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Apr 11, 2014
Photo of Angela G.
If you have a gift card to Dominos then please be careful on the location you go to because some locations try to refuse the usage of them. The store I live by tries to refuse the gift cards almost 90% of the time I go in with one due to "company policy" of payment methods. I'm not sure how the company policy is to turn down certain methods of payment but they try. Otherwise I am thrilled to receive and purchase Dominos gift cards to use and to give as gifts!
Oct 30, 2012
Photo of Shelton T.
Domino's has really turned around the quality of their pizza. Back in the years 2006-2007, whenever I ordered Domino's the pizza was sub-par to their most of the their competitors, ie. Pizza Hut or Papa John's, but ever since they redesigned what they do and the process they use to make their pizza it has been great! I ordered from there fairly often whenever the opportunity arose because of their low prices and high-qualitative food.The pizza is no longer as greasy as it was in the past and it's actually easy to consume now that it tastes better. Whenever I order, the service is already friendly, and if it's a more
Oct 3, 2012
Photo of Renee B.
Domino's has GREAT food! They really put the quality into it when they make something. Having worked there when I was a teenager, I know what training goes into making the perfect pizza for each person. The crust has to be tossed just right, just the right amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings and also the perfect cooking time! Three different crusts for the pizzas including think, hand-tossed, and deep dish, there’s something for everybody! They have a variety of different menu items now and if you're looking for a great restaurant to get a gift card as a gift for, look no further! This one is always a hit! more
Aug 29, 2012
Photo of Billy W.
Among the more casual ie. non sit down food places out there, Domino's is one of the best with regard to fitting to have its own branded gift cards. This is because of Domino's somewhat higher prices compared to most fast food restaurants, which makes it easier to use up a gift card without having to make an inconveniently greater number of visits, and because of its wide menu compared to similarly priced pizza chains which includes a number of appealing items. The last time I got a Domino's gift card, it allowed me to sample tasty pasta, sandwiches, and of course pizza with a variety of toppings. A top more
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