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Gift cards have become the most desired type of present for holidays and special occasions, and the Card Hub® Gift Card Store not only helps you find the best gift cards, but allows you to save time and money in doing so. Only browse the stores that meet your needs in terms of shipping costs, delivery timeframe, and type of gift card (i.e. e-gift cards vs. plastic gift cards or gift certificates). Whether you have a specific card in mind or need gift card ideas, we've got you covered with a vast selection of cards from the nation's leading retailers, more…

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Gift Card FAQs

Who sells these gift cards?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

CardHub is not a retailer and does not directly sell any gift cards. We do, however, provide you with thousands of gift card offers all in one place. Once you find the best gift card for a particular occasion, we'll redirect you to the respective company's website in order to complete your purchase. As always, make sure to verify any potential shipping charges before completing a gift card purchase and if you are purchasing a gift card from an individual that you do not know only transact in person and with cash.

What is the best way to buy gift cards?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

While you can purchase gift cards basically anywhere, our admittedly biased recommendation is that in most cases you do so online. Buying a gift card online allows you to come up with ideas that you may have not otherwise considered, check a person's wish list, and immediately send them the gift card of your choice.

How do I check my gift card balance?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

Just click on the name of a particular gift card. The details page that pops up gives instructions for checking the card's balance–typically either online or by phone. Please let us know if you cannot locate the gift card balance info for a particular card.

What are e-gift cards?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

E-gift cards are, simply put, digital gift cards. These cards are typically delivered via e-mail and can be redeemed online with a promotion code or printed off and used in a store via barcode.

Can an e-gift card be converted to a plastic gift card?

Odysseas Papadimitriou, CardHub CEO

E-gift cards can be converted into plastic gift cards or gift certificates. Just go to the merchant's website and buy a plastic gift card using the balance of your e-gift card to pay for it.

What's the difference between gift cards and prepaid cards?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

The major difference between a gift card and a prepaid card is that prepaid cards are reloadable while gift cards are not. Prepaid cards can also be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted, while most gift cards can only be used at particular stores. There are, however, MasterCard gift cards and Visa gift cards, which can be used anywhere, but they typically have additional fees relative to a store gift card.