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Feb 18, 2015
Photo of Nick S.
Feb 18, 2015
I really don't like the way that KMart operates. I was in the store recently searching for some Tupperware and I was unsuccessful in finding it. When I went looking for an employee to try and remedy the situation I was unable to find one and had to go to a cashier for some help. The Tupperware was in the same isle with the toilet paper, nowhere near any of the kitchenware. The organization of these stores is pretty atrocious. The only upside for the situation is that the Tupperware was relatively cheap, which I guess is trying to make up for the terrible customer service that I received.
Jul 29, 2014
Photo of Khadijah K.
Jul 29, 2014
I received a KMart gift card as a present. I was quite pleased and surprised that Kmart offered these. I had no idea. It made for a very pleasant day of shopping at Kmart. They had a lot of clearance items about and I tend to forget them as their competitor is huge and easier to access. Anyway, I think this Kmart has issues with having enough staff in the front of the store when it comes time to checkout. Using the gift card was easy but finding a short check out line was not. When I first walked into the store, there wasn't even anyone manning the return desk. more
Oct 30, 2012
Photo of Andrew M.
Oct 30, 2012
Two weeks ago, I found a great deal online for wiper blades at Kmart. I saved about $10. I ordered them online and selected the option to pick them up at my local store. I went there at night to pick them up and went to the customer service counter. I expected the blades to be there waiting for me but they had to send someone all the way to the back of the store to get my order. I was annoyed. Next, the employee couldn't find my order and decided to go to the auto department and pick up a new set of blades. He assumed nobody filled the more
Oct 3, 2012
Photo of Ann T.
Oct 3, 2012
A lot of people tend to forget about Kmart. However, I have found some great deals, there, and also get great customer service there. I particularly remember a time when I ordered a Halloween costume last year from their website. The internet store sent completely the wrong costume. I wasn't very happy, so I took it to the local Kmart customer service desk. They looked over it for me and realized that the online store had made the mistake. However, their computer kept trying to charge me for the shipping, even though it was a mistake. They actually offered to call the online customer service desk for me, and get more
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