U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card

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Required Credit Score: Excellent
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U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card’s Rewards

This card does not offer rewards.

U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Intro Rate on Purchases
0% for 15 months
Intro Rate on Transfers
0% for 15 months
Regular Rate
9.99% - 23.99% (V)
  • ANNUAL FEE $0*

U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $35
  • GRACE PERIOD   24 days
  • CASH ADVANCE RATE 23.99% (V)
  • CASH ADVANCE FEE 4% (min $10)
  • 0% Intro APR* on purchases and balance transfers for 15 billing cycles. After that, a variable APR currently 9.99%-23.99%.
  • Online bill pay for a fast and convenient way to pay bills online with your U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum
  • $0 fraud liability* for unauthorized transactions if your card is ever lost or stolen
  • Fraud Protection detects and notifies you of any unusual card activity to help prevent fraud
  • Online account management and account alerts
  • *No annual fee.
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U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card Reviews

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Nov 14, 2014
Photo of Horace B.
I have been well served by my U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card mainly because they have kept the interest rates pretty low. I was late on one of my payments and was pleased with the fact that they did not charge me an arm and a leg for it.
Aug 25, 2014
Photo of Brody K.
My experience with this card has been quite solid thus far. I have been able to manage my credit sensibly and the interest rates are generally manageable.
Jul 4, 2014
Photo of Jason T.
I absolutely love my US Bank Platinum Visa. It's my do everything, go everywhere card that's with me for everyday purchases and for emergencies. The intro 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months is one of the best deals out there and the APR is reasonable too. To top it off their online account management is one of the best around. I've had my card for a few years now and have never had an issue.
May 1, 2014
Photo of Kaylee G.
I really like my US Bank Visa credit card, because it's easy to use and a generally good all-purpose credit card. I've had my card for about 3 years now, and I've never experienced problems with it. The one down-side to the card is that it does not offer cash back on anything. However, that's not a huge detriment to the card. My favorite feature about the card is that paying online is very simple if you already have a US Bank Checking or Savings account.
Mar 19, 2014
Photo of Cheryl R.
I have had a US Bank card ever since I opened up a bank account and had my first job when I was 18 years old. I absolutely love US Bank and how helpful the company has been, but I have had a couple instances where everything is not handled in a proper manner. For instance, I got married almost 3 years ago. I have changed my name, but they still put everything in my maiden name. If I go to my main profile, I have changed everything to my married name, but for some reason, US Bank is holding on to my maiden name.

I love the different credit more
Dec 12, 2013
Photo of Amy H.
I've had my US Bank Platinum Visa for over 10 years. I have 11.9 percent interest. I used to have a large limit, but due to a mistake on my part and not paying on it for a couple of months the limit dropped to $1000. They were actually very cool and didn't report it or raise my interest rate. Luckily my credit score wasn't affected. I was even able to get my husband added as a co-owner of the card. They said that they will raise the limit soon. I'm sure I could do it now, but we are trying to buy a house so I don't want any more
Nov 15, 2013
Photo of Tyler S.
I recently just signed up for the visa platinum card, and is the first card I have ever been issued. The rate given with the card is very good for a person just starting to build their credit. My first purchase made with the card was a Fender guitar that retailed around three hundred dollars. I have been making my payment every month and with online payments, it is very easy to get your balance paid. That reminds me, I need to pay my next payment by November 19th haha. Also, there is no annual fee for having the card, which as a customer makes me as delighted as can more
Sep 19, 2013
Photo of Niki S.
The US Bank Platinum Visa card is an upgrade of the first credit card I was issued, and I've had no reason to change it. My credit limit has increased steadily over time, and has never been lower than my needs for it. I am able to pay it off through their website and receive an email every month to do so, so I've never been late or had any problems. I have used it while traveling and abroad with no problems. As a customer, I'm very happy that there is no annual fee. The card has been great for my credit rating.
Sep 5, 2013
Photo of Kayla B.
This is the very first credit card I ever got, it started out as a student credit card and a 300 dollar limit, over the years the limit has went up and the interest rate down, although they still do not offer the greatest rates compared to other companies...all in all not to bad of a company, customer service has been helpful on a few situations, I'd recommend this card. Although I kept the US Bank Credit card I did not stay a customer of the bank, they helped me a great deal in getting my first student credit card that helped to boost my credit to an excellent rating more
Aug 16, 2013
Photo of William R.
I have been a US Bank customer for 7 years now, and I am really impressed with their unbeatable customer service. I have the US Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card, and I find it really convenient, and it helps build a good credit score. I really liked the introductory 0% interest rate for more than a year, and the non-existent annual fee. I also love the $0 fraud liability because you can't never be too careful when shopping online, for example. Another great thing about this card is that I get alerts for suspicious activity in my card, and I can pay it anytime online. For all these reasons, I more
Mar 1, 2013
Photo of Allen K.
This card is pretty good, honestly. In a tight spot, It's what helps get through a few days until I have actual money instead of just a line of credit. It's pretty awesome that It's tied into my US bank account as well, making thing way easier and requiring less annoying micromanagement on my part. Seriously, micromanaging this kinda thing would probably drive me crazy, and would only get worse as time went on. It looks really cool too. I mean hey, who doesn't like a shiny card? Looks good in the wallet, makes purchases easy, and is tied up into one neat little package.
Feb 21, 2013
Photo of Steven D.
The US Bank Platinum Credit Card is fantastic. I like how it's connected to the rest of my US Bank account, so that I can easily pay bills for it. It's incredibly easy. It also has a respectable interest rate that is lower than most of the other offers I get from credit card companies. I don't know what I'd do with out my US Bank Platinum card! On a side note, I even like the look of it. I know it's fairly superficial, but it still makes it even better. Who wouldn't want a platinum card? Then again, I wouldn't mind a black one, but platinum is certainly up more
Feb 15, 2013
Photo of Jessica R.
The US Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card is my one and only card. I use it for everyday: grocery shopping, eating out, and for those bigger ticket items. I love that there is no annual fee for this card and by making my low monthly payments on time, I'm not charged outrageous interest charges. Visa is accepted everywhere and I've never been denied when using this card. I also love the convenience of doing my banking online. When I see an inconsistency on my billing statement online, I know that I can just pick up the phone and call the customer service and they will quickly help me. The customer more
Jan 25, 2013
Photo of Sierra R.
I've been using a U.S Bank Credit Card for five years now and I have had very few issues with it. The monthly minimum is very low and manageable. The interest adds up to a couple additional dollars a month. My card is accepted every where. I don't use my card often enough to really receive reward benefits, but that does not bother me much. I use another card a little more and get benefits from that. The customer service is extremely helpful. I've had to call them a few times from companies double charging me for things. Everyone I've talked to has done what I asked and continued to more
Jan 3, 2013
Photo of Allyson M.
I recently switched over my bank to US bank as I was having some trouble at my old one. Once doing so I was offered to pick up this card and I decided to take a chance at it. I was approved for the card, and I have been using it since I have received it. So far I have not had any problems at any store with the card. I tend to buy whatever it is I need to buy with the credit card, and then pay it off at the end of the month in order to try and establish better credit. The fees for this card have more
Dec 26, 2012
Photo of Mike W.
I recently applied for and got this credit card based on the recommendations of people on this board, and I'm so happy that I did. I had a smattering of other cards that I rarely used that kept low balances. Now I have transferred all my credit card balance to this card, and it's much easier to keep track of. The low interest rate is obviously the big selling point here, but I've found that the customer service is surprisingly good for a 'big bank'. I wish there was more ways to deal with the ins and outs of this card online, but for now the service is adequate enough more
Dec 26, 2012
Photo of Crystal D.
I used the US Bank Platinum credit card for over 4 years, and I started using it mainly to get my credit up. My credit limit was about $1,000 and my interest rate was right around 10%, which was great for starting out without any credit. It was approved quickly, and my monthly payments were extremely low. I was able to use this card to get my credit up in no time. It is very easy to pay off each month, especially if you do a lot of banking online.

Another nice benefit of the card, is they would email me once a month with special offers for using this more
Nov 1, 2012
Photo of Elouise N.
I have this credit card from U.S. Bank. It was sent to me with a pre-approval of several thousand dollars and a very low interest rate. I accepted the offer with the plans to consolidate some of my credit cards and husband’s credit cards. After accepting the offer, I was informed that I was not eligible for the interest rate and that the credit limit would only be $500. The interest rate was some competitive and customer service is friendly. I kept the card for emergencies only, but it is seldom that I use it. It is the lowest limit I have and they won’t raise it for some reason. more
Jul 25, 2012
Photo of Diana M.
I have over a dozen credit cards, but the US Bank Visa card is my favorite. I also have my home mortgage with US Bank, so after about a year of making mortgage payments on time, I decided to apply for their Visa card. I actually didn’t think I’d get the card because my credit isn’t that great. But miraculously, I was approved for a credit limit of several thousand dollars, and an interest rate of just under 10%.

I think the reason for that approval and the high credit limit was due to my excellent mortgage payment record from the previous year.

That was three years ago and since then, I more
Jul 18, 2012
Photo of Amanda G.
I use the US Bank platinum visa card because I bank with US Bank. I like to use this credit card when I don't have any other way of making a payment.
The interest rate is 13.99% which is'nt bad compared to other credit cards that charge 20.99%. The only mistake I make when using a credit card , is that sometimes I charge more than what I can pay back at once. So with that said I usally end up paying the minimum payment or a little bit over that amount. Overall this is a good credit card to use and it is very convenient.
Jul 3, 2012
Photo of Adrian P.
US Bank’s Platinum Visa card is truly one type of a card. As a user of this card I found it to be very useful and practical. The high amount that the card lets me use as credit is very useful. Another good thing about this card is that for the first few months there wasn’t any due date so I didn’t have to worry about paying it off on time along with my other cards, cards which I think are in no doubt less superior to this one. With this high amount I could finally replace the old tires on my car, I did not have that amount to more
May 31, 2012
Photo of Vincent M.
U.S. Bank Platinum Credit Card has been nothing but great for me. I will have had the card for 6 months starting in June. The card gives me a pretty good credit limit. It is not too high and it is not too low. It is great for emergency uses, and the fact that there is no maximum or minimum for spending works out great for me. Customer service is very polite and prompt. They will make sure that they help you with anything that you may need help with. The Bank is also great with staying on top of fraudulent activity with accounts. What I mean by that is, more
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Oct 15, 2014
Photo of Natalia S.
I'm wondering about the balance transfer fee. It says 0% for 15 billing cycles but then it says 3% fee. which one is it?
Nov 18, 2014
Photo of Card H.
The interest rate during the first 15 months is 0% and then it moves to 9.99% - 23.99%. However, there’s an upfront fee of 3% of the amount that you transfer.
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