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The largest selection of discount gift cards on the market. Buy cards from a number of gift card depots as well as your Facebook friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Sell unwanted gift cards for cash. Start saving now!

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proper topper
Seller: Grace Washington-Bailey - WASHINGTON, DC
$200.00 $100.00 (50% off) 50% Message
Venetian Nail Spa
Seller: Bret Bray - TUPELO, MS
$35.00 $20.00 (43% off) 43% Message
Skin Sense
Seller: Tara Curtain-Summers - RALEIGH, NC
$100.00 $60.00 (40% off) 40% Message
Cozy Balls
Seller: Josh Brady - LEBANON, PA
$25.00 $15.00 (40% off) 40% Message
As You Wish
Seller: Christina Amacio - PHOENIX, AZ
$25.00 $15.00 (40% off) 40% Message
Dickeys barbeque pit
Seller: Line Lewis - BLOOMINGTON, IL
$20.00 $12.00 (40% off) 40% Message
The Pasta House Co.
Seller: Aaron Gomes - NEW BEDFORD, MA
$50.00 $30.00 (40% off) 40% Message
hall of fame
Seller: Sharess Witherell - LANSING, MI
$150.00 $100.00 (33% off) 33% Message
Par Exsalonce
Seller: Darnise Marin - KANSAS CITY, MO
$75.00 $50.00 (33% off) 33% Message
Gale's Restaurant
Seller: Kelly Monaghan - GARDENA, CA
$75.00 $50.00 (33% off) 33% Message
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Gift Card FAQs

Tips for a Safe Gift Card Exchange

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

We understand that meeting a stranger to exchange a gift card for cash can be a nerve-racking proposition. But, as with furniture that you buy off Craigslist, there are steps that you can take to make the process as safe and seamless as possible.

  • Arrange a price in advance
  • Verify the gift card amount online with a code or by calling the 1-800 on the back of the card
  • Meet the seller in a crowded public place (e.g. the nearby Starbucks)
  • Request cash as payment
  • Confirm the gift card's expiration date (if any)
  • If it seems suspicious or too good to be true, report it

How Does the Gift Card Exchange Work?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor

CardHub’s Gift Card Exchange is a social marketplace that enables people to list unwanted gift cards for sale at a discount of their choosing, allowing others to save on their purchases. Our gift card is unique in the sense that you can list any store’s gift card at any denomination and any price. You can also transact with Facebook friends, neighbors and a selection of trusted companies.

How Do I List a Card?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor You can list a gift card for sale by visiting this page. Just enter the store's name, the amount on the card, and the card’s expiration date and you’re good to go!

Does CardHub Buy Gift Cards?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor You bet! We're just like you, and if we see a great deal we’re going to grab it. That’s why we’ll offer to buy your gift card straightaway if you agree to our price. If you think you can get more, you can let the open market decide.

Can I Check a Card's Code Before Buying?

John Kiernan, Personal Finance Editor Yes, you can generally check a gift card’s balance online by visiting the retailer's website and entering in the card number and/or its PIN. Arranging to check a card’s balance via this method is a great way to ensure you don’t waste your time and money prior to meeting up with a seller.