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Bed Bath Beyond Gift Card

Bed Bath Beyond Gift Card
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Bed Bath & Beyond Inc was formed in 1971 and today operates a chain of domestic merchandise retail stores across United States and Canada. They feature mostly medium-ranged, but also a limited selection of high quality, domestic merchandise: items for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

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Bed Bath Beyond
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Oct 11, 2012
Photo of April H.
Bed Bath & Beyond has become one of my favorite stores to shop at for anything around the home and especially appliances whether big or small. Not only do they offer pretty much anything you could ever want or use, but their customer service department is GREAT! A couple of weeks ago I dug out my griddle which I received as a gift from someone from Bed Bath & Beyond and there was mold on the handles as well as the grease tray! It was my fault for having it in our pantry and not keeping an eye on it while it was still in the box and I was more
Sep 5, 2012
Photo of Erika B.
I love going to Bed Bath & Beyond. Even my husband loves going to Bed Bath & Beyond, and it is always a fun outing together when we go together. We always find new, neat products to check out when we go there, and we often cannot resist buying them whenever they will make our life more convenient. For example, we learned about the Sodastream there and purchased it, and it has made a big difference in our soda buying habits. They always have the newest niche products for the kitchen or living areas, and we love trying new things. We have been to many locations, and their workers are more
Sep 5, 2012
Photo of Filipe L.
I have had nothing but great experiences with Bed Bath and Beyond. When I have moved, they were kind enough to send me a coupon for 20% off of my entire purchase. They also order things for you if they do not have them in stock, and also send out flyers with great coupons in them. I have used so many of these, and they also do not mind if the coupon is expired either. That makes their prices more than reasonable and enough to keep me coming back to them for all of my bath bed and kitchen items/accessories.
Aug 15, 2012
Photo of Beth S.
I had a great experience at Bed Bath & Beyond last month while I was shopping for a blender. While I was browsing, the store manager came over and gave a few personal recommendations on reliable blenders that were in my price range. Although that hasn't been my typical experience at the store, I was delighted to see that management was eager to help. The store has a huge variety, which makes any search a little easier. I was able to use a store coupon that arrived in the mail after I made my purchase by returning to the store with the coupon and the receipt. I had a positive more
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