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toys r us store card
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Toys R Us Store Card’s Rewards

15% discount
Base Earn
2 points / $1
Max Earn
2 points / $1
  • Get 15% off or 6 or 12 months special financing (minimum purchase required) upon account approval
  • Earn 2 point per $1 at Toys"R"Us & Babies"R"Us
  • Get $5 in “R”Us Rewards with every 125 points you earn
  • Registrants get 5% for the first $300 in registry purchases and 10% on those purchases over $300 (with no limits) made from their Babies”R”Us registry
  • Geoffrey’s Birthday Club member offer

Toys R Us Store Card’s Key APRs & Fees

Purchase Intro APR
0% for 6 - 12 months
Transfer Intro APR
Balance Transfers Not Allowed
Regular APR
26.99% (V)

Toys R Us Store Card’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   $37
  • GRACE PERIOD   23 days
  • Deferred Interest Details: No interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases made at "R"Us of at least $299 and within 12 months on purchases of at least $749
  • Zero liability on unauthorized purchases
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Customer Questions and Answers

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What does the cash advance mean for the babies r us credit card ?

Photo of Card H.
Mar 9, 2015
A cash advance is when you use your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM or you use certain checks provided by your credit card company. Credit cards charge expensive cash advance fees and high cash advance interest rates, so we recommend never making this type of transaction.
4 Votes 7 3

Can I go into my local Toys R Us and pay my Toys R Us credit card bill?

Photo of Card H.
Mar 29, 2016
Unfortunately, you cannot pay your credit card bill at Toys”R”Us stores. But you can do so online ( ) or by mailing a check. Hope this helps!
3 Votes 4 1

I have a card but I went to Walmart and it said unauthorized. I pay my bill in full and have a balance of 1000 something dollars on it. I tried to buy my kids a game console. Why did more

Photo of Card H.
Oct 23, 2015
Toys “R” Us offer two card options: the Rewards “R” Us Store Card and the “R” Us Credit Card from MasterCard. The store card can only be used at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us. But if you have the MasterCard (look for the logo on your plastic), you should have no problem completing your purchase at Walmart or pretty much any other merchant location, provided there are no pending charges that are tying up part of your credit line. The quickest way to find out for sure is to call Synchrony Bank’s customer service at 1-855-389-2365. Let us know how it goes! more
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2.6 out of 5

194 reviews
Photo of Keith K.
Apr 22, 2016
Can some tell me if this card reports authorized users to there credit report?
Photo of Amado L.
Jan 10, 2016
The kids loved and price
Photo of Ian G.
Dec 30, 2015
If you are a parent of young children and frequent shop at this store, then this is a great card. Aside from a rather high APR and some not so friendly customer service, the rewards system is pretty friendly. I can't stress enough that this is a card where you want to pay the balance ASAP. Having to jump through the hoops of customer service is not worth it. Get this card, use the points, make your kids happy, and pay off the balance. It's pretty straightforward.
Photo of Sara O.
Oct 26, 2015
Its a great card for the most part. Fees and rates are fair, and that has never been a problem. Customer service leaves a little to be desired though. I don't know if they are employed by Toys r Us themselves or the bank that runs the card. I also worry about the security of the card as I believe they were hacked once.
Photo of Brianna G.
Jul 20, 2015
I really like this credit card overall. The interest rate is pretty low and it's easy to use. It is very nice because Toys R Us gives you rewards for spending a certain amount of money on the credit card. It really comes in handy around the holidays or my kids' birthdays when I know I will be making a lot of purchases. Their customer service could be a bit better though. Some of the employees I've dealt with in the credit department have been rude.
Photo of Casey B.
Jul 20, 2015
I loved this card. I've had it for about 7 years now and have never had any issues with it or the company. I also love that they give you $5 rewards for every certain amount of money you spend on the credit card. It's great to be able to use it for things like diapers, wipes, baby food and baby clothes. I've used the card to also buy baby car seats and furniture. I highly re come d this card for new parents and parents of older kids, it always comes in handy
Photo of Alison B.
May 19, 2015
We got this card for Christmas time. I had just started a new job and had yet to be paid, so we were running tight on cash for this time of year. The Toys R Us I applied at was very helpful and even took the time to immediately run it (even though they were SWAMPED) to get it all sorted out immediately. I was able to complete my Christmas shopping that day and it really reduced my holiday stress. The card itself has decent terms, just pay it off quickly. Also, don' t every miss a payment! I was one day late and received two phone calls. I appreciated more
Photo of Shannon F.
Mar 28, 2015
You need to use this card appropriately. I got this credit card because I have two grandson and I thought it would be great that my daughter could pay for purchases as she is an authorized user (I never use the card unless I go to TRU) and rack of the reward points. She is very successfully and earns at least 200 reward bucks every couple of months. She pays for everything she can on the card (Rent, groceries, etc.). However, she immediately or shortly there after pays the balance off. She never incurs interest changes on her purchases. Because of here buy and paying habits, the card started out more
Photo of George G.
Mar 5, 2015
This card has the usual percentage off for your first purchase which is nice because when I was signing up for the card I was purchasing a large swing-set, and that 15% made a big difference. But, the rewards program for this card is pretty weak compared to other store cards. And the introductory rate of 0% was only for 6 months, and I have great credit. Plus the rate afterwords is really high. All and all its not really a great card, but if you have a big purchase to make, that 15% may make it worth it.
Photo of Abe T.
Dec 26, 2014
At the Lawrenceville, NJ location, on Saturdays you can get 15% off when you register!
Photo of Korina G.
Dec 8, 2014
I have so many great things to say about my Toy R US credit card! First and foremost I love that you do not have to pay interest on your purchases the first six to twelve months after you open the card. When I opened my account it was right around Christmas when spending can get a little out of hand and this was a life saver. In addition to the no interest offer I love the fact that the grace period for payment is not fifteen days by twenty-three. So when life gets crazy and I forget what day my payment is due I am typically still within that more
Photo of Հակոբ .
Oct 17, 2014
ToysRus credit card is a regular credit card to me, but I try to not use it often because it has a really high APR. I don’t have kids but I attend many baby showers! Hence, I don’t shop at their store often but the good thing is that you can use this card anywhere, since it’s a master card. Because I have the credit card I also receive coupons and rewards for using the card.
Photo of David S.
Oct 13, 2014
This is a very decent credit card if you understand how the deferred interest works and you make your payments on time. I use this card to make the majority of my purchases during Christmas and having the ability to push off the interest to a later date is wonderful. The cash back bonus awards pretty much fall in line with industry standards. I have had a few experiences with the customer service department and I haven't really had any problems. As with most store cards, the interest rate is quite high so make sure to pay on time.
Photo of Shelby M.
Sep 22, 2014
I enjoy having the card because I buy from Toys/Babies R Us a lot for my young son. I enjoy the 0% introductory rate for the first 6 months and like that I get $5 for every $125 I spend. The cash back bonus isn't the greatest bonus I've seen on credit cards, but $125 is easy to spend for birthdays/Christmas/etc., so it adds up. However, any time I have questions regarding the card, the customer service is exceptionally awful. They constantly give the run-around.
Photo of Sam M.
Aug 27, 2014
The card itself is decent if you tend to buy a lot from Toys/Babies R Us. However, the bank behind the card is the farthest thing from consumer-friendly. In January 2013, their servers got hacked and they closed several members' accounts, mine included. Not only was I not notified, I had to find out two weeks after they closed it when I wound up stuck in the middle of nowhere in need of gas with this card being all I had on me at the time. I had to wait another MONTH before my replacement account/card arrived. But, I gave them another chance anyway.

Now, a year and a half later, more
Photo of Michael P.
Jul 21, 2014
The Toys R Us credit card works just fine for me. I applied for it and received a 0% introductory rate for 6 months, just in time to get my Christmas shopping done and paid off without having to pay interest. The store has an excellent selection so shopping for my niece and cousins will be a piece of cake this year. You can’t go wrong with that 0% interest. Just be careful to pay your bill off before that intro offer ends!
Photo of Amy K.
Jul 11, 2014
I love my new Toys R Us credit card! Now I can purchase more toys and games for my family because the 0% introductory interest rate easily allows me to pay off the initial balance in full during the first few months. Birthdays and holidays are also less stressful since I have been using this card, as well as those times that pop up when you need to get a gift, and quickly! I highly recommend this card.
Photo of Jessica T.
Jun 23, 2014
I like that I can use the Toys R Us card and earn coupons at Toys R Us. I would prefer that the rewards were not coupons for products but cash back. Often, the products I earn a coupon for are nothing I would be interested in. However, when I receive the $5 off, I am more likely to use it.
Photo of Alyssa O.
Jun 16, 2014
Good credit card if you pay it off right away. Also good if you use it for large purchases. Great for first time parents that need to purchase a lot.
Photo of Tressa A.
May 21, 2014
This is a good credit card. I have not had any problems with it. I pay it off as soon as the balance shows up, so I never pay interest or late fees. I get great discounts using it in the Babies R Us and Toys R Us store. Only disappointment I have had is the only time I earned the $5 R Us dollars, they expired before I got to use them, but that was more my fault than theirs. I love saving money!
Photo of Sarah S.
May 12, 2014
We were sold in this because of the reward program. You probably were too if you're reading this, because it does sound nice on paper. However, the rewards just take too long to pile up for how little they actually are. 500 points for a $5 "R"Us dollars at $1 for four points is a lot worse than the Target RED Card's flat 5% discount, especially considering that Toys 'R' Us tends to sell their toys a bit on the high side compared to other retailers. So, in the end, we have another store card that's not really worth the hassle of using for its intended purpose.
Photo of Christina C.
Mar 12, 2014
I really like this card. With two kids I am always going to birthday parties and buying gifts. With the rewards points I am getting a lot more done.
Photo of Evyn D.
Mar 12, 2014
A 0% intro rate is great, and you get reward points as you shop. Loyal customers get coupons and discount cards in the mail.
Photo of Tania G.
Mar 12, 2014
Great for any parent or grandparent with a child. The introductory 0% Intro rate was a wonderful lifesaver for setting up the baby's room with all the new furniture. Customer Service is fantastic, and zero liability for unauthorized purchases gave us peace of mind.
Photo of Michael P.
Mar 4, 2014
Great to have around for birthdays. The 6 months deferred interest made it a clear winner over my other options, and makes life a lot easier all around. customer service was great, and selection is always good. the kids love any excuse for a toys r us trip.
Photo of Nicole M.
Feb 20, 2014
I used this in store credit card last year for Christmas. It was easily obtained when I applied. I love the interest free rate for 6 months. This allowed me to buy all of my kids Christmas presents, without having to go into our savings account or limit the amount of Christmas gifts they were going to receive. Customer service is extremely helpful and friendly. The points per dollar rewards are also a huge bonus to using this card! I always highly recommend this card to friends and family!
Photo of Michele H.
Feb 19, 2014
I love that I earn 4 pts per dollar. Come Christmas time I just keep racking up those points and the kids always have the most amazing Christmas, most amazing! It is just so win win ! Since I already shop at Toys R us it just works out for me better than I could ever dream. It's just a great card and then you add in the looks on my kids' faces come that Christmas morning. Well there is no price for that.
Photo of Andrew S.
Feb 11, 2014
you get 4 points per dollar spent at toys r us and every 500 points you earn you get $5 back. So as you can see, cash back is not where this card shines. The best part about this card is that you can get 0% interest for purchases over 300 for 6 months and if it's 750 or more you get 0% interest for 12 months which is great because the actual interest rate for this card is a little high. Overall, I would recommend this card for anyone that makes frequent large purchases at toys r us.
Photo of Romi L.
Dec 19, 2013
I got this card about a year ago, Just before Christmas, I think it's great, I went To Toys are us last week and they have great deals with 15% off and financial payments for 6 months. This is my daughter's first Christmas where she will understand so I wanted to give her nice stuff without spending all the money altogether. Just One more thing, and this is why I don't give this card a 5 star, it's the high rate if you don't pay in time.
Photo of Ramy E.
Dec 18, 2013
I have been using the Toys R Us Store Card for about a year. The card provides some offers from time to time, in addition to a constant 1% off. However, the offers are not as frequent as those of other store credit cards. Additionally, the offers sometimes are not that worth (5%-10% off). The biggest disadvantage of using the card is the high rate (26.99%). Overall, I am not happy with the card, and thinking of getting rid of it.
Photo of Katie C.
Dec 8, 2013
The Toys R Us Store Card works very nicely with the rewards program Toys R Us and Babies R Us has. You automatically get four points per dollar which you can redeem for store credit. As a new mom I make weekly, sometime daily, trips to Babies R Us and the points you earn add up fast. Many times there will be great deals, but only for credit card holders so it is very nice to be able to use this card and save even more. High interest rate, so I always pay it off in full.
Photo of Chelsea M.
Dec 5, 2013
The Toys R Us Store Card is a wonderful card in my opinion. I recently had my first child with my lovely wife and we use this card on a weekly basis. Its so hard to keep myself under control and not spend too much lol. They have a great points reward program as well. They have lower rates than their competitors. I've had this card for a few years now and ill continue to use it to buy for me, my wife, my son and all my other family members especially around the holiday season. I would recommend this card to friends and family.
Photo of Ric R.
Nov 13, 2013
I’ve been using the Toys R Us Store Card for a few years now and so far it’s been beneficial because of how much I shop at Toys R Us. The rewards are varied with the most prominent being the 4 points per $1 spent. The points basically equate to $1 per 100 points so it will help in the long-run. You also receive exclusive coupons and discounts throughout the year which other cards don’t give you. The standard rate to use the card is slightly lower than other cards in the same category which is great. Thankfully there are no hidden fees to be cautious of, just a standard more
Photo of Jeff G.
Nov 6, 2013
I have had this card for a while now, and even though the interest rate is not great, it is a must have. With a 9 year old and a 2 year old, its nice when birthdays and/or Christmas comes up, it is very nice to have a Toys R Us card available to use!

I try to get it paid off fairly quickly because of the interest rate, but it is great to use in a crunch. I have also been known to use this when a birthday party for one of my kids pops up out of no where!

Customer service seems adequate, though I have only called them more
Photo of Jeremy A.
Oct 12, 2013
This card is not as good as the company makes it out to seem. Number one first and foremost that people keep noticing is the stupidly high APR, 26.99%. If you carry a balance on this thing, you are going to be utterly destroyed by interest charges. The promotional offer in the store is a mere 15% off your purchases for one day, and that's only if you're approved on the spot. The rewards are lackluster - you get the same thing with a simple rewards card. If you exclusively shop at Toys R Us (which is no one considering how the company is faring lately) this is for you.
Photo of Chris M.
Oct 7, 2013
The toys-r-us credit card seems like a good deal, but rarely ends up being worth using. First off, the APR is ridiculously high, so theres no point at all for rolling your balance over month to month. And it looks like the 'base pay' is 4% but really it's not; it's 1% for almost everything you buy there, and only 4% on 'select items'. Plus toys-r-us is always so pricey that even with the 4% back you end up spending more money than if you went to somewhere else, even if you didn't use a reward card there. Plus you have to cash out in increments of 500 points, which more
Photo of Jesse S.
Oct 6, 2013
The Toys R Us Store Card is my favorite card of all. It has a 26 percent APR, which is pretty decent for a store card. It has no annual fee and no over the limit fee. I also like that anyone can get this card. You don't have to have perfect credit to get this card. The absolute best thing about this card is the 10 percent off everything. That there, by itself makes the card awesome. It does have a late fee of 35 dollars. Just pay your bills on time. What I use this card for is to buy Christmas gifts in December and just pay off more
Photo of John D.
Sep 30, 2013
I like my Toys R Us card fairly well. It was easy to sign up for and get. I got it over the Christmas Holiday a couple years ago in order to get 20% off my items. I was able to sign up and get approved in the store. I do not like the interest rate, I feel that it is kinda high. I use my card for my Christmas shopping and pay it off with my income taxes. This card does offer reward points, which I do like. So all in all it allows me to give my kids a good Christmas and not have to spend a lot more
Photo of Josh K.
Sep 24, 2013
I strongly dislike my Toys r Us gift card. The interest rate is through the roof and there are virtually no benefits to having or using the card. The store is already overpriced as is and then you're forced to pay even more with the APR being over 25%!! I would not recommend that anyone sign up for a Toys r Us card. You would be better off using a regular credit card you already have and getting points or whatever your card offers you. By the time you pay off the credit card you will be paying for your kids to go to college.
Photo of Bill M.
Aug 28, 2013
My experience with this card has been good so far. Granted the interest rate of this card is high, ok its pretty darn high but it allows me to make all those great Toy and video game purchases when i am running low on actual cash. This card is for sure going to come in handy at christmas time. My son and I were shopping one day and i was offered the card at the register along with a discount if i was approved, i figured id give it a shot and sure enough i was approved, i was more than happy to put my purchase that day on the more
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