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Largest Debit Card Issuers

CH-Statistic-Largest-Debit-Card-IssuersThe debit card market’s corporate hierarchy is important for a number of reasons.  For starters, financial institutions with a large deposit account business are well-positioned for success in the lending space, as they typically to have a lot of cash on hand.  In addition, the largest debit card issuers tend to offer some of the best checking accounts, and their popularity is tantamount to a seal of approval borne from consumer comparison shopping.  Finally, comparing the largest debit card issuers to the largest credit card issuers will give you a sense of how the power structure varies across segments of the personal finance industry.

Top U.S. Debit Card Issuers Based on Purchase Volume (in billions)

Rank (2013) Issuer Purchase Volume 2013 Market Share 2013 Purchase Volume 2011 Market Share 2011
1 Bank of America $265.0 21% $244.73 23%
2 Wells Fargo $234.4 18% $195.79 18%
3 Chase $177.7 14% $160.98 15%
4 U.S. Bank $51.3 4% $41.33 4%
5 PNC $49.9 4% $38.07 4%
6 USAA $35.6 3% N/A N/A
7 SunTrust $30.3 2% $25.02 2%
8 Regions Bank $29.9 2% $27.19 3%
9 TD $28.8 2% N/A N/A
10 Bancorp $28.7 2% N/A N/A
Others $355.4 28% $326.31 30%
TOTAL Debit Purchase Volume: $1,287 $1,087.70
(Source: Nilson Report, April 2011 and 2013)
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