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Entertainment & Movie Gift Cards Each year we spend roughly 5.5% of our after-tax income -- somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,600 - $2,800 -- on entertainment. Much of that obviously stems from the outrageous prices we have to pay at the box office, which means movie gift cards have the potential to be a very attractive type of present. You can use the filters on the left side of the page to check out the movie gift cards that are currently available as well as to determine if any of those tied to your favorite theater chain are being offered at a discount through our gift card exchange. When it comes to the entertainment genre, however, a movie gift card certainly isn't your only option, as other entertainment gift cards may be tied to online ticket marketplaces, game stores, etc. Gift cards are particularly helpful when it comes to gifting tickets to live events - an endeavor typically complicated by scheduling conflicts and, when it comes to sports, fluctuations in the attractiveness of a given match-up due to recent results. By giving someone a gift card for TicketMaster or StubHub, you enable them to pick the event they want to attend and even buy their tickets at a discount in order to sit closer to the action. Unfortunately, there isn’t one particular retailer that dominates the entertainment or movie gift card genre. You’ll therefore have to decide whether to get a gift card for watching movies, attending live events, playing video games, etc. Again, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to sort the cards that we display based on your particular needs.