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Platinum Zero® Secured Visa® Credit Card from Applied Bank®

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platinum zero secured visa credit card
Required Credit Score:
Minimum. Security Deposit:
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Platinum Zero® Secured Visa® Credit Card from Applied Bank®’s Key APRs & Fees

  • MONTHLY FEE $9.95
  • REGULAR RATE 0% Fixed
  • GRACE PERIOD 0 days

Platinum Zero® Secured Visa® Credit Card from Applied Bank®’s Highlights

  • Secured Credit Card / Min Deposit of $500
  • 0% FIXED APR on Purchases - This is NOT an Intro Rate!
  • Your 0% Rate Won't Change - Even If You're Late!
  • Monthly Credit Bureau Reporting to Two Credit Bureaus.

Platinum Zero® Secured Visa® Credit Card from Applied Bank®’s Additional Info

  • MAX LATE FEE   Up to $35
    5% (min $5)

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2.8 out of 5

483 reviews
Photo of Amanda D.
Jun 17, 2014
The Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card was the first credit card I applied for when I got out of high school. I had zero credit and after researching my options with my father this card seemed like the perfect fit for me. That was years ago and I still use the card on a regular basis today. I love the fact its Visa so pretty much everyone everywhere accepts it. I rarely carry cash on me for that reason. As long as you stay away from penalties you should be okay. Although I have has their costumer service help me with removing one that I didn’t agree with so more
Photo of Shawana D.
Feb 1, 2013
Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card is great for anyone whose trying to build credit, they have none. The network is Visa so it’s accepted basically everywhere. You can apply online and minimum is $500 deposit. I just love this, because when I didn’t have any credit at all, this help me to build it. No annual fee, the monthly fee is low $9.95. If you late your rate won’t change. Now the penalities are up there but what can you expect. Other than that, this card would be very suitable for college students or just someone fresh starting out.
Photo of Marietta L.
Oct 24, 2012
I applied for this card back when I was in college and I was trying to build up my credit. It's a good card overall. I didn't have credit back then and needed something to help me build my credit. This was my first choice because it looked good with no annual fee and credit limit of $500. The staff was pretty good towards me and helped me with application process. I paid everything on time and they reported to credit bureau so my credit was good in record. I was able to purchase a car when I got the job because of this credit card. I didn't have any more
Photo of Wonda F.
Sep 5, 2012
The platinum Zero Secured Visa Card was my first credit card and arguable to best on the market, with absolutely no annual fees and zero percent APR. The customer service center, in my personal opinion, excels in customer satisfaction. After a company tried charging me for fees not specified in a contract I signed with them, customer service did an amazing job at refunding me the money and also making sure I was satisfied with their efforts. Their low fees and great customer support is great advantage to this Visa Card and I would encourage everyone to give them a chance with your business.
Photo of Bryan C.
Jul 25, 2012
The platinum Zero Secured Visa card is in my opinion the best one out there. Not only is their customer service the best around they also have one of the best give back policies too. They have not only zero percent annual fee but also zero percent APR which is not offered by many credit cards. This is a big plus and should persuade you to look into this card. I had a problem about a week ago with a fee that wasn't suppose to be on my card. I called customer service and they took care of the charge in about 2 minutes. You couldn't ask for a better more
Photo of Vernita M.
Jul 25, 2012
This was my first credit card so I had no credit before. I just graduated from college and haven't been able to find a job. With the random and low paychecks that I get I don't make much money at all. But, I love having this credit card because I know that I can charge it and I'll be able to pay it back when my paycheck comes. The monthly fee is annoying, but it is less than what my bank charged for every negative transaction that I made before I had a credit card. I used to be charged $30 dollars for every one! I am a first time more
Photo of Michael C.
Jul 25, 2012
This platinum zero card is an okay card to start out on if you have bad credit which is great if you are one of those people who have been turned down multiple times.As well unlike a lot of cards that you can get if you have bad credit there is no annual fee but there is a monthly fee which can be a deterrent because it adds up to be more than most annual fees nearly it is 9.95 a month which comes to nearly 120 dollars but may be easier because of the smaller increments at a time. I really cannot recommend this card unless the smaller incremental more
Photo of Ethel L.
Jul 18, 2012
Ok, I am going to be completely honest. I signed up for this credit card because I wanted to improve my credit. I am actively trying to improve my credit and thought that obtaining a secured credit card would be one of the best ways to do so. As with anything there are the advantages and disadvantages.
I really liked the 0% APR, but my goodness…the fees, the fees, the fees! They were a bit too much to have access to a credit card in my personal opinion. Again, I do have bad credit, but the point of me getting this card was to improve my credit with monthly payments. more
Photo of Jeanetta L.
Jun 15, 2012
I applied for this card because I have terrible credit. I had hopes of improving my credit score because this card reports to the major credit bureaus. This card did a great job of sounding like it was a fantastic way to help your credit, until I actually got it and was overwhelmed by all the hidden costs. I ended up chopping this card up. In addition to the high monthly fees, I realized they were only reporting to two of the major credit bureaus. Also, when I asked for an increased credit limit after paying on time and being in good standing for almost a year, the very rude more
Photo of NadineZidanie S.
Sep 17, 2012
awww thst so sad u should try the capital one secured credit card cause u could increase ur limit up to $3000,and ur first deposit which is $200 the bottom line is it helps build bck credit which is the main reasons we should be looking at,and withing a 6 months period ur offered a unsecured credit card so think of it as somewht ok its a start,its better having it than none thts my opinion
Photo of NadineZidanie S.
Sep 17, 2012
and next thing is if people like my self with bad credit dont try the secured cards i will forever remain with bad or no credit,cause i will never be able to pay off medical bills,due to the fact that am always sick,,:( '' nothing try nothing gets done lets read for our selves and dont be influenced by others who might have their sh%t together #amjussayng
Photo of Jennifer D.
Jun 14, 2012
This card was great at many gimicks to get you to join them, but then they hit you with fees, and other charges that you end up paying for this line of credit. We are using a different prepaid card that is a lot less expensive and great. We signed up but opted not to get this one because it was less than we bargained for. Buyer beware! However, I do know others who have had successful experiences with this card, however it was not for me.
Photo of Card H.
Jun 21, 2012
Hi Jennifer, so many secured and pre-paid cards come with huge fees these days. What extra ones did you get hit with?
Photo of Juan Q.
May 21, 2012
Zero APR on Purchase, application fee, fraud liabitliy, no delays in credit reporting and identity theift protection all sound like great advertisements right? In a sense they are. However, this all comes at a fee. So if you are researching for your first credit card this might not be the one for you. You end up paying roughly $120 for a new line of credit. This can actually hurt you more than be an asset. My personal suggestion is to work with a debit card instead of a credit card anymore. You have a direct line to what you have already earned, instead of spending up to 25% more than more
Photo of Card H.
May 24, 2012
Only using a debit card can hurt you in the long run though. If you don't build up a good credit history then getting a loan for a home or a car will that much more expensive.
Photo of Margie C.
Mar 27, 2012
Oh, hey, look it’s a secured credit card with a 0% interest rate, awesome! That is the exact reaction a lot of people probably have when they come across the Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card, but whether this card merits unbridled enthusiasm or a closer look is another matter. Ok, compromise, we will look at the Platinum Zero Secured Visa with a cautiously optimistic attitude.

- A fixed 0% APR is ridiculous because it means you will never have to worry about interest and can therefore pay above the minimum at your leisure.
- The Platinum Secured Visa Card also reports to the major credit bureaus, and while that’s definitely a more
Photo of Joe W.
Jan 16, 2012
The Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card is one of the cards that most clearly shows how credit card companies operate and how people think. Credit card companies know that people are attracted to credit cards offering “zero” anything, zero annual fee, 0% APR, no foreign fee, etc., so they offer such terms but this does not necessarily mean that their offers are as good as they might appear. Often in exchange for bottoming out in one category, credit card companies raise rates or fees in other areas. The Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card has a 0% APR, yes, but it also has a $9.95 monthly fee, which equates to more
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