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Safeway Gift Card

Safeway Gift Card
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Safeway Inc. is North America's third largest supermarket chain. At Safeway, they take pride in being the neighborhood grocery store for millions of North Americans. They believe this important role carries with it a responsibility to become involved and to help build better, stronger communities. Much of that work is more

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Seller: Christian Hsabal - BELLE VERNON, PA
$15 $11 27% Message
Seller: Andrew Leishman - FREDERICK, MD
$20 $15 25% Message
Seller: Jeremy Shykes - DULUTH, MN
$10 $9 10% Message
Seller: Iesha Copes - SAGINAW, MI
$10 $9 10% Message
Seller: Boyet Skyline - HOUSTON, TX
$50 $47 6% Message
Seller: Devin Short - MAGNOLIA, TX
$349 $328 6% Message
Seller: Dane Cross - STILWELL, KS
$20 $19 5% Message
Seller: Abby Cramer - MUNCIE, IN
$680 $646 5% Message
Seller: Devin Short - MAGNOLIA, TX
$510 $484 5% Message
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Feb 2, 2013
Photo of Frank C.
By: Frank Clevenger
Would NOT buy card again!
Feb 2, 2013
Photo of Frank C.
By: Frank Clevenger
Would buy Foodlion Gift Card. Just went to use some I received as a gift. Was told card is no good because the monthly fee has used any balance on the card. The cards have not been used.
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