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Jan 6, 2016
Photo of Ella L.
Jan 6, 2016
I really enjoyed using this Books A Million gift card that I got for my birthday! Our local store has so many different novels and self help books to choose from, and their staff is quick to help me locate different authors. The gift card was even good for the Yogurt Mountain cafe they had inside! A store associate told me that I could also use the gift card to purchase items online if I wanted to. It was so easy to use the card, and I really enjoyed the books that I was able to buy!
Dec 1, 2014
Photo of Emily B.
Dec 1, 2014
The Books a Million near me took over our local Borders store and at first I was apprehensive about the switch but they took over the store seamlessly and continue to make positive improvements. I enjoy that the store hosts regular book signing sessions by a variety of authors and offers a lot of comfortable seating options in the café. I am happy they added a printing press to our store as it makes for an interesting option. I think they should still allow you to search the computers yourselves, but that is all that is stopping me from giving this company 5 stars.
Nov 17, 2014
Photo of Patricia J.
Nov 17, 2014
Books A Million is a great bookstore. Their selection is huge and more importantly, the staff is very knowledgable and is aware of everything they have in stock. The prices are much lower than other chain bookstores. In addition, they carry cute, fairly inexpensive gift items.
Jun 19, 2014
Photo of Heather C.
Jun 19, 2014
I was given a gift card for Books a Million for my birthday. I had to drive a bit out of my way to get there as there isn't a location close to where I live. The store seemed to be trying to sell a lot of other stuff other than books, I guess the book market isn't what it used to be. Overall though my visit with Books a Million was good. Their books are decently priced and it was really easy to use the gift card. There was no hassle at all.
May 29, 2014
Photo of Linda P.
May 29, 2014
I really love the Books-A-Million bookstore. They have a huge selection of books at great prices. I recently received a gift card for $50 for Books-A-Million and I loved the convenience of such a huge selection of books, great prices, and really helpful staff. There was a particular book I was looking for and wasn't even sure where to begin looking, but the staff person I asked took me right to it. Aside from a few great books for myself, I found some really great children's books to donate to the hospital. The gift card made the transaction super simple too.
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