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What is CardHub? has ratings and detailed information for more than 1,000 credit card and prepaid card offers, enabling consumers to get a better card in the easiest and most educated manner. In addition, Card Hub operates the only social gift card exchange, which allows consumers to buy gift cards at discounted prices and sell their gift cards for cash. For more information, you can check out our About Us page.

Do I have to give any personal information to CardHub?

No. If you find a credit card offer that you like, we will redirect you to its issuer's website where you can fill out an application. Just remember to double check all of the terms and conditions of a credit card offer on the issuer's website before submitting an application.

However, please note that if you are going to sell a gift card or sign up for one of our e-mail alerts, we will need some basic personal information, like your name and e-mail address.

Does CardHub itself issue any cards?

No, CardHub allows you to quickly and easily compare credit card offers from major issuers but is not itself a credit card issuer. Instead, you can think of us as a specialized search engine for online credit card offers, prepaid cards, charge cards, store credit cards and even gift cards. You see, we have over 5,000 cards listed as well as the industry experience and expertise to guide you to those that will benefit your wallet most.

Question of the Week: International Credit Card Guide

Differences in international monetary standards make spending money abroad often confusing and even downright difficult. When it comes to traveling overseas, consumers must not only determine the acceptable methods of payment for the countries they plan to visit, but also figure out a way to avoid foreign transaction fees and get the best exchange rates. […]

What services does CardHub offer?

  • Three different ways to find the best credit card for your needs:
    1. CardHub's Credit Card Search Tool enables you to quickly identify the cards that meet your individual credit profile and needs.
    2. For those not interested in searching and comparing, our Credit Card Advisor generates a personalized card recommendation, accompanied by reasoning to explain the choice.
    3. Last but not least, our Editor's Picks offer the quickest way for people who value speed and simplicity to identify some of the best credit card offers on the market.
  • Gift Card Exchange: CardHub boasts one of the Web's largest gift card marketplaces, where you can list literally any gift card for sale and save up to 30% by buying a discounted gift card.
  • Gift Card Wish List: Our Gift Card Wish List enables you to create a list of your favorite stores to share with friends and family. Doing so will enable you to get better gifts, make life easier for loved ones, and avoid the constant maintenance required by all other types of wish lists.
  • Prepaid Card Comparison: Prepaid cards are not only the fastest growing form of electronic payment, according to the Federal Reserve, but they're also the most viable alternative to traditional checking accounts. CardHub helps you compare prepaid cards in order to find the best offer for your needs.
  • Credit Card Debt Help: Debt can be confusing, stressful, and damaging to your credit. CardHub helps you better understand your situation and determine whether to consider debt settlement, debt management, or a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Education Center: Get up to speed on the most important credit topics with guides, articles, calculators, and an extensive glossary of key terms.
  • Consumer Advocacy: CardHub serves as an industry watchdog, exposing anti-consumer practices and striving to help create a more transparent, fair personal finance environment.