The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®

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Required Credit Score: Excellent
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The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®’s Rewards

40,000 miles
Base Earn
1 miles / $1
Max Earn
2 miles / $1
Earn / Redeem Limit
  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.*
  • First checked bag FREE on eligible bags for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways operated flights.
  • One companion certificate good for up to 2 guests to travel with you on a US Airways operated flight at $99 each, plus taxes and fees.
  • Priority boarding Zone 2 on US Airways operated flights.
  • Redeem miles for award travel on US Airways and American Airlines booked through or US Airways Reservations.
  • Earn miles on every purchase with 2 miles for every $1 you spend on US Airways and American Airlines purchases and 1 mile for every $1 on purchases everywhere else
  • NEW! Receive a 25% savings on eligible US Airways and American Airlines in-flight purchases

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®’s Key APRs & Fees

Intro Rate on Purchases
Not Offered
Intro Rate on Transfers
0% for 15 months
Regular Rate
15.99% - 24.99% (V)
  • ANNUAL FEE $89

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $35
  • MAX PENALTY APR   27.24% (V)
  • GRACE PERIOD   23 days
  • CASH ADVANCE RATE 25.24% (V)
  • CASH ADVANCE FEE 5% (min $10)
  • Based on creditworthiness, the Regular APR will be 15.99% or 19.99% or 24.99% (Variable).
  • Please see terms and conditions for complete details.
  • In order to take advantage of the 0% introductory APR on balance transfers you should submit your balance transfer request within 45 days of account opening.
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The US Airways Premier World MasterCard® Reviews

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Oct 2, 2014
Photo of Debbie H.
Was told in writing that my first checked bag would be free & also on tv. When I got to check in, the lady said that will $25.00 for your checked bag. I said, " no apparently you didn't get the memo about new offer." She said, " too bad, $25.00 or you don't fly." I paid because I had a plane to catch. That was PHL airport. I flew to Vegas. Coming home, I was not charged but my one companion, that should have free too, had to pay! Make up your mind & get it together!
Sep 9, 2014
Photo of Gwen C.
I and my wife had a us airways credit card. On August 7th my wife died. I called to inform the card company of her passing. My wife apparently was the primary card holder. No one told me that when I informed them of my wife's death my card would be canceled as well. No oven asked me if I wished to open my own account. Bottom line I was left without a card that I used for over 7 years.
I have now opened a credit card without Us airways and will go with southwest. I call this terrible customer service.
Aug 31, 2014
Photo of Lisa R.
hands down worst service in the industry. I travel weekly and they keep cancelling it for fraud alert EVEN WHEN I CALL THEM. the customer service is wretched. The entire fraud department needs to be fired. Oh, and the miles are only good on the worst possible times. I will be cancelling this card and going to any other company that can figure out how to treat their customers.
Aug 21, 2014
Photo of April M.
A friend primarily applied for and received the US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard because of the Annual Companion Certificate benefit good for up to two companion tickets at $99.00 USA each plus taxes and fees. When he applied for the Mastercard, US Airways provided him with information regarding the companion certificate, which stated that the certificate is valid for travel in the continental US or Canada with a purchase of a US Airways ticket. When he attempted to use the companion certificate for a round-trip flight originating in Vancouver and travelling to Phoenix, the agent was unable to book the ticket because the trip originates in Canada rather than in more
Mar 19, 2014
Photo of Tyler D.
I signed up for this card knowing that I would have a lot of travel on US Airways in the coming months. As long as you are flying with them frequently it is a great card and the perks/points you are receiving justify the annual fee. Unfortunately, I have found the $89 annual fee to be too high now that I am not flying with US Airways as often. I found the cancellation process to be more arduous than necessary. I will say I received great customer service when fraudulent or duplicate charges were made to the card. If you consistently travel on a US Airways route I would highly more
Nov 6, 2013
Photo of Shawn P.
The main reason I chose the US Airways Premier World MasterCard was to take advantage of its 30,000 initial signup bonus as well as the 2 annual companions tickets for $99.00. I have taken advantage of both of these benefits. I fly just enough to make the $89.00 annual fee worth paying so I could imagine those who fly more would like it just as well or better. With flights and travel expenses the way they are today, it would not be smart to take advantage of some of the ways to save and earn from the money you spend on it.
Aug 16, 2013
Photo of Philip S.
I love this card! It's my number one go-to card these days. I'm a traveler/adventurer/blogger and need to rack up miles as I go, and the Dividend Miles program is solid for me - especially since I'm in a U.S. Airways hub area. In my first couple months with the card I've already accrued over 10,000 miles (to go along with my 40,000 initial miles) and I was credited full mileage for a trip that I paid for with the $50 signup credit. I also love the fact that I get to board in Zone 2 for every U.S. Airways flight (and this works even if you don't pay for more
Apr 12, 2013
Photo of Lavina H.
I got this card because of all the travel I had been doing. I had been flying US Airways off and could be earning double miles, so I decided to take advantage of the mileage program. Now my experience with the US Airways Premier World MasterCard card is a little mixed. The plus was getting the initial bonus of 30,000 miles. But I was shocked to find they charged an annual fee because a lot of others around don't. I can't remember if they waived it the first year. I decided to go ahead with it because of my upcoming flights. My experience with customer service so far has been more
Mar 6, 2013
Photo of Kraig L.
This is what I was issued from my employer since I travel almost weekly these days. Work covers the annual fee and I can just use this for anything work-related. I have not purchased anything on a trip with this that would not be covered by work so I have not had issues yet. However, I can use the rewards points towards something I want for my self and then just reimburse work if I use this card for that. So it is a good deal. I don't really see how this card would be useful to most other people who don't travel a lot for work. It would have more
Jan 25, 2013
Photo of Mark W.
I got this card because I used to take lots of flights for work and by using this card I could get bonus points and benefits. At least once I was running late and there was a long security line. By showing this card I was able to get into the premiere line allowing me to get through security in time to make my flight. Once my job position changed I stopped flying as much, so by using this card I was still able to ensure that I didn't lose my points, which was very important to me since I had accrued a good deal that I hadn't yet been more
Jan 8, 2013
Photo of John D.
I decided to get this card on a trip about a year ago. A small purchase, and the card was mine, along with the sign on bonus miles. I rarely use this card now, as the interest rate isn't the best around, but for the small perks I do get, along with the bonus miles for just signing up and making a small purchase, it was worth the effort. The U.S. Airways Premier World Mastercard, is acceptable to some, and not to others. My experience with it was worth the effort, but I would suggest that everyone take the time to make sure that this is indeed a card that more
Dec 7, 2012
Photo of Brian S.
This card is absolutely horrible. They bother you non stop about upcoming payments they set the limit but allow at least a thousand dollars more than you limit (for us without self control). The biggest problem is I paid it off then immediately I received another charge which their customer service rep couldn't even explain. As far as plane tickets went it's not even worth it. You still have to pay baggage fees, you don't get to board early, and they hassle you about your companion airfare. Pass on this card it's just not worth it.
Sep 27, 2012
Photo of Ken N.
I can't complain about this card -- it's a nice balance of bonus miles, a reasonable interest rate, and good customer service when I've needed it. One of the bonuses of getting this card is the annual $99 flight voucher for a companion. If you're booking on USAirways, you can use this voucher to get a companion ticket for $99. We've had the opportunity to use this several times when vacationing or visiting friends. It's been a good money saver. And even though we don't fly a lot, we've been able to accrue enough points to secure some seat upgrades on occassion.
Sep 14, 2012
Photo of Lisa B.
This is a pretty good credit card. I initially signed up for it because of the bonus miles (It was at 40,000 when I got it) and I literally paid.59 cents for a piece of candy with it and I haven't used it since (I have the Venture One Card that is so much better in terms of miles) BUT the miles posted next month! So I got 40,000 miles for only.59 cents. I reaalllllyyy don't like the annual fee, but maybe it's worth it for the miles? So far I'm really happy with this card and I'm a frequent flyer so I recommend it! I'm surprised that the miles more
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