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Seller: Jill Hedgepeth - RICHMOND, CA
$50.00 $25.00 50% Message
Seller: Joel McGuire - TACOMA, WA
$566.00 $475.00 16% Message
Seller: Lance Milner - CHARLOTTE, NC
$972.00 $900.00 7% Message
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Apr 15, 2014
Photo of Rachel D.
I've been buying furniture from IKEA for years. No matter where I'm living, I turn to them first for basic (and not-so-basic!) furniture and home decor items. They're cost-effective and yet everything is very well made. I was really pleased to receive a gift card to IKEA from a friend when I moved to my new apartment. The gift card worked perfectly at the self-checkout, so no worries there! I love IKEA and I'll be back the next time I need something new--maybe sooner!
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