F.
Aug 11, 2014
Would I qualify for a United Explorer card with a Fico score of 700? I received an invitation only offer since Ive booked 4 trips with them to travel between Oct and Jan...
Photo of Card H.
Aug 18, 2014
Your credit score seems to be close to the “acceptable range”, however, no one can tell you for sure whether a FICO of 700 is sufficient to garner approval. The reason for that is because while your credit standing is a very important factor it’s not the only one. There are other variables that may play a role such as outstanding debts, your job status and income. Since you were already preapproved my personal assessment is that you have a good chance of getting approved for the card if you apply.
Photo of Daniel W.
May 8, 2014
I've been very happy with the MileagePlus Explorer card. While I haven't had the opportunity to use the free one-time club passes that cardholders receive annually, the free checked bag benefit is great, and if you fly United even a few times a year you can recoup your annual fee on that alone. The best part about the card, though, is the miles you earn. First, the initial bonus for getting and using the card is generous and gives you a great head start. The miles also add up quickly with purchases, though, and I try to use the card as much as possible to earn more miles, including the more
Photo of Christiana T.
Apr 3, 2014
I absolutely love this credit card. The miles that you can earn are amazing. Within the first three months I received the bonus 30,000 miles and I am planning a trip to Asia very soon thanks to it! The only downside for me is the annual fee of almost $100. However, this is easily overshadowed by the cool perks (free checked bag, United Club passes, etc.). I would definitely recommend this card to any traveler or anyone who flies.
Photo of Hal P.
Mar 26, 2014
I have been able to accrue a lot of FF miles by using this card. Mileage Plus is an excellent rewards program with lots of opportunities to earn extra miles using this card. I only give it 4 stars instead of 5 because recently United has started to limit the opportunities to book flights with Award Miles that don't involve more than one stop or ridiculous itineraries.
Photo of Evan P.
Mar 26, 2014
Thanks to this card I got a really nice hotel room in Chicago using the points I had built up. The points earned are fair. This is a great card for travelers. This card along with my CapOne Venture card are my go to when I'm traveling abroad. Also, the United club passes are really cool. Unlike my other credit cards this one has more features than any of the others. I would highly recommend this card to frequent travelers!
Photo of Jim L.
Feb 6, 2014
I really enjoy having this United card because I frequently have to check bags. On one occasion, I was taking my girlfriend on a trip to see her parents and decided to use my United club passes. She really enjoyed the United club and I felt great because this is something that was free with the card. The benefits of this card, as a frequent United flyer, are great and I highly recommend this card, or the other versions for more frequent flyers.
Photo of Sarah M.
Feb 6, 2014
I got my MileagePlus card to use for a big travel purchase – plane tickets out of the country for myself and 3 of my friends. That initial purchase qualified me for 30,000 bonus miles and over 5,000 miles for my ticket purchase since it was also through United. This was enough to get an additional round trip flight for free, from this purchase alone. I have considered dropping the card after the first year so that I don’t have to pay the annual fee starting in August. I may reconsider, so long as I am still a frequent traveler. The first bag free policy has been wonderful. I could more
Photo of Peter C.
Jan 26, 2014
Terrible Customer Appreciation
When i tried to book a trip with reward miles for my partner and I they would not put us on the same plane even though the plan was barely booked. They stink and as far as I'm concerned their mile program is a scam. When i called Chase they would not help me. I cancelled my cards with Chase
Photo of DonnaRose D.
Dec 5, 2013
I think that this card has the most benefits compared to any other credit card out there that offers travel miles. After you spend $1000 you get 30,000 miles and if you add say your husband or significant other to the account 5,000 miles is added immediately. There are no restrictions in regard to where you can fly as long as you fly through United Airlines. As it turns out 35,000 miles is enough for a roundtrip ticket from Portland to Panama City. So I would definitely recommend this card for those budget travelers out there. It is awesome!
Photo of Shawn P.
Nov 24, 2013
The United MileagePlus Explorer Card from Chase, is the least expensive credit card branded by the airline, and it has so many great benefits and perks that is worth getting for any one that flies United. The card’s $95 annual fee, interest rate and rewards program are in line with the industry standard. The Card’s more best features are priority boarding privileges, free United Club passes per year and free checked bags. You can take advantage of all the card’s benefits if you do not mind paying the annual fee BUT the benefits far outweigh the fee so it is worth the cost.
Photo of John W.
Aug 29, 2013
Rewards cards can be great if you use them to their full benefit and my United MileagePlus is no exception. I applied for this card after it became apparent to me that I was going to be traveling a few times a year for business and vacation. One of the perks of this card is that you get priority boarding when waiting for your flight. This may seem like a trivial perk, but after going through security and waiting at the airport you just want to get on your plane and not be hassled. This card allows me to do just that. The rewards points are competitive with other cards more
Photo of Shayla G.
Mar 1, 2013
The United Mileage Plus Explorer card is a great airline credit card offering many benefits. I always earn miles when I fly on United and get miles even for my daily spending and this has at times reduced the cost of my United flights. Spending $1,000 in the first three months after signing up made me entitled to 30,000 bonus miles straight away. If you buy your United Air tickets directly from the airline or through their website, you will earn 2 miles for every $1 that you spend. You also earn 1 mile for every dollar you spend while making purchases with your card. Their annual fee is waived more
Photo of Michael D.
Mar 1, 2013
First off, the fee on this card is a little on the high side but with Rewards cards it's always best to weigh up the fee against the benefits you'll receive from using it and in my case it's certainly worth the investment. I do a lot of domestic flying and the fact you can use your miles on basically any United flight without restrictions is really handy. The fees are a little on the high side when compared to others so it's best to pay back what you owe asap though the staff on the end of the phone are generally very helpful. Really good card for it's intended more
Photo of John J.
Feb 21, 2013
I have had my United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Card for quite a few years now. I do a lot of travelling for my job, so I thought it would only be smart to get a card that I can get rewards for. I use it everywhere to get rewards. I also always use it to book my flights for work, which are often and usually expensive. My job reimburses me for my flights, so I am able to charge it and get the rewards still. This allows me to save a lot of money when it comes to vacation time. Overall I am happy with this card. The couple times more
Photo of Carrie S.
Feb 11, 2013
I got this card because I was frequently flying and wanted more ways to save up miles. But now that I'm unemployed, I just have a credit card bill and not enough miles to use for anything. Chase is a good company as far as communication goes -- they give me plenty of notice about billing, for example. Beyond the fact that I believe their maintenance fees are a little high, I don't have any problems with this credit card. I simply can't use it anymore for the purpose I originally got it, so it's just another credit account at this point.
Photo of Madelene B.
Feb 11, 2013
I’ve had a United Mileage Plus card for the past 5 years or so and it is by far my go to credit card. I was a little skeptical about get a credit card that gave you airline mileage points because it takes so long to accrue a significant amount of points. I was wrong. Within 2 months I had already spent a couple thousand dollars on the mileage plus card. You gain 1 mile per dollar that you spend. From the day that I picked up the card, we have taken several family vacation and paid zero dollars for air fare. Considering the fact that the average domestic flight more
Photo of Kit L.
Feb 11, 2013
I originally got this card because I wanted to transfer money from a high interest credit card to a card with a 0% balance deal. I was able to transfer $3,000 for a 12 months no interest deal. As an added bonus, I got 30,000 miles on United airlines after I spent $1,000. (I spent the money on Christmas shopping). So I wound up with $4,000 in debt. But, I got a free ticket on an airline and set up paying the card back $400 a month before my interest ran out. I cancelled the card once I paid it back and avoided the annual $95 fee. So I feel more
Photo of Bbqphx T.
Feb 8, 2013
I am lukewarm about this card. Not unlike other reviewers, I have found it a bit of a challenge at times to use my reward miles. More often than not, dates are blacked out for no apparent reason such as holidays or special events. If you do by chance find a range of dates that actually qualify for use with the rewards program, the fees charged add up and you don’t really end up saving as much as you’d hope. Whatever happened to a truly free ticket rewarding you for your business? I guess those days are long gone, unfortunately.
Photo of Amy S.
Dec 20, 2012
This card is the BIGGEST SCAM ever! I have so many points with them and they will never be able to get used. There is always some excuse! This time they say there is no room for a Mileage Plus person on that day. Well I just made my real reservation with cash and there seemed to be plenty of room! I would recommend staying clear of this company/card, go for the cash back on American Express. You can't go wrong with cash!
Photo of Michael J.
Nov 30, 2012
The United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Card si an okay rewards card. I hate cards that charge an annual fee but I guess that happens with rewards cards. In reality are the rewards ever worth it? I would say no but if I would say that the United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Card is one of the better cards to get if you want to save up miles. The interest rate is pretty decent and there are no hidden fees to have to deal with. After the first year you have to pay the annual fee and that's it. Customer service is easy to deal with and they actually know what they more
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