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walmart store card
Required Credit Score:
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Walmart® Store Card’s Rewards

10% discount
Base Earn
Max Earn
  • Save 10% on purchases when you open your account. Offer valid on purchases up to $250.
  • Save 3% on purchases, 2% on Murphy USA and Walmart gas and 1% at Walmart

Walmart® Store Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
0% for 6 - 12 months
Transfer Intro APR
Balance Transfers Not Allowed
Regular APR
23.15% (V)

Walmart® Store Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $35
  • GRACE PERIOD   23 days
  • Deferred Interest Details: No interest if paid in full in full within 6 months on any purchase of $150-$298.99, 12 months on any purchase of $299 or more
  • Receive your free monthly FICO® Score when you enroll in electronic statements online.
  • $0 Fraud Liability.
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Customer Questions and Answers

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Can they look up my credit card in the store?

Photo of Card H.
Dec 10, 2015
No, unfortunately they can’t look up your credit card info in order to complete a purchase without your card being present. Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.
7 Votes 17 10

My credit score is 642. Would I qualify for a card?

Photo of Card H.
Jun 16, 2016
Yes, you should be able to qualify for the Walmart Store Card with a credit score of 642. The minimum required credit score for this card is roughly 620, but of course, your income and existing debt obligations play an important role as well.
Best of luck!
5 Votes 8 3

Can I use the store card at a Walmart store in Canada even if the card was issued in the U.S.?

Photo of Card H.
Jun 9, 2016
Unfortunately not. This card can only be used at U.S. locations (unlike a normal Visa or MasterCard, for example). Sorry about that!
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3.5 out of 5

527 reviews
Photo of Heather C.
Jun 12, 2016
I've had my Credit card for almost 2 years..I charged almost max of my credit line and never missed a payment in 2 years and when I got a loan to pay off my credit card so we could use it for vacation for food and etc.. after the balance was paid off, they took the credit line away all except 200 and it was a large credit line and I'm not happy with Walmart. So basically you get punished if you pay off your debt! Not a Happy Customer!!!
Photo of Michael T.
Mar 1, 2016
I love walmart specialty. Thank you walmart
Photo of neemathis1
Feb 16, 2016
I applied for this card because i thought it would be a good idea to have a card at a place i shop at at least a couple times a week The online application was easy and quick and i got a instant approval of the amount 400 Since my credit score is not bad i thought the limit would of been higher but i figured over time i would get a increase. well that was a year and a half ago and i still haven't gotten one i use it all threw the month and pay it off at the end of the month and still nothing its a more
Photo of Debra G.
Apr 16, 2016
My card also started out as 400.00 within 6 mths it doubled, and every few mths in doubled, as you did I purchased paid off purchased paid off, in 7 years my credit limit is way up there,like I would ever spend that amount of money at walmart lol!!!
Photo of Brian G.
Jan 5, 2016
One of the best aspects of this card is that I can use it online and in-store. This gives me to flexibility on when and how I use the card. One added bonus, is that I get a 5 cent discount at any Walmart gas pump. I was unaware of this until I pulled up to a gas pump and saw the promotion on the pump.
Photo of Kristine M.
Jan 25, 2016
How do you use it online? Mine does not have an exp date or security code
Photo of Diane C.
Apr 5, 2016
Neither does mine !!! I can not use mine online because of that either !! How do you use it online ??
Photo of Linda P.
Dec 21, 2015
I have had a Walmart store card for several years and I am very happy with it. I can do everything online with this card. I can shop at with it. I can get my statements and pay them online. It has been very convenient. I also get a discount on gas when I pay at the pump with my Walmart card and when gas prices were higher, that was a big benefit. On the few occasions when I've had to do returns, it has been super easy even without a receipt because it's very easy for them to verify the purchase. I just try to keep this card more
Photo of Le M.
Dec 21, 2015
Though I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at costco, I often find I need gaps in my shopping filled, "I forgot ___", or "we ran out of ___" and I end up at walmart because it's so much closer. The APR is quite high (maybe not compared to most store cards, but definitely to my credit card!) so I make sure never to buy more than you can pay off at the cycle end, and you're golden. Plus the gas rewards are really helpful.
Photo of Christine L.
Dec 17, 2015
I like that this card allows me the freedom to buy in store and not to worry about keeping receipts because the information is all stream lined in one place. Returns are a breeze and locating orders is so easy. I have been very happy with the card and plan on using it in the future.
Photo of Ian G.
Dec 17, 2015
With a Walmart no more than a few miles from my home, this card is pretty convenient. The interest free purchases are pretty cool, but I think the regulations and bonuses for cash back or rebates could be a little better. You have to be a serious Walmart shopper, which I am not, to get the full usage out of this card. If this describes you, then you should sign up right away to start earning your rebates!
Photo of Archana M.
Dec 10, 2015
Let me tell you that this is one of the best cards to hold. The application process was very simple and I received the card within no time. This card gains you the facility of earning points on every purchase you make. However, the only disappointing thing is that the interest rates are quite high. In spite of your credit score being low, you can easily receive this card. As you keep gaining points on your purchases, you credit score keeps getting better. I suggest, go for it!!
Photo of Rajlaxmi R.
Dec 10, 2015
The application process is easy and quick.The card earn points every time you purchase.The interest rates are high if you have a credit balance for a longer time which can be avoided by clearing all the credits on a monthly basis.The card provide many reward programs and of course the point earned can be redeemed by either cash back or discount on the purchasing items.The customer service is good and really helpful.
Photo of Preeti T.
Dec 10, 2015
This is one of the best card i have. For me the most important thing is to apply the card conveniently and with wallmart card i never had any sort of problem. there is little bit extra they charge but it does not bother me. my credit history was not excellent still i got it easily. and everytime i go to gas station i get discount on this card. online shoping from this card is very easy for me. my credit history i feel is getting better with this card and i am pretty happy with this card. this is one perfect for me.
Photo of Collin K.
Dec 6, 2015
This was an easy card to obtain. They were just giving them away. The rewards aren't the best, and there are many different cards out there that would be more benifical to the average person. If you have a really low credit score, this could be the card for you. It can help you build up your credit a little bit. I would keep looking though, nothing to write home about.
Photo of Sybil J.
Dec 6, 2015
The card was very easy to apply for. I applied while waiting to check out after shopping and got an answer quickly. They also have a special right now where you get 35.00 off of your purchase 75.00 or over.
Photo of Justin I.
Dec 1, 2015
signed up to make one purchase at the beginning of the school year for my room in grad school because there was a promotion that I get 5$ back and wont be charged interest on it for 24 months. Thought this would be nice as I could just pay a little bit each month and have been doing so for the last three months. Only thing is now I just looked at my last statements and realized they have been charging me interest!!!(have only made that one purchase using card). I found this out because for the past three days I have been getting a call EVERDAYYYY from some automated more
Photo of Amanda J.
Nov 28, 2015
The worst card ever I'd give it a 0 star if that was a score
first: as soon as you pay it off and use it again they give you interest even when they say no interest for 12 months. I paid the card off ten days after my purchase and didn't use it for a month I still accrued interest and had to ask for my 25 dollars off. 2nd: instead of raising your limit which helps your credit they decrease it forcing your credit to drop. They said my credit score went down 6 months after I got the card I didn't ask for credit increase they took more
Photo of Debra G.
Apr 16, 2016
I would have called and worked this out with them, I had to make sure my no interest was on there 1 time ,it's possible cashier did not ring it in right,I have never had a issue other than when they switched banks, my payment did not make it, because it was made to other bank, it was taken care of promptly,the guy was very kind when I called in upset about this, and took care of it immediately, my card has continually added to my credit score and balance I can use is far higher than I ever need!!!
Photo of Nene M.
Nov 5, 2015
I applied online the application was very short and easy i got a instant approval of 500 that i could use on the website that day they had a promotion that if you spend over 75 you would get a 25 dollar credit on your next statement so i took advantage of that also i think this is a very good card to have for people that shop at Walmart all the time i plan to use it for all my shopping trips and pay it off in full each month
Photo of Becca L.
Jan 17, 2016
How did you end up using the card the same day? Was approved last night but I did not get a number to use online.
Photo of Brenda G.
Sep 23, 2015
how fast and easy it was and that i could shop today with a temporary card
Photo of Justin S.
Sep 2, 2015
Great for those with less than perfect credit...although remember that the apr is kinda high so be careful. Otherwise I am happy with it.
Photo of Paul A.
Jul 29, 2015
This is one card that is essential to have. My credit isn't the best and was fortunate enough to be accepted! It goes without saying the store has everything and when you are tight with cash you have access to anything you could possibly need. The promotional purchases with a 6 months no interest period is the icing on the cake. Love the store and love the credit card. Its a safety net I absolutely need! The website is easy to navigate and pay the bill online. Just make sure you pay the interest free promotional balance before the 6 months expire!!!
Photo of Chuck F.
Jul 14, 2015
I reapplied for this card 4 months after been denied. I was denied because I used a differ number than the one I tried to verify. I was approved the second time around. My fico on Transunion was around 580. I was approved for 150.00. I had a DirecTv account in collection (400.00). I purchase 60.00 worth of items in 3 differ purchases. Paid it right off. I went on vacation and made a 22.00 purchase. I came home and was making the 22.00 payment and I notice an amount of1178.00 on my account page. I almost passed out (think it was a charge). NO, it was my available amount more
Photo of Kristan H.
Jun 29, 2015
There is something about having a Walmart credit card that just makes you feel good inside, you have the option to get a big purchase and pay little by little. Since walmart no longer does layaway for clothing and they have some really nice things for really cheap, I use it all the time. I have two little boys that go through clothes like their nothing and this keeps me on track and lets me spend as I need and as I want. I have used it for minor purchases at first and made sure to pay it off fully which sent my credit rating through the roof with good more
Photo of Valerie E.
Jun 22, 2015
I recently opened this card to make a large purchase because I saw that they have special no interest financing on different purchase amounts. If you spend over $599, there is a 24 month, no interest period. It was relatively painless to get the offer, all you have to do is print the certificate on their website and give it to the cashier when purchasing. I wish the offer were valid on their website, but it is only available for in store purchases, however, they price matched the online price for the item so I was still able to get the sale. Otherwise, the credit card and online billing are more
Photo of Tiffany C.
Jun 20, 2015
I enjoy having my Wal-Mart card for the convenience of purchasing some things that are larger purchases that I want to get right then. I also like to have it when I spot a good deal on something that may not be in my budget for that week. I feel like the interest rates are a little high if you carry a balance on this card from month to month. I would recommend paying off your total bill to avoid this becoming a large bill.
Photo of Barbi A.
Jun 11, 2015
The Walmart card is great for convenience purchases, such as when you want to catch a price on a sale item or to shop for special occasions. I also like that you can get a discount on gasoline when you use their card at their gas station. Interest rates tho, if you don't pay the total amount due each month will quickly add up and you will end up paying twice the original cost. Also, this is strictly a Walmart only card and can’t be used at other businesses.
Photo of Myles L.
May 16, 2015
OK, based upon the 22.9% interest rate this card is not a good option for carrying balances. Unless you use their 0% promotional rate on purchases over $150. This card will even let you carry a $599 purchase for two years with no interest. It is also a good card to use at their gas station, as they give you a discount of up to fifteen cents a gallon in bill credit. My wife also will use it on groceries, on occasion, and let me know the balance so I can pay it off before the interest kicks in.
Photo of Derek R.
May 13, 2015
Late ONE TIME and they reduced my credit by $400. Nice of them to tell me too.. after being embarrassed trying to buy something at their stupid store. PS- The interest rate is RIDICULOUS.
Photo of Sami S.
May 4, 2015
The walmart credit card is the only credit card I have been approved for. As a young person with starter credit, the walmart credit card has been fantastic. It has a low limit right now so that I can't go too crazy even if I wanted to. It also has a nice and low minimum monthly payment. Plus walmart has everything I could ever need so if I'm ever in a pinch and need money for gas, food, clothes, or school supplies, I'll be able to just put it on my walmart card. I also love being able to shop online with it.
Photo of Tracy M.
Mar 18, 2015
I often use my WalMart card, and I love it. I also pay all my bills online, and they recently redid their website. It is so much easier now to navigate, and a side benefit is that my credit report comes with it free-of-charge. The interest rate is a bit high, so I try to pay it off every month. Other than that, this is a great card to have when you’re short on cash and need to buy some things in between paychecks.
Photo of Garth C.
Mar 18, 2015
First couple of times I applied for the Walmart store card I was denied. After I received the card I began to use it for a couple of my big purchases. I soon realized that was a terrible idea, interest rates are through the roof and if you only do minimum payments it could take almost 10 years to pay back a $1,200 dollar debt. The Card is great for small purchases however be warned if you are going to make a large purchase be sure to pay it off quickly or you will be stuck making payments for a very long time.
Photo of Rebecca V.
Mar 13, 2015
I really like my Walmart Card. I have cards with a few other stores, but this is the one I use the most. The $25 bonus when you open an account is nice; Barnes and Noble is the only other store card I have that offers that. Even though some Walmarts don't have a gas station, the one closest to me does, so I use the 5 cents off a gallon pretty much every time I fill up. It's a pretty good deal, and I like that you don't have to build up to it, and that the discount is constant instead.
Photo of Jennifer A.
Mar 5, 2015
I love the Walmart in store credit card! Very handy when low in cash, and ideal for my "last minute" or "just a thing or two" stops in the store. I have yet to have an issue with paying my bill online, and love the fact that I can use it and save 5 cents per gallon at any Walmart gas station. They gave me a fair credit limit when I first signed up, however would like to see an increase in limit sooner than later.
Photo of Sam F.
Mar 2, 2015
I've used the Walmart store card numerous times. It is especially handy in times when you are short on cash. Using it at Walmart, you can ensure you already are receiving the lowest prices around. The only downfall would be that he credit limit is sort of low. Hopefully after some more purchases and paying off the balance they will increase my limit. It would be nice if you were able to use this at other stores or make payments to your balance in store.
Photo of Jessy S.
Feb 27, 2015
I applied to this card and was denied. I can't say that I was surprised because I have a negative credit history but I had heard that Wal-Mart was an easy place to apply. My score right now is 584 and that's a boost from low 300s. When I was younger I ruined my credit with credit cards and now I'm trying to re-establish. I was hopeful to be okay with this card as it lets you finance Wal-Mart items (I go there all the time to save a buck). I thought this because I was approved for Fingerhut and a visa $300 credit card recently. I guess they are more
Photo of Eric H.
Feb 10, 2015
This card can only be used at Walmart, so it's somewhat of a waste.
Photo of Laura B.
Jan 5, 2015
For the $25 credit they say you have to make a purchase the same day you open the account. I did this. I had to call the bank to ask why I havent received the credit which was a 20 minute hold on top of the 15 minute conversation. They tell me the information Walmart sent over was that I didn't make the purchase the same day I opened the account. I pull up my order history and it is in black and white that I did make the purchase the same day. The promo is fradulent, making the customer seek it out afterwards. Horrendous!
Photo of Amy S.
Dec 26, 2014
It is a great card, easy to apply and saved $25 on my first purchase.
Photo of Creg G.
Dec 19, 2014
Even though I received a cl decrease due to missing a few payments, customer service worked with me, never harassing me allowing me to decide when and how much I could afford to pay until account was brought to current status. After account was back positive and after making on-time payments for a few months, I called customer service to request a credit limit increase and they approved it. All the while my credit score was is the mid 500's. That to me is pretty damn awesome service from a pretty damn awesome company. Same experience with JCPenney, but they closed my account within a few months. Yeh, gonna keep more
Photo of Joao C.
Dec 4, 2014
With the Walmart® Store Card I love the fact that I can use the card at any walmart. I love that I can Save 5¢ per gallon every day at participating Walmart® gas stations.
Photo of Dawn S.
Nov 26, 2014
I love my Walmart Store Card. It allows me to make big purchases and pay it off over time. There was a time when we first got the card that our finances fell through for a short period of time, this card made sure that we got what we needed to make it through to our next payment. It has fed, clothed and brought joy to my family with the ability to pay it back over time. Our credit has flourished with this card and we are grateful to Walmart for helping make our tough times a little easier to manage. The monthly payments are very low, in my opinion more
Photo of Nuri L.
Oct 30, 2014
The Walmart Store card is a card that is very convenient and everyone should have. I can shop online and pay via the Walmart website, or go to the local store and use it as well. The best perk for me is the fact that I can use it for gas, and it saves me 5 cents a gallon. The gas is actually getting cheaper, so that makes it so much better. You don’t see it on the spot, but when the statement comes in, it shows the deduction for each gas purchase. The apr is not too bad, and there have been some deals with 0% interest if you more

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