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Hobby Lobby Gift Card
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Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., can no longer be considered just an arts and crafts store. With departments ranging from crafts, hobbies, picture framing, jewelry making, fashion fabrics, floral, cards & party, baskets, wearable art, home accents, and holiday supplies, Hobby Lobby is the place to shop with Super Selection, Super more

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Jul 31, 2014
Photo of Branda E.
I just love Hobby Lobby, I am interested in all different kinds of crafts and they always have the best selections at the lowest prices. I have shopped at Hobby Lobby for years and will continue to do so, they have excellent customer service and are a Christian based business which I also like.
Nov 7, 2012
Photo of Susann Q.
Hobby Lobby is a great set of arts and crafts stores, and was even a local chain back when I was in Oklahoma City. While supporting a local company is always great, that was just the start of it, and that’s why I’ve continued to shop there. Hobby Lobby has everything from furniture to fabric to frames, and everything else in between. They also basically have half the store on sale every week, and just what is on sale changes. Their regular prices are good, their sales prices very good, so you can always find a deal. It is also a great place to take kids to find them a more
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