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Sep 20, 2014
Photo of Joshua R.
Sep 20, 2014
I like that it is easy to use but for some reason, my money that I have had on this card has disappeared mysteriously before when I have tried to use it at the store and it has also been overcharged also. There are some set backs in using this card but it is easier and much quicker to use and it makes a great gift for friends and family.
Jun 9, 2014
Photo of Ashley M.
Jun 9, 2014
This card was given to me by my parents as a part of my Christmas stocking (I know, I'm 22 and I still go home for the stocking!) and it was great. I used it mainly when I had to go grab a quick lunch during my break at work, so the card was convenient and it was nice to know it would always be accepted. There were never any issues and I loved it. I found that if I wrapped each receipt around the card when I stuck it in my wallet I could easily keep track of my balance, although I did have to call the number one more
Jun 6, 2014
Photo of Brian P.
Jun 6, 2014
I really enjoyed McDonalds because the food is cheap and a great meal if you need something quick on the go. I usually get gift cards for my birthday and holidays and the gift cards really do come in handy. If I'm on my way to work I'll just stop off and get a burger or two which I can finish just so I can have something in my stomach and don't get hungry. Though, McDonalds may be unhealthy, I only eat it every so often so it won't make that much of a difference on my health.
May 26, 2014
Photo of James J.
May 26, 2014
My son loves taking a trip to McDonalds for lunch. For holidays many times he will get gift cards and he is always excited to get them. We will go there and he will get a happy meal. After he finishes his happy meal, he loves to play on the playground. It is something that is a lot of fun to do as a family. He enjoys it and its not at all expensive.
May 2, 2014
Photo of Jennifer L.
May 2, 2014
The last time I went to McDonald's was during a busy lunch hour. I waited for a few minutes with no one in front of me at the first window, waiting for the cashier to take my payment. While I was waiting I noticed the lady at the second window was swinging a bag of food out the window over and over. I could tell she was getting impatient but I still hadn't paid for my food yet. I took the bag of food with the fries dumped everywhere and proceed to work. After I got to work I noticed that there was a piece of cellophane in the box. more
Dec 5, 2014
Photo of Ben M.
Ben Miller
Dec 5, 2014
What does this have to do with a gift card website?
Oct 3, 2012
Photo of Anne S.
Oct 3, 2012
After traveling across the United States from Florida to California and back again with four children, we had various experiences with different McDonald's. I know there has been an attempt to make McDonald's food more healthy, but sometimes I want my son to have caramel out of the ice cream machine for his apples. Many McDonald's will sell it on the side for between 16 and 25 cents. We did have a few that refused to sell us the caramel. My son is lean and healthy and the top student in every class he has been in. Shame on some McDonald's for refusing to sell us the caramel for our more
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Feb 27, 2015
Photo of Manuel M.
Feb 27, 2015
Can I purchase 100 gift cards @ $1.00 each at a discount
Mar 2, 2015
Photo of Card H.
Mar 2, 2015
The lowest-priced cards currently available are $5 each. You can choose a card that best suits you from the ones listed above, as those are the only options available at the moment.
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