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J.Crew Group Inc. is an American clothing and accessories retailer based in New York. The brand features collections of men's and women's clothing, accessories, and shoes, in "classic styles" with a J.Crew "twist". Many of the products feature luxury materials such as Italian cashmere and leather, Czech glass buttons, and more

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Nov 7, 2012
Photo of Shanna M.
J Crew is a fantastic store, the quality of their clothes show. I have never had a problem finding my size in any of the styles that they have to offer. I wear a small Petite, and it’s sometimes hard to find petite sizes for younger women. The last time I was in the store I went with my two children (4 and 1) and the employees were great. They helped me find everything I wanted in a super quick way, and I rarely had to leave the dressing room to find other things. The sales are great, and you can get discounts sent to you in your email. I more
Oct 30, 2012
Photo of Chris W.
Overall, J Crew is an above average clothing retailer. The store is always well-stocked, clean and organized. The employees are always very friendly and helpful and provide excellent service. They really know their products well and even gave me tips on the care and maintenance of several items I was interested in purchasing. The quality is great for the price and the style is right up my alley. They even give you a 15% discount if you show them a student ID! Every time I leave the store I am always reminded exactly why it is that I keep coming back!
Oct 17, 2012
Photo of Constance M.
I recently went to J. Crew for the first time this past week with my son (5). I was looking for a shirt for him for our upcoming family photos. I had had a hard time finding a shirt that was the same color as the rest of the family, and had been to quite a few other stores prior to going to J. Crew. I went in to the store, easily found the kids section, and found a shirt that worked perfectly. A couple of sales people asked to help us while we were there, and they were friendly. The fitting room was big and bright. My only complaint more
Oct 11, 2012
Photo of Alethia B.
The J. Crew store that I most recently visited is located in Burlington, VT. Like every other location, I was greeted within a minute of entering the store. The store was also characteristically clean and well organized. Besides the fact that J. Crew offers high quality classic clothing, there is also always something unique for me to purchase, whether it be an embellished cardigan or an accessory. On this particular occasion, I purchased a pair of cute stripey socks and a comfy cashmere cable sweater. J. Crew is one of my favorite stores because I can rely on the consistent comfort and quality of the clothing, and I can shop more
Sep 12, 2012
Photo of Ashley P.
A new J.Crew store just opened in my local mall. I was so excited that I would finally be able to access it without having to drive over 2 hours to Chicago. When I first arrived in the store the smell of fresh wood and new clothing struck me. There were many employees in the store at the time including some regional managers. The managers immediately came over and greeted me. They asked me how I liked the new store and their offerings. I was a bit surprised by the friendliness but figured it was because the big bosses were in the store. I have since been back and have more
Aug 15, 2012
Photo of Tomoko F.
Two years ago now, my wife and I decided to put together our wedding with only five days to plan and make things happen. One of the things you need for any wedding, of course, is a dress, and she decided that J Crew was where she wanted to get her dress. The only problem was, they did not have the dress available in her size, and I wasn’t with her to pay for ordering it and having it delivered. The salesperson though was very helpful, and while my wife was in the store there with them, took my credit card information over the phone and had the dress to more
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