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Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard®’s Rewards

Base Earn
1 point / $1
Max Earn
2 points / $1
  • 2X points on gas, utility and grocery store (excluding Target® and Walmart®) purchases. 1x points on all other purchases
  • Points don't expire as long as account is open, active and in good standing
  • Redeem points for deposits to a U.S. checking or savings account, statement credits or gift cards, starting at 1,000 points for $10
  • No limit on the number of points you can earn or redeem

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard®’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
Not Offered
Transfer Intro APR
Not Offered
Regular APR
25.24% (V)
    3% (min $5)

Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard®’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $37
  • GRACE PERIOD   23 days
    25.49% (V)
    5% (min $10)
  • SMART CHIP   Yes, chip-and-signature
  • Free online access to FICO® Credit Score lets you keep an eye on your credit and get alerts when we learn that your score has changed
  • Use your card with confidence, $0 Fraud Liability protection means you're not responsible for unauthorized charges you report to us
  • Chip card technology, so paying for your purchases is more secure at chip-card terminals in the U.S. and abroad
  • No annual fee
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Customer Questions and Answers

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How long does this card take to report to the credit bureaus? How much of an increase in your score did you see after your first payment?

Photo of Card H.
Dec 1, 2015
Credit card companies report account information to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis, and new accounts typically show up on your credit reports within 30 to 60 days of approval ( ). That said, your credit score might actually fall slightly in the immediate aftermath of opening a new credit card account, due to the hard inquiry that followed your application and the fact that more of your disposable income is now spoken for by the new credit line. However, consistently paying your bill on time and keeping your credit utilization below 30% will foster credit score gains over time. If you’re interested in tracking your credit-building more
7 Votes 14 7

How do I redeem points?

Photo of Card H.
May 6, 2016
You can do so using your online account management tools: . If you have not registered for online account management, you can enroll here: . To find out more about the Barclaycard Rewards program, check out our guide at: . Hope this helps!
4 Votes 4

What is most balance you can transfer?

Photo of Card H.
Nov 13, 2015
You can transfer up to the amount of your spending limit, after factoring in transfer fees and any unpaid balance on the card that you’re transferring to. In other words, it depends on how much available credit you have. Hope that helps!
-3 Votes 6 9
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3.2 out of 5

1,484 reviews
Photo of Card H.
Jan 8, 2016
The Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard is one of the best credit cards for fair credit, offering a potentially no-cost option for qualified applicants to continue their credit-building efforts while enjoying rewards that are above average for the credit-card market as a whole. This card is best for people with fair credit who always pay their monthly bill in full and don’t make many purchases from internationally based merchants. That’s because it charges interest at an above-average rate and has a 3% foreign transaction fee.

To learn more about this excellent offer, check out our in-depth review: more
Photo of Sarah W.
Jun 20, 2016
I can't believe this review. This is the worst card for people with bad credit. Barclay's billing practices are questionable and could send your credit rating even further down.
Photo of Sarah W.
Jun 20, 2016
Unfriendly terms, billing issues and not great customer service. Wish JetBlue never switched from Amex. Never had an issue with them. Have had nothing but issues with Barclay Card.
Photo of Bill B.
May 24, 2016
I am the very unhappy holder of a Barclay Arrival MasterCard. The benefits for signing up were attractive. The two points per dollar and the bonus for using the points for travel (even though the bonus was reduced by fifty percent shortly after I started using the card) were a plus as well. In addition, because most of my travel is abroad, the lack of international transaction fees was compelling. All good.

But then I began using the card. My card has been blocked so many times that I have lost count. One time, when I tried to make a purchase in Pittsfield, MA, the town next to where I live, more
Photo of Scott G.
Apr 24, 2016
I go this card to be used as my every day credit card. It gives you 1% back on everything and 2% back on groceries, gas, and utilities which are all very common expenses so you can really rack up the reward points. The rewards can be cashed out as a credit on the card. I'd recommend this as it has no annual fee and because of the above rewards. The customer service is great - someone got hold of my number and tried to do a number of purchases halfway across the country which Barclay's pre-emptively declined and then contacted me via text and a phone call. They issued more
Photo of Xman T.
Apr 20, 2016
BEWARE OF HARD INQUIRY! applied for this card by reading reviews and got declined with 1 hard inquiry on the report. if your credit history is less than 7 months with fair credit score and good payment history, don't even bother to apply!
Photo of Clikky
Mar 16, 2016
I got my Barclay charge card to help make ends meet while trying to pay off some high credit debt. So far, I am very pleased with Barclay and enjoy their Rewards program which pays you back on certain purchases. The website is very nicely designed, I wish my other cards had as easy to use of a web portal as Barclay's!
Photo of Tommy B.
Feb 9, 2016
I just picked up this card for traveling. I am not really big into traveling but have a Ireland trip in the works. Always wanted to go with my wife and sounds like a heck of a time. Problem with international traveling is credit cards. This card will be accepted without issue and it has great rewards in cash rather then miles. There are better cards if you travel often and can make full use of the miles but for those of us that do it in spurts, cash rewards are just better. Didn't have any issues getting it and don't foresee any issues in the future.
Photo of Sabrina G.
Jan 26, 2016
THE WORST DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! They trick you! They will place your money wherever they want, if you wish to make payments on a card that is soon due they will place your money on a different card that is not due for another year! There is nothing you can do, I'm so upset and disappointed. I wish I could give them a 0 on their review.
Photo of Ian G.
Jan 5, 2016
This card has been a "stepping stone" credit card for me. It was my first credit card with no annual fees! It was great to have finally built enough credit to not have to "donate" my rewards just to maintain a card. The only downside is that the APR is high, however, since you are still working towards building for better credit cards, you should be able to handle your purchases! This card is great, and I recommend it to anyone!
Photo of Mike Y.
Jan 5, 2016
Really love this card one of the easiest process to obtain this card. The apr is a little high for this card but It's decent I keep it as a back up emergency card. I'm also using it to slowly build up my credit which is great. I think the interest rate could really be lowered that's the one thing Im a little displeased about this card. But overall great customer service, easy to manage your card etc. I love the card.
Photo of Shelley L.
Dec 16, 2015
The Barclay Rewards Master card has one thing going for it and one thing only, and that is that there is no annual fee. Why would they need to charge one, though, when you consider the truly amazing interest rate. Holy moly. Nearly 25%. People, stop. Don't use these credit cards. It is a trap. Unless you can pay off your balance every single month without fail, this credit card will not help your finances out in the least. Customer service is nothing special. I have talked to them a few times and the response has ranged from surly and rude to adequate. Getting a person on the line seems more
Photo of Dizondo D.
Dec 12, 2015
Very bad service and regulation.bill not received.asking for late fee to removed nothing happen..very not reliable card service.suggest not to get this card.
Photo of Sarah W.
Jun 20, 2016
Same thing happened to me. I had to login every month to get my bill even though I was supposed to receive a mailed copy.
Photo of Jessie C.
Dec 2, 2015
While on vacation, I ordered food to be delivered to my hotel room on 11/28/2015. The food never arrived. The next day I called the restaurant and no one answered the phone. That same day I called the Barclay customer service line and spoke to a representative who said that the transaction was in pending status and to call back when it posted in account.

Today 12/01/2015 after making multiple attempts to contact the merchant for a credit/refund I decided to call the customer service line again--this time the charge was posted in my account.

I spoke with one of the customer service reps and she told me that there was more
Photo of Jack B.
Nov 26, 2015
As a single mother, I wanted to start to build up my credit score so I had came across this which required just an average credit score. I am extremely happy to get approved for the card and I have always enjoyed the rewards they provided. For example you are able to earn good points when buying gas for your car and even groceries. Even though the APR rate is somehow high is it a great way to get started and build up a great credit score.
Photo of 陈 .
Nov 20, 2015
Horrible! All my credits pain my my husband. Started to paying by myself soon realized this card charged interest every month from e few to twenty dollars. So decided to cancel this card and the troubles come along for three months now. Phoned them clearly stated I want to pay off the balance and close the account and repeat my bank account two times but they said didn't received the payment. So paid 25 dollar fee and interest. But same thing happened again. So called again this time straight asked to speak with the manage. Gave bank account and closed the credit card but I have almost 50 dollars rewards. more
Photo of Dan B.
Nov 8, 2015
This is the hardest credit card company to work with in my life. They lock the account with simple transactions calling the suspicious, so that I have to call and unlock the account. I had to dispute a charge, it took 2 email, a phone call and a letter to get the issue resolved.
Photo of Walter S.
Oct 8, 2015
I've had every card, from bad credit ones like First Premier, to an American Express card. Barclay is easily the worst card ever...

I got a Barclay reward card a year ago... it's awful. Every 4 to 6 transactions I get double charged as it'll have the same transaction in 'posted' as well as 'temporary authorizations'. Out of $1,500 credit, I can purchase something for $300... two days later, my available credit will be $900. Another two days later, it finally settles back at $1,200. This is unbelievably annoying and never happens with any other card I've ever owned, and I've had just about every one at one point or another. more
Photo of Kimberly V.
Sep 9, 2015
I made all of my payments on time. I went to use my card, and the charge did not go through. I discovered they had lowered my credit limit from 2500 to 1500. My balance was 1141.00 Some may say that's not bad, but it did hurt my credit ratios, which in turn hurt my credit score. I have been remodeling my house and using my cards heavily. I also have had Cap One and Credit One for a few years now, and they have both raised my limits.
Photo of Michele B.
Aug 13, 2015
I've had a Barclay card for two years, I love it. Not only do I have a low interest rate, every time I buy something, I receive rewards points
Photo of Simran L.
Aug 6, 2015
Throughout the process of getting my issue resolved I was redirected multiple times, eventually leading back to where I started. I don’t usually leave reviews, but for once I decided to document my experience. These are the notes I took while talking through getting my issue resolved.
(first day)
first cs rep I talked to went to a higher authority, possibly a secruity consultant and said i would have to deal with the apple department, i was then disconnected from the call

second cs rep I talked to, went to higher authority or some kind of manager said that my issue could be resolved by talking to the investigations department, however they more
Photo of Raymond S.
Aug 5, 2015
The CL was terribly low. When I tried to get it raised months later, I was given the run around and a denial via voice mail. My credit utilization for other cards is good and I have no late payments. Their customer service is based in India and is very poor.
Photo of Harvey S.
Jun 23, 2015
I initially chose the Barclay Mastercard to use exclusively for Gas and groceries. After I was with them for about a year, I had run the balance up to about $4500, because I started using it for airfare. I decided to pay it off with my income tax, and as soon as I did they lowered the limit from $5000 to $500.
Photo of Myles L.
May 2, 2015
This is my second Barclay card, with the first one being the NFL rewards card. I have now switched to mainly using this card as the double points feature is excellent for my spending habits. I basically utilize this card to pay for all my utilities, groceries, and gasoline each month. I then pay the balance at the end of the month so I do not accrue any interest charges. The double points, combined with my monthly spending in the above categories amounts to a free $25 about every 45 days. That is an extra $200 a year just for using their card to pay bills you were going to more
Photo of Blake H.
Feb 24, 2015
Using the Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard is the first credit card that really allowed me to take advantage of it's benefits. As a mostly local traveler, I earn more points when I can accumulate them buying gasoline, groceries, and utility purchases during my everyday ventures. This is one of my favorite credit cards to use on the go, or just on the town.
Photo of Shawn W.
Jan 13, 2015
I've had this credit card for almost 9 months and like it. They approved me quickly and had an option to ship my card out ASAP (I had an emergency and needed credit asap). I have fair credit and was extremely happy that they approved me. The website and Android application are extremely easy to navigate and have all the information that I need. As with other cards the rewards for points are not that great but that's to be expected from any credit card in my opinion. I've had to contact customer service for login issues on the website and they were able to assist me immediately and get more
Photo of Jennifer L.
Nov 17, 2014
Declined again. Fair credit, advised by multiple sites to apply, this is my 2nd time same card being declined, 2 yrs apart. No more. Have plenty of others.
Photo of Jill G.
Sep 29, 2014
I felt proud when I got this card as it is proof that my credit score is going up. But I think the interest rate is relatively high, so I only use this card for emergencies and usually pay the balance right away or as soon as possible. I believe my credit score is also improved by using this card. I believe this card is very helpful to people for improving their credit rating, although there are better options available for this with lower interest rates.
Photo of Jessica M.
Sep 4, 2014
I've had this card for a little over a year. It started out great because of the rewards & it offered a bonus in the beginning. After the initial investment with it the interest went up to 20 something percent. It was a great card to use for my first credit card though.
Photo of Stephen V.
Sep 2, 2014
I like this card. High balance for my credit score and low monthly payments, what more can I ask for? Never had any issues!
Photo of Sarah H.
Jul 18, 2014
I have had a Barclay Rewards Mastercard for a little over a year now. I was first turned onto the card because it offered a much lower interest rate than my other credit cards. In the beginning, I did a balance transfer in order to pay off a higher interest card. Since paying that down, I know use the card for everyday purchases. It has one of the best rewards programs around. Every month there is a new offer to receive even more rewards. I so far have been able to receive enough rewards to be able to obtain a $50 statement credit. I love Barclay and their rewards system! more
Photo of Ashley S.
Jun 5, 2014
This card is isn't bad. I was trying to rebuild credit due to some issues with identity theft and this one worked for me at the time. There was no annual fee, which I liked cause most cards have ridiculous fees and rates. I did like that you could earn points back though. I usually just applied this back on the card as an account credit. Would I keep the card? No. The APR is high and I would rather stick with my other card that has a 9.9% interest as opposed to 20 something. But not a bad card if you're trying to build/rebuild.
Photo of Jeanna S.
May 22, 2014
As a college student, I wanted to start to build up my credit score so I had came across the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard which required to have an average credit score. I was extremely happy to get approved for the card and I had enjoyed the rewards they provided. For example you are able to earn 2 points per $1 on gas, grocery, and utility purchases and 1 point per $1 everywhere else which is a great deal. Even though the APR rate is high is it a great way to get started and build up a great credit score. So for all the students out there, try the Barclays Card Reward MasterCard.
Photo of Lucas R.
Jan 16, 2014
I really like this card. I travel quite a bit in my vehicle and this card helps take a little bit of the sting out of all those gasoline purchases. The fact that there is no annual fee and you receive two points for every dollar spent on gas, grocery, and utility purchases is a huge plus. My only complaint is that there is no introductory rate offered with this card and there are many others out there that do. Otherwise, I'm very happy with it.
+1,451 users submitted a rating without a full review
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